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Hollywood Miracle Diet

Hollywood Miracle Diet

A quick juice fast to help you shed extra pounds.

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  • Established: 2007
  • Founder: Sunset Health Products, Inc.
  • Headquarters: Sherman Oaks, California
  • Accessibility: Online and some retailers
  • Diet Type: Juice fast
  • Gender: Male, female

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The Hollywood Diet comes in two formulas: the 24-hour Miracle Diet or the 48-hour Miracle Diet. The product is supposed to help you lose up to 5 pounds in 24 hours by putting you on their special and trademarked liquid fast for one or two days. Both Miracle Diets contain vitamins and minerals and are ephedra and caffeine free. It's a natural blend of juices and botanical extracts that is mixed with water and sipped throughout the day. The Hollywood 48-hour Miracle Diet also includes the added ingredient of a special blend of the essential oils of bergamot, tangerine, lemon and orange. You are not supposed to consume any additional food while you are on either of the Miracle Diets.

Even though you can use the Hollywood 24-hour or 48-hour Miracle Diet independently, the company does recommend that you use either of them in conjunction with the 30-day Miracle Program.

  • Rapid weight loss is attractive option for someone looking to slim down quickly
  • Many health practitioners support following a liquid diet for a few days in order to cleanse the system and lose some weight
  • No red-flag ingredients in either the Hollywood 24-hour or 48-hour Miracle Diet liquids
  • Caffeine-free
  • Ephedra-free
  • Recommends moderate exercise
  • Losing water weight, not weight from fat
  • Liquid fast may be too strict for some individuals
  • No real proof that this drink will help speed weight loss or will result in sustained weight loss
  • Liquid fasting could be dangerous for certain individuals
  • A bit misleading since it is recommended that for optimal weight loss, you also follow their 30-Day Miracle Program
  • Low calorie consumption; eat no other food

Depending upon which diet you choose: The Hollywood 24-hour or 48-hour Miracle Diet, you consume the entire bottle of the juice and drink 8 glasses of water each day that you are on it. You are not supposed to consume any other food or beverages, nor are you supposed to smoke while on the diet.


It is recommended that you exercise moderately while on the 24- or 48-Hour Miracle Diet. However, you should refrain from a more rigorous exercise routine until after the diet is over.


Fasting or consuming a liquid fast for one day or a few days at a time has been used for many years as a way to lose weight quickly, reduce fevers and also to give our digestive systems a break to allow them to get rid of built up toxins. Although many professionals in the medical field refute this notion and believe that the body is acutely capable of ridding itself of unwanted toxins without the intervention of a fast, many individuals continue to employ this practice for a number of reasons.

The Hollywood 24-hour or 48-hour Miracle Diet can assist in weight loss, but that weight is most likely water weight rather than actual fat. In looking at the ingredient list, the Miracle Diets look like a fancy fruit juice that is simply supplemented with some vitamins and minerals. It is possible that you'd experience similar results and detoxification by drinking some diluted fruit juice and using a multi-vitamin.

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I tried this years ago when it first came and I lost around 7 pounds a great kick start for weight lost. I got a bit dizzy and the cravings were horrible. I continued to a 3 day and when I tried to eat it made me sick. But Now I have put weight back on... 40 pounds...wow and I am trying to lose it I will check in-in 4days I weigh 180. I will do this for 4 days then start the master cleanse.

posted Dec 13th, 2009 6:57 am


well i,m trying it today if it works i will be back with a great comment , if it don,t work i will be back with a not so nice comment.

posted Nov 11th, 2009 5:00 pm


ok well It works but it gets me hungry!! so i kinda snuk some snack ehh! but now i know it works cuz i lose 3 lbs. not the result i wanted but it is better then losing nothing or gaining?

u have to be very diciplined for this diet . no food whoda thought it? but next week i will try it again and post up my progress for anyone in my place.

so yep ppl it works, just no cheating lol! i gota practice what i preach! ;)

posted Oct 12th, 2009 2:28 pm


ok guys im 19 222 lbs and i am drinking it so far and i had to cook for my sis n i forgot n i has snippets of her tofu lol im kinda stressed out, and i weigh myself constantly and i shouldnt cuz it stresses me out more.

ok well i will place a review here tomorow i am skeptical but i want to believe and i will try, but i think the food i put in my mouth will screw up everything ughhhh . im just going to do what it says lol and see what happenes ...
wish me luck guys

posted Oct 10th, 2009 5:13 pm


ok well guys i am 19 and a whopping 222 lbs and I have tried this a couple times and i measured it completly wrong and ended up kinda eating cuz i was hungry and instead kinda gained weight so I am liking the reviews!! so far ive been drinking it today measuring it correctly this time and just finsished drinking 2 cups of water out of 8! i sugesst you drink 2 cups of water with every 4 hour gap u drink the juice. it will equal to drinkin the 8 cups of water u need with the program. with all the good reviews i think i was just doing it wrong and im following thro this time and i will now know if it works for me or not.
i hope i remember to come online lol

I will comment back tomorow with my results!!! wish me luckkkk ;) congrats everyone =]

posted Oct 10th, 2009 3:42 pm


Ok I am going to try this tomorrow and I will post back in 2 days, Im 5 foot 155lbs today I was trying to do the Atkins- just for a jump start, I have had a headache all day. I cant eat that much meat/cheese! lol - I looked into Quit trim Klhoe K lost 20 lbs in 4weeks, but u gotta order it online.

posted Sep 24th, 2009 7:54 pm



I finished my 48 hrs. and I lost 5 lbs which isn't bad I honestly was expecting to loose more, I am going to do the 24 hrs. next week see how it goes.

