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Karl Lagerfeld Diet

Karl Lagerfeld Diet

The fashionista fashions a plan that helped him trim his waistline.

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Where would the diet landscape be without names like Atkins and Somers? Probably the same place fashion would be without dominant figure Karl Lagerfeld, the acting chief executive for iconic Chanel.

After battling weight issues, he enlisted the expertise of Dr. Jean-Claude Houdret. Together, they created a plan to give Karl a thinner waistline and pen another celebrity-endorsed secret to weight loss success. Between your health and wellness and the added benefit of Karl’s fashion expertise, you’ll find a whole new you at the end.

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet begins by identifying the influencers that contribute to being overweight. The can be emotional or behavioral issues. From this, you will derive the motivation to guide you through the process of eating well and losing weight.

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  • Diet is low-carb, low-calorie and low-fat
  • Book includes recipes
  • Author of diet has kept his weight off for years
  • Diet attacks the mental aspect of over eating
  • Diet encourages artificial sweeteners
  • Diet encourages hunger as part of the punishment of having to lose weight
  • Some recipes may not be appealing to Americans since they are French in origin
  • One meal per day must be a protein shake
  • Book focuses heavily on appearance

You'll introduce more than a hundred delicious recipes to your diet. Each soup, breakfast, salad, dessert and appetizer was created to be low calorie and with quality flavor as a standard.


The Karl Lagerfeld Diet also has recommendations for skin care, stress relief, how to stop smoking and exercise.


Karl Lagerfield Diet book concentrates more on the mind and spirit of fighting obesity than it does the nutritional aspect. It does provide a generous resource for recipes, which is often a question left by some diets.

In a little more than a year, the Karl Lagerfeld Diet promises you the results you’re looking for if you stick by both Dr. Houdret’s and Karl’s plan.

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Justin HP


This definitely won??t be for everybody, as it??s approach is quite extreme in many respects. I??ve long admired Lagerfeld, and in my teens & 20?s was the height of fashion myself But for one reason and another I lost it in my mid 30?s and now at 40 I??m a good 3-4 stone over weight ?? not huge, but enough to make me quite unhappy with how I look, and certainly not able to dress the way I used to; as a man, it??s very difficult to hide weight, as even I??m not brave enough to wear an empire line dress! I??ve had this book for about 4 months, but have only just been brave enough to look at it ?? I hate being hungry, and so the thought of dieting is pretty awful. About 3 months ago I happened to buy a jacket from Karls ??KL?? range (on sale I must add), it??s formal but very stylish, and it fitted perfectly. So I was horrified when I wore it for the first time last week, and it was quite tight, ??oh no??I thought, I??ve put on more weight in just 3 months, and I was already big when I bought it!!! I think this snapped something in me, and I went to get Karls book out. Well, I??m not a great reader, but within an hour or so I??d read half the book, I was interested in him anyway, but Karls attitudes, although extreme, really spoke to me; and I??m afraid I am more interested in looking better, than worried about my health, but as one will lead to the other in any good diet, that??s OK. As to the practicality of it, I wouldn??t dream of eating 800 calories, I??d be delighted with around 1500, if I could keep that up for just a month that would be great, and then just soften off from there; I am 6.2? you know I have pretty much started cutting back from today, and have just bought things like ??spread?? & skimmed milk, neither of which I ever have in the house, so I seem to be serious about it all. I will use Dr Houdret??s diet as an inspiration, rather than to the letter, I simply don??t think Veal Chop, or Guinea Fowl will be entering my diet, things like this will simply become Chicken or Turkey etc.

This is one of the diets main draw backs, it was written for a man who has certainly many millions in the bank, and who has an army of people to look after his every whim at Chanel ?? I DON??T!! I??m not saying that the recipes will take ages to make, but the costs will mount up if you eat exactly what he suggests everyday, which I won??t be, but I will try to approximate it in my own way. I also think the more extreme elements would be easier to follow, if the worlds press & fashion photographers where aimed at me every where I went, which they are for Mssr Karl; where as for me I have my Granny telling me that a little piece of cake won??t hurt, so everyday life isn??t good for such an extreme diet.

However, the main inspiration to follow this plan is Karl himself, for whatever you think about it, there he stands, a lissome & lithe slip of a lad, a pale shadow of the former be-kaftaned man mountain of not so long ago. But if his rather outré & eccentric ideas are not your cup of tea (with sweetener of course), then this book is probably not for you.

As for me however, yes I??m going to be hungry, and yes, I??ll want sweets, chocolate, cake & biscuits, but I have Karl, constantly hovering over my shoulder, with his jaundiced, disapproving, couture God scowl ?? ??Yes Monsieur Karl, I know, nothing tastes as good as thin feels? ?? and it would be such a shame to not fit into the jacket he so kindly made for me!

Merci Karl x

posted May 14th, 2011 6:44 am



I'm starting it next week! We'll see...

posted Aug 21st, 2009 9:30 pm


I want to know where I can buy the book in spanish or english

posted Jun 27th, 2009 11:57 pm

Iyam Fabulous



I was a 379 lbs. man, and now I am a 190 lbs. man.

Karl Lagerfeld should be worshipped like a God!

posted Oct 30th, 2008 1:17 pm


I like that it comes with recipes. I always hate trying to track down recipes that fit with a diet.


I don't know- another celeb diet? Why does it seem they're the only ones who seem to find dieting success? At least it appears to be a sort of all-inclusive plan for life rather than just getting skinny real quick.

Bama Babe

Can't hurt to listen to the celebs. They have the money to hire the good trainers and such. Might as well take their advice since I sure can't afford it. I thinks its nice to have those extras so that when you lose the wieght you can kind of makeover all of you.


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