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An ephedra alternative for appetite suppression.

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There are many reasons we overeat. Sometimes it's out of boredom. Sometimes we have unresolved emotional issues. Whatever the reason, there's an attraction to the idea of a pill that suppresses these urges. Fedramine is an appetite suppressant developed to aid short-term weight management and increase energy levels. The makers of Fedramine proudly proclaim that their product is a replacement for the illegal ephedra.

You should take Fedramine a half-hour before breakfast and a half hour before lunch. You are told to also take it at least 10-12 hours prior to your normal bedtime. Wait a second, you say. That math doesn't add up? If you have to take it 12 hours before bedtime, that puts you at midnight, presuming you eat at high noon. Now, some people go to sleep that late, but not all of us. The time restriction may make it tough, even if you try the lower end of the spectrum. Just make sure not to take it after noon, or your sleep may be affected. Of course, some people may not have a problem, so use your own discretion.

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  • Unlike many of their peers in the supplement industry they very clearly reveal cost on their homepage
  • The manufacturer is responsible by saying that Fedramine is a short-term solution
  • Does not contain FDA-banned ephedra
  • Encourages exercise
  • Fedramine is expensive
  • Contains caffeine
  • Side effects can include feeling restless, inability to sleep and feeling nervous

Fedramine contains the following ingredients: vitamin B12, manganese, citrus aurantium, metabromine, green tea (a source of caffeine), chromium (as chloride), white willow bark and guarana (a stimulant).


Like most supplement makers, there's no specific exercise program provided. However, the website does say you need to use Fedramine in coordination with a proper diet and a doctor approved exercise program.


When you research supplements that aid metabolism or suppress appetites, you will find that most of them share many common ingredients. With that being the case, there are many choices that are much more affordable than Fedramine. It is admirable that the company is very explicit about the possible side effects and that using their supplement is a short-term solution that needs to go hand-in-hand with a good diet and exercise routine. If you don't mind paying a few extra bucks and you haven't had much success with other products, Fedramine's proprietary group of ingredients could be the right combination to make a difference this time around.

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It is good for weight loss and like it very much

posted Mar 21st, 2014 2:03 am


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