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Dr. Phils Ultimate Weight Solution

Dr. Phils Ultimate Weight Solution

The popular no-nonsense TV host lays down the law of healthy living.

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We've grown accustomed to Dr. Phil's no-nonsense approach to dealing with many of life's harder lessons and trials through his appearances on Oprah and now on his own television program. Now, Dr. Phil is sharing his opinions on weight loss in his book, Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution. Dr. Phil applies his same no-frills, straight-forward philosophy in print to help guide you to weight loss success. He, of course, puts all of the decision making and responsibility solely in your hands, with a little guidance from his 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution throws calorie counting and other tedious dieting chores out with fads and trends. This is a serious plan to help you identify exactly what it is that motivates you to eat beyond three meals a day and what and when you should eat. You'll ultimately change everything about the way you see food, diets and your health and well-being.

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  • Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution teaches how to take responsibility over your eating habits
  • Encourages healthy eating and consistent exercise
  • Not a fad diet
  • Forces you to look at the emotional side of eating
  • Helps you to heal the problems that are enabling your dysfunctional relationship to food
  • Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution uses complicated jargon to describe simple terms

Dr. Phil's Ultimate Weight Solution does not offer a specific diet plan that includes a certain calorie quota that needs to be adhered to each day. Rather, he helps you to deal with impulse eating and emotional eating by having you look at why and how you choose the foods you do. Through his 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom, you will learn how to de-trigger your pantry, choose the right foods, control portions and manage your cravings all in the effort to meet your weight loss goal and find lifelong contentment with your body, weight and health.


Exercise is one of Dr. Phil’s 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. In this book you will learn that there's a right and wrong to everything, including exercise. When you learn how to properly exercise, in a manner suited to your body, age, sex, etc., you'll really begin to see the results of sweating it out in the gym after work.


Dr. Phil has compiled his 30 years experience working with overweight individuals into the Ultimate Weight Solution. Losing weight and all the environmental factors playing against it have finally met their match, and you could be looking at the solution that finally works for you.

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An excellent, livable, and most of all, comprehensive approach to weight management. Dr. Phil discusses all aspects of weight loss, not only food control. It was a relief to journal my food intake once a day and be done with it. The increase in excercise and self awareness has changed my life.

posted Nov 3rd, 2008 1:11 pm


Stay focused on any goal you have. Surround yourself with positive people. Let's just all help each other and encourage healthy habits overall!

posted Sep 28th, 2008 9:51 am


I lost 80lbs on Dr. Phil's diet advice (not eating his meal plan). I didn't switch up my exercise though and got bored in the end. Its a great philosophy though.

posted Aug 24th, 2008 11:26 am

Sassy Pants

Jeez, people are so opinionated! Give Dr. Phil a break!! I love how we all just have to be "right" and mean, if Dr. Phil doesn't work for you, then don't bother with coming here and making a comment! I like what Dr. Phil offers and so I really don't care what people who don't like him think. So go make comments somewhere else please! You go Courtney! I agree with you!

posted Jun 15th, 2008 2:33 pm


i am trying to loose 20lbs, I workout for 1-2hrs daily but only maintain my weight. I have very limited food choices and tons of junk food. I drink lots of water and the enviroment here currently is 110degrees during the day. I seem to loose the same 3lbs over and over again. I am 48 year old female and will be going home in 55 days. Does Dr. Phil's plan work and has it help to over come bearers of dieting.

posted May 7th, 2008 9:39 am


Overweight has nothing to do with age people. Just because you are 50, doesn't mean it is okay to be overweight. By most health standard Dr. Phil isn't in shape. I assure you his BMI is high for his age. On the other hand, Oprah gives weight advise on her show and she has been overweight most of her life. You don't have to be skinny or fit to have knowledge. I could be a knowledgeable person on the subject matter with absolutely no will power. That makes me? Courtney: do you work for Dr. Phil? YOu have a nice day!

posted Apr 24th, 2008 8:14 pm


Just because a person offers advice on weight loss,that person does not have to be skinny.He is only trying to help other people be healthy.


Kind of funny how a fat guy is giving dieting and wieght loss advice.


Dr. Phil is a 50-something year old man. I think it would be pretty tough for him to look like a 25 year old in the best shape of his life. Dr. Phil is a healthy weight considering his age. Some people are quite satisfied with their appearance, even if it doesn't fit your standards of looking good. You don't need to be 'skinny' to offer weight loss advice. You do, however, need to know how to connect with people. You need to be able to reach them on their level. Who would be better at a task like that than Dr. Phil? It's kind of funny how a shallow and ignorant person like yourself can criticize such an important issue. Have a wonderful day.


Since when is Dr. Phil fat?


well Dr. Phil definitely isn't skinny


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