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Jorge Cruise 8 Minutes in the Morning

Jorge Cruise 8 Minutes in the Morning

Get fit in the morning with Jorge Cruise.

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You don't have to be a morning person or even have a gym membership to obtain the body you've been looking for, according to Jorge Cruise, founder of the 8 Minutes in the Morning plan. By dedicating yourself to an eight minute workout each day, you could see a loss of two pounds in just seven days. And you won't have to fight for a treadmill at the gym.

With 8 Minutes in the Morning, you'll work to build lean muscle, boost metabolism, trim and tone and burn fat quickly. Spiritual exercises are just as important as the physical.

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  • The plan teaches you regular exercise in just minutes a day.
  • Addresses hidden factors in eating problems.
  • No discernable downside other than we couldn’t find an online component to the plan

To start this popular program, Jorge suggests resolving any emotional eating issues you might have. The 8 Minutes plan also encourages simple portion management by creating equal halves on your plate. Eat half a plate worth of fruits and veggies and one half worth of carbohydrates and protein.

Your meals on the 8 Minutes in the Morning menu will be high in omega fats, complex carbs, fruits and vegetables, dairy and lean protein. When not abused, you can indulge in snacks.


Your exercise routine for 8 Minutes will resemble this six-day plan. You'll perform two exercises for two parts of the body each day.

  • Day 1: relax
  • Day 2: back, chest
  • Day 3: abs, shoulders
  • Day 4: biceps, triceps
  • Day 5: quads, hamstrings
  • Day 6: buttocks, calves
  • Day 7: inner/outer thigh

The 8 Minutes in the Morning Plan is realistic about your weight loss expectations. You’ll lose a steady two pounds a week, a promise that falls right in line with sensible thinking.

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I just finished this program. I did all the exercises along with running hills twice a week, aerobic step twice a week and 45 minutes of stationary bike at least twice a week. I didn't lose any weight. I lost maybe a quarter inch in the first week but then it came back. So long story short, I maybe be stronger, but I'm no smaller or weigh less. I didn't go on a restrictive diet. So I'm thinking that the weight loss comes from dieting. Just for the record, I'm 5'4" and weigh about 178 pounds, so it's not like I don't have anything to lose.

posted Feb 16th, 2014 3:18 am


Get the book and flashcards it does work and and works long term.

posted Jan 6th, 2012 5:53 pm

No quetsoin this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.

No quetsoin this is the place to get this info, thanks y'all.

posted Sep 9th, 2011 7:07 am

Judy H


saw this on tyra , looked good , my problen is my body makes to much insulin thats sugar,, hope this will work for me

posted Feb 25th, 2009 11:36 pm


I've been doing the exercises in this book for years and I love it. You can always spare 8 minutes and doing it everyday keeps you in a healthy habit each morning. I know it work if you push yourself a little and keep moving up in weights. Get this book.


i realy like banana pie.. but wen i started doing 8 Minutes in the AM i felt that it realy worked on my lower parts of my body.. like my *****..


I can definitely spare 8 minutes each morning to do this- especially if it has the results it says it does. Does anyone know what kind of exercises I should be doing or whatever I like?


I found this site: http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/exercise /body_toning/upper_body.htm Gives really great detail for everything you need.


When I first saw the title of this post I thought it said "8 AM diet" There is no way I am dieting at 8 AM!!


The 2 pounds you lose in the first two weeks on the 8 minutes in the AM diet sounds great but what about long term affects?


I never thought I could lose so much weight in so little time. 8 minutes in the morning proved me wrong!


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