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How to Eat Like a Hot Chick

How to Eat Like a Hot Chick

Let the hot chick inside you eat and not feel guilty for it.

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How to Eat like a Hot Chick is a book in which authors Jodi Lipper and Cerina Vincent celebrate all that is good about being a woman. Whether it's loving the shape you're in, or loving what is on your plate, How to Eat like a Hot Chick is not a diet, but rather a mindset, which in and of itself, may be why these authors are onto something "hot."

By combining current and contemporary humor, along with a side of sassy and sexiness, today's female dieter can pick up this book and feel like they just gained acceptance into the popular girls' club, where its members also share diet tips that work.

Before you wonder, am I hot enough to read this book? The authors reassure us, you are! From the curvy and timeless Varga-style girl on the cover, to the big-sister/best friend tone, hot chicks of all ages will find inspiration and motivation to visualize the hot chick within.

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  • Combines nutritious food recommendations with humor
  • Gender-specific tips to lose and maintain weight loss
  • By focusing on mindset, authors are catering to an often ignored category in weight loss issues
  • Fun website with links to testimonials, and other products that hot chicks tend to want
  • Authors are not weight loss experts, but rather copywriters for TV/Film
  • Language may be offensive
  • A lot of attention on dating

The authors take the time to tout the benefits of fresh spinach, which is common sense, but extremely effective in providing neutraceuticals, and staving off hunger through Volumetrics.

The hot chicks also do a great job of handling sticky subjects like cocktail consumption, and also offer terrific strategies for moderation and planning one's intake of calories before social situations. An example is, having chocolate cake for breakfast, which satisfies a sweet tooth, but more effectively, gives you all day to burn it off.

The bottom-line message in How to Eat like a Hot Chick is to take time to celebrate what is on your plate, which will increase satiety and satisfaction, leading to overall reduction in calorie intake.


Focus here is on food, but we can look for another book down the line with an exercise program as the chicks expand their book line to include how-to on other hot chick activities.


How to Eat Like a Hot Chick's message of eat what you love, love how you feel is one all women are hungry for. As 40 becomes the new 20, and 50 becomes the new 30, the ageless nature of baby boomers and gen-Xers who were raised with a healthy attitude about sexuality and body confidence will love the message that these authors have put out.

We don't need permission to be hot, but rather, permission to celebrate it, and in doing so, we take the time to self-care, make good food choices, set aside time for pleasurable physical activity, and live the healthy lifestyle that we deserve because we know deep inside ourselves, we are HOT!

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[email protected]

I loved this book! I laughed out loud and finished it in a day. Great advice and awesome attitude! The humor was inspiring!

posted Mar 29th, 2009 12:31 am

Hot Chick 3

It was pretty funny, I laughed out loud while reading some parts. It did inspire me and left me wanting to eat healthy and start having fun again, letting loose and happy being me! Great read!


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