posted Sep 24th, 2009 5:38 pm



I just started the 48hrs diet today and I feel fine, I am no hungry but I feel like I have to eat, so I am trying to keep myself busy all day that is the only way I won't be thinking that I need to eat.
I am 5'1 and my weight is 120 lbs since last year somehow every time I loss weight I get back to that 120 lbs.. I hope this time I don't go back to my 120's, my goal is 105lbs! So wish me luck, I am thinking on doing this diet once a week as the bottle recommends.

posted Sep 22nd, 2009 5:48 pm


I read through all of the reviews and comments and I just have a question for the people who say they are using the bathroom a lot.... is it # 1 or # 2?? LOL I know it sounds like a weird question, but I've heard the diets like this make you go # 2 to "clean you out." I have a pretty weak bladder as it is so I am used to using the bathroom quite frequently for that purpose...just curious....

posted Sep 11th, 2009 9:39 pm



Well, I did it last wkend and loved it too! I was never hungry, just felt the need to eat. I 'kinda' cheated the first day b/c I just slept the ENTIRE day -so, my friends say that's not fair b/c I didn't have any real temptation to eat. But the 2nd day I was active a lot and did not eat the whole 48hrs and I'm so proud of myself and u will be too! Like Albie said- it really does work. I lost more inches than pounds b/c I keep working out, but the difference was VERY dramatic after the 2nd day- was able to wear clothes I haven't worn all year. Thanks to all of you for the advice, and Good luck!

posted Sep 10th, 2009 12:57 pm



I love this drink! My boyfriend was amazed he said I was getting smaller right before his eyes! YES! You will be hungry! But that�??s how you got this way in the first place! Right? You gotta be strong! Think about all the times you wanted to go somewhere and feel sexy... and you didn't! It�??s just two days! Or the dressing room fits that never seem to fit right�?� AT ALL! Make it happen. For me it always works great! I take it once a month. Yes it�??s the hardest two days of my life because I LOVE TO EAT! But do it on an off day! Stay busy! You will see results! Great boosters to get you motivated and drop those pounds! I dropped 8-10 pound each time I drink it. I can HONESTLY SAY, I'm dropping with this drink and its not all coming back. I work out 5-7 day a week. I fluctuate about 3 pound without the drink. Let�??s just say its like this.. After drinking this drink I have never seen that same size again! If your not looking for a quick fix but a booster I really think this is GREAT! DO IT! I am pretty happy with my size just want to flatten my tummy! I was 210 pounds now I�??m 165. I�??m drinking this drink now and I am almost sure I will be at 155 in two days!

posted Sep 9th, 2009 3:51 pm


Well, I'm highly skeptical, but going to try this for the long Labor Day weekend Sat-Sun, then at least I'll have Monday to recupe in case I'm still running to the toilet.
I think those who exercised a lot may have had trouble losing a lot of weight is because you gain muscle mass when you exercise. I am scared that I'll pass out if I exercise while on this b/c of the drastic change and lack of food intake is bound to make anyone weak. I guess I'll walk around a block or 2 just, but I wouldn't recommend to anyone to do any type of vigourous exercise.
i'm 30yrs old, 5ft, 158lbs. I'm looking to use this as just a jump start but will diet and exercise the right way for afterwards- and hope to lose 20lbs total.
I start tomorrow, good luck to the rest of you!

posted Sep 4th, 2009 6:49 pm



I would recommend a liquid fast diet for two days PRIOR to starting any exercise program!!! You'll love yourself.

posted Aug 20th, 2009 1:45 am



Where's the "I LOVE IT." button?!

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!! It made my stomach look INCREDIBLE. It's so easy if you can get your mind off the food, because that's obviously the most difficult part. I only dropped 5 lbs, but I can't stress to you how noticeable those 5 lbs are!!! It virtually flattened my stomach in the two days I was on it. I would recommend this to ALL of my friends and family and will DEFINITELY purchase again. TRY THIS DIET!!!!

posted Jul 29th, 2009 9:37 am


Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me the recipe for this diet? Or did everyone buy it straight from the store? Thanks!

posted Jul 27th, 2009 10:24 am


i have EXTREME heartburn from this. I hope it's worth it. Why r there no warnings or side effects? In small print it says fasting for two days is helping with weight loss results too.

posted Jul 3rd, 2009 4:54 pm


I started this diet late yesterday (Saturday) .. Around 4:00 PM. I weighed myself this morning around 10:00 AM and lost about two pounds. I'm hoping by tomorrow when my full "48 hours" have passed, I lose more. I am taking the liquid formula along with "Slim Quick" pills to help decrease my appetite. It might not be considered healthy but it is helping me not eat everything I see.

posted Jun 7th, 2009 12:10 pm


So far- 24 hours and nothing.... not sick, no teven too hungry, a little tired, exercising moderately, drinking a lot more water... yet very little other changes... we'll see tomorrow!

posted May 6th, 2009 3:49 pm


There is no miracle diet that will result in safe weight loss. The extra weight you put on took was years in the making and it will not come off overnight. All you are losing is "water weight" which will hurt you in the short and long term.

Whatever happened to eating a clean diet?? Whatever happened to taking responsibility for yourself? The true "detox" diet is eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and lean cuts of meat. Period.

posted Apr 24th, 2009 4:07 pm



I tried expecting it not to work. It was hard Yes I was hungry. But the bottom line is its not just water weight you are advised to drink 8 glasses of water. If you drink them its not water weight you lose. I lost 7 pounds with no excerise. I am 39 mother of 5. I started out at 160 and now 6months later 140. I have a little more to go but it did work for me.

posted Apr 23rd, 2009 10:40 pm


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