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Diet pill banned by the FDA.

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Please be aware that the FDA recently overturned the federal judge's ruling to allow Ephedrine sales in the U.S. The FDA has put a complete stop to Ephedrine sales, not allowing any companies to sell the wildly popular supplement. Advantra-Z® is now the supplement of choice- giving energy to help you lose weight without any side effects. Advantra-Z is commonly found in Nuphedrine, a fine alternative for those who've been using Ephedrine.

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For a short time, Ephedra was available for sale for you to start losing weight like you never had before. No other supplement promised the results that Ephedraburn could. An all-natural capsule, Ephedraburn was completely safe, contains no caffeine and best of all it was legal. Having been banned by a federal judge, and then overturned that ruling make Ephedra legal in the U.S., the FDA has recently stepped in to stop all Ephedra sales in the U.S.

It was recommended to take one dose, a 10mg capsule, about half an hour before breakfast and lunch each day. Ephedraburn offered the flexibility to test the product so that you're able to use the product at times and doses that benefit you best. Ephedraburn was hyped to help you shed pounds safely and effectively, and was associated with increasing energy for work and play, heighten your sexual experience, wake up without feeling tired and even make a hangover more bearable. The Ephedra supplement would enhance your whole life making you feel and look great!

While Ephedraburn suggested that you would lose weight without exercise because it burns fat and calories while increasing your metabolism, it did encourage spending time in the gym to increase the effectiveness of the supplement.

Ephedra was available without a prescription and only available for purchase online. Ephedraburn.com also offered customer testimonials with before/after pictures and a complete product ingredient list.


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Ehendrine, Ephedra, Ephendrin, Ephedrasil

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DONT TAKE THIS IF YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY....i have just watched a eisode of The Ricky Lake Show and they had a man on who had used the orange with Efedrine in and he had a massive brain emerage and had to have 5 brain oerations, he now has no use of his left side. 1 women took this slimming pills containing Efedra, she spent 6 months in a phyciatric hosital due to Efedra. Another lady was on taking about how her dauger died from Efedra, leaving an husband and children. the examples went on some only took it for 7 days before the side effects kicked in, heart racing, chest pains, sickness, headaches, heartattac, stroke, and death. The choice is yours but id rather work harder at the gym and eat less than not see my kids get married and grandchildren.... is it worth it.?

posted May 7th, 2009 12:59 pm


let me see, not sure who or what to believe. The FDA or the thousands of years that people succesfully and safely used ephedra. Such a hard choice. Who would you trust? I think anyone with half a brain can answer this.


How long do you think it will take someone to lose 120 pounds? How long would it take to get rid of the excess skin that is left over from the weight loss? If someone has been in this situation, please let me know. thank you


I was trying to reorder some Ephedraburn and got directed to another product without ephedra :( -- I bought it anyway since it was from the same company and had my doubts but pretty good stuff.

Mark (NY)

I saw a show and it took some really overweight lady about a year to lose 120 pounds. Then she had some full body procedure to get rid of all the excess skin. It looked like it really hurt.----------anyhow, does anyone want to sell me their unused Ephedraburn cheap? If not i'll just order it from the link. thanks!


This is a good product, I recommend it to anyone that is trying to lose weight. :)

Kevin S.

Finally a company that ships on time. Great Product Too! thank you dietsinreview

Molly Ringwalt

fast shipping and nice bottle. Pretty potent stuff, but only been taking it 4 days now. not sure if i lost weight. I see difference since i started but could just be water weight. be back with an update


OH YEAH! got my order in 4 business days of ordering. Great Service and pretty good product. Loving it.


I have lost about 10 pounds in 3 weeks excercising and taking these pills. I found them here about a month ago after searching online for diets. The postings here are great, it's nice to read them. Has anyone lost more weight than i have in this time and if you did, would you mind sharing some information about how you are going about losing your weight? like excercise routine, any other supplements to take in conjunction with these, amount of water to drink, what to eat, etc....

Paulie (Bayonne)

Great stuff here people.This is an ideal thermogenic for anyone trying to cut the fat off their body. This is Body Builder grade thermogenic. Trust Me Fellas!


Judge Tena Campbell of the Utah Federal District Court ruled that the FDA had not proven that low doses of ephedra were unsafe, although she also noted that studies to address the safety of low-dose ephedra would be unethical. Nevertheless, her ruling overturned the ban on the sale of ephedra in the state of Utah, and called into question whether the ban could be enforced anywhere in the United States.[40] The ruling was appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in Denver, Colorado. On August 17, 2006, the Appeals Court upheld the FDA's ban of ephedra, finding that the 133,000-page administrative record compiled by the FDA supported the agency's finding that ephedra posed an unreasonable risk to consumers.[11] Nutraceutical Corp. filed a petition for a writ of certiorari seeking a rehearing on the ban of ephedra; however, on May 14, 2007 the United States Supreme Court declined to hear this petition. The sale of ephedra-containing dietary supplements remains illegal in the United States due to their health risks.[7]


I liked this one alot. I would have to say it had clean ephedra and it lasted really long. I tried stacker and hydrycut, when they had ephedra and that stuff was okay, but ephedraburn is definitely top notch stuff compared to those.


i don't know about anyone else, but i'm stocking up on this stuff. the FDA sucks, stop taking away my supplements.


A report on the FDA site states: ?The short-term use of ephedrine, ephedrine plus caffeine, or the assessed dietary supplements containing ephedra and herbs with caffeine is associated with a statistically significant increase in short-term weight loss". http://www.fda.gov/OHRMS/DOCKETS/98fr/95n-0304-bkg0003-ref-07-01-index.htm Yes that is on the FDA website. They must have forgotten to take it down. The war against ephedra is nothing more than a smoke screen to distract people from the far more dangerous effects of prescription drugs. If prescription drugs and over the counter drugs were measured by the same yardstick, more than half of all drugs would be banned outright. Prescription drugs cause more than 100,000 deaths each year. They injure 2.2 million people each year. And over-the-counter drug are no better: ibuprofen and other NSAIDS account for more than 40,000 deaths each year from gastrointestinal hemorrhaging. And yet nobody in Congress is calling for these drugs to be pulled off the market, and the FDA mysteriously allows their continued sale, knowing full well that the number of deaths caused by prescription drugs is enormous. Ephedra has supposedly resulted in the deaths of a handful of people, who also happened to be using prescription medications at the time. Ibuprofen has killed hundreds of thousands, even according to medicine's own research as published in JAMA and other "scientific" journals. If this is really about science and protecting the public, as is claimed by supporters of the ban, then why not protect the public from dangerous pharmaceuticals at the same time? The answer, of course, is that profits must be protected first. In the world of medicine, it's profits first, and customers second. And if you can generate another billion dollars in profit in exchange for a few thousand deaths, then it's business as usual in Big Medicine, not unlike Big Tobacco. The only substances under real scrutiny by the FDA are those that threaten the profits of the drug companies. And this brings us to the real mission of the FDA: to protect drug company profits, not the health of the public. In reality, the FDA is far more dangerous to your health than ephedra.


I have been looking into the other diet pill alternatives and Ephedraburn seems to be the most promising of them all. Has anyone tried it?


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