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Global Health and Fitness

Global Health and Fitness

Customized exercise and eating plans.

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As of February 2011, the Global Health & Fitness plan no longer appears to be available.

The Global Health & Fitness plan is a personalized exercise and eating plan that is designed just for you. Upon signing up for a membership, you complete a comprehensive questionnaire which is then reviewed and evaluated by one of the Global Health & Fitness trainers. An exercise and nutrition plan is then put together for you.

The Global Health & Fitness Plan includes five key components: Strength Training, Weight Management, Cardiovascular Exercise, Nutrition and Flexibility Training. The entire 12-week program is followed online including healthy recipes, exercise videos, software that tracks your fitness progress, carbohydrate calculators, fiber calculators, fitness blogs and message boards. You can take the challenge for one month, three months or longer depending upon your fitness goals.

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  • Online support is very comprehensive
  • Questions or comments directed towards one of the thirty Global Health & Fitness trainers will be answered in 24 hours or less, guaranteed
  • Fitness plans are personalized to help you meet your fitness goals based upon your fitness level and lifestyle
  • Custom-designed fitness plan is a bit misleading: Rather than having an exercise plan created specifically for you, you choose from a variety of exercise plans that vary in their levels of experience and fitness level
  • Even though the Internet is an inexpensive and easily-accessible way to follow a fitness plan, its lack of personal interaction and face-to-face communication may decrease long-term motivation
  • There is suggestive selling to buy additional Global Health & Fitness products

With your membership subscription to Global Health & Fitness, you will receive a personalized nutrition program which includes meal plans and more than 250 recipes. There also seems to be an additional eating plan called the Global Health & Fitness Customized Diet plan. The website is confusing as to whether this customized diet plan is yours for free as a member of if you are required to pay an additional $39.99 on top of your membership dues to have this plan designed for you. This meal plan is designed for you and includes meal plans and recipes.


The main staple of the Global Health & Fitness plan is its reliance on exercise, which is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. With your plan, you will receive exercise guidelines as well as exercises for you to take with you to the gym or to do at home. Your membership also entitles you to view various exercise videos online.


The Global Health & Fitness program is a good solution if you are looking for exercise ideas and a fitness regimen to follow. But its hallmark feature of custom-designed plans is misleading. The price for having numerous exercises to choose from, a guide for how much exercise to do, and a nutrition program to follow is not bad considering how much you can pay for just a single personal training session at your local gym. There is also an ample amount of online support and tools for you to access to answer your fitness questions. The website’s before and after images and testimonials are impressive.

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I really like GHF, i tried their program and its really good, if you an even more personalized service I found this new service called Fitfactors.net, i read through it and the services seem great and the prices are good, i'll probably give it a try and you guys should check it out.

posted Nov 12th, 2009 6:54 pm


I can see both points people are making. On 1 hand, for me I didn't expect a lot of hand holding. So my questions weren't extremely detailed as I just needed a solid plan to follow. I did not come close to loosing the "30lbs of fat in 12 weeks" that the site claims, more like 10-15 lbs.
I was drawn to the site, because so much of it was opened to me before I actually had to pay anything. I still think they give a pretty comprehensive diet plan, though it's very rarely designed for your "personal" taste. This site has been in business for over 10 years, so these people have heard it all before and they come up with a variety of works outs and meal plans that they cut in paste into an e-mail based on the survey--nothing is personalized.

But hey, $60 is not a bad price to pay for comprehensive workouts and a solid meal plan. I use to be so lost in the gym before I started their workouts, now i feel very competent.
At the end of the day, there are several ways to loose weight and get fit. And there are hundreds of web sites offering miracles, you just got to find a mirracle u believe in at a price you can afford. LOL

posted Apr 11th, 2009 5:25 pm



I joined Global Health and Fitness several years ago. I have found it a wonderful site to address ALL aspects of a healthy lifestyle. I've achieved great results with their various programs and would (and have) recommend them to anyone. Absolutely!

I have not had the same problems Andrew has mentioned in communicating with either Chad or Dani.
Both have been very responsive and have always answered my questions or resolved any of my concerns. I reached all my maximums under Dani's tuledge and using Global Health & Fitness weight program. This site attempts to pull together experts from many fields or disciplines. I've always received positive responses from all. What more can I say? It's definitely a fantastic site.

posted Oct 12th, 2008 6:11 pm


I have also tried using GHF's services, and I have to say I found the whole experience to be very negative. Global Health and Fitness market their site promising you a personal service, and back up from a long list of experts. Sounds like a good service, but it's false advertising to draw you in, and once they have your money, they couldn't care less about you. They copy and paste answers where possible, even when they don't correspond to the question. For example (and this is just one), at one point, it took Chad Tackett (GHF "Expert" and founder) 3 emails to actually address my question, instead he copied and pasted standard answers to avoid having to spend the time giving any attention to the client, and none of the answers pasted had anything to do with the question. Only after me repeating the same question 3 times did he finally attempt to answer it, and even then he questioned it first. Dani Myers (Alleged bodybuilding "expert") either lacks the most basic maths skills, or is again trying to fob off the client in the quickest manner to avoid having to pay them any attention. For example, on sign up they originally asked me a list of questions about myself so they could pick the best program for me, one of my answers to which was I have 45 minutes to workout. Miss Myers then picks a workout that, when calculated, if you performed the exercise in a supernatural bubble that transported you from one exercise to another with the weight ready to go, every rep at an identical perfect speed, not slowing down as they get harder for example, not having to pick up or put down weights, and the rest times being the shortest prescribed and to the nearest second, it STILL takes more than 45 minutes. Then, following several emails pointing out how long it's taking me to complete the workouts, she actually said in an email "I can't see why you can't do this in 45 minutes". Since she clearly flunked first grade maths, the least she could have done would be to get out a calculator. When I filled out their free fitness questionaire prior to joining, I was also informed that my "personal" (That's a laugh!) program would include reccomendations from a rehab specialist to address my back injury. In reality once you had my money, the best I got was Dani Myers taking the "Workout conservatively" approach instead. I.e. Avoid anything that stresses the back, and hope the injury goes away on it's own. I've just finished a full three months membership and I'm still yet to hear from a rehab specialist, although if he/she takes the 'copy and paste' approach when dealing with something as delicate as injuries, then maybe that's actually the best personal service decision they made since I signed up. I emailed all these concerns to Jody Tackett (Secretary) and to prove how bad the customer service is, rather than having to take time out to deal with a customer, he/she ignored it. My advice is give Global Health and Fitness a VERY VERY wide berth!

posted Sep 25th, 2008 9:06 am


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