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Diet Designs

Diet Designs

Meal Delivery and Fitness Plans to help you live your healthiest life.

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Created by nutritionist and Hollywood’s elite healthy lifestyle leader, Carrie Wiatt, Diet Designs is a diet program that allows you to eat fresh and healthy meals each week by opting to either have meals delivered to your door or by making your food using Diet Design's famous recipes.

By combining low-density calories with high-density nutrients and properly spacing meals and snacks to stabilize blood sugar, Diet Designs plans will fully satisfy hunger all day long even while burning fat. Each custom plan includes a balance of 50% - 60% carbohydrates, 20% - 25% protein and 20% - 25% fat. A maximum dose of micro-nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phytochemcials and antioxidants are also included to improve health and enhance energy.

You start by taking a personal assessment questionnaire which includes a scientific calculation of your Personal Energy Equation and advice for optimizing the program based on your intake information. You then choose between two Diet Design meal programs: Diet Designs Daily and Diet Designs Fresh.

On the Diet Designs program, you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds each week. Once you reach your weight loss goals you can also opt in to one of the maintenance Diet Designs programs.

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  • Meals are convenient and healthy
  • Portions and calorie computing are already done for you
  • Diet Designs Daily program teaches you to how to prepare healthy meals for yourself
  • Balanced nutrition approach
  • Delivers nationwide
  • Provides fitness plan
  • Diet Designs Fresh program does not teach you how to prepare your own healthy meals
  • Expensive
  • Diet Designs may not provide a long-term weight loss solution
  • Some recipes are not vegetarian-friendly

The Diet Designs Daily program includes a resource kit that contains a month worth of recipes and an exercise routine customized for you. Each recipe is proportioned according to your weight loss goals. All you have to do is buy the food, prepare it and hit the gym.

On the Diet Designs Fresh program, each week, food is delivered to your home. You can opt to have a full week of meals delivered which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, or you can choose other styles such as just having only dinners or just having lunches. Diet Designs Fresh is a flexible program that fits into your lifestyle.

Meals for both programs include:

  • Broccoli and cheese soup
  • Tandoori chicken
  • Spinach and salmon burgers
  • Grilled fish fillets
  • Molasses cookies
  • Chocolate-caramel bars

A dining out guide is also included in your membership so that you can enjoy going out to dinner occasionally while not toting around your own meal.


The Diet Designs program includes weekly exercise plans developed to work with the diet for optimal fat burning and fun. There is a mix aerobic exercise, strength training, and flexibility work for full-body conditioning. The plan is structured in a progressive framework shown to be most effective in helping people lose weight and keep it off. You choose what you want to do, whether you prefer to walk or roller blade, break out the resistance bands or take a yoga class, you'll find a workout that moves you toward your health and weight loss goals.


The Diet Designs program is a weight loss program that tries to make eating healthy, low-calorie and delicious as easy for you as can be. With a choice of two programs, either a meal-delivery program or a recipe guideline program, The Diet Designs program also includes a formal exercise plan, progress evaluations and additional resources that help you to reach your weight loss goal.

The meal-delivery program will obviously dent your wallet a bit more than the Diet Designs Daily program. If you opt for this program, just make sure that you educate yourself on how to prepare healthy meals once you leave the program as this at-home service will do all of the calorie-counting, chopping, mixing and cooking for you.

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I am a former Diet Design Client who saw incredible results in a matter of 3 weeks. The food was outstanding, many times I felt it was too much, but the snacks were always my favorite treat of the evening. I felt satisfied and lost 15 pounds w/out exercise my first three weeks. My body never looked so sexy and lean. I have since tried other services and none were every as drastic as Diet Designs without every feeling like you were hungry, or not feeling your body changng. I have given other programs a chance, but now I am going back to the one and only "Carrie". I know she will whip my body back not that bikini body I wish for this summer!

posted Apr 21st, 2015 9:56 am


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