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Liquid Diet

Liquid Diet

An overview of the popular liquid diet genre.

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Whether you are looking for an extreme way to lose weight or are following doctor's orders after a medical procedures, liquid diets are a test of self-will and discipline.

Much attention has been paid to liquid diets recently because of the popularity of detox programs like the Master Cleanse. But most nutrition experts will advise against a liquid diet as a way to lose weight since it is so restrictive and robs you of consuming your daily allotment of nutrients.

Liquid diets typically fall into two categories: The ones that use a combination of liquid meals and regular food and those that just rely on liquids to get you through the day. They are often used as a way to lose weight quickly, but be warned that most of that weight will be put back on once you go back to eating solid food.

Patients who have just undergone bariatric surgery are put on an all-liquid diet for a few weeks following surgery. Others who undergo a colonscopy or sigmoidoscopy are put on a pre-operative liquid diet for about 24 hours in order to blush out the bowel system and put as little strain on the digestive system as possible.

In extreme cases of obesity, individuals often follow a liquid diet that is comprised of 4-7 nutritional shakes that are consumed during the day. Such extreme diet programs are usually closely monitored by a medical weight loss team.

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  • Liquid diets are necessary for certain medical procedures
  • Can aid weight loss
  • Many variants available
  • Most liquid diets are too void of necessary nutrients like protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals
  • Not a long-term solution to weight loss
  • Does not teach you how to prepare your own meals or count calories
  • Much of the weight lost, is gained once eating is resumed
  • Exercise not advised
  • Lacks support in medical community as a method of weight loss

Depending upon the sytle of liquid diet, what you will or won't be drinking will be dictated by your doctor or weight loss program. Most liquid diets that are used for weight loss come in the form of a shake that includes essential nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Other liquid diets, like The Master Cleanse, consists only of a solution of water, honey, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Other liquid diets may include having you consume nothing but diluted fruit juice or certain teas all day.


Depending upon which liquid diet you are on, exercising will probably be kept to a minimum since your caloric intake will be so low and you therefore won't have much energy to be very physically active. But if you are following a medically-based liquid diet, speak with your doctor about what kind of exercise program you should adhere to.


Liquid diets are sometimes medically necessary to help extremely obese individuals lose weight or to prepare the body before or after certain medical procedures. Generally, the nutrition and medical community look down upon liquid diets as a way to quickly lose weight. Most liquid diets are extremely difficult to follow and are void of the daily essential nutrients.

If you are interested in following a liquid diet, talk with your doctor or investigate weight loss programs that include liquids as just a partial meal replacement.

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Tamora Cross


Definitely one of my favourites. When I tell myself I can only drink liquids, even if I occasionally slip up, I always lose weight. Just as long as you stay away from the obvious evils like sugary sodas and stuff!

posted Nov 17th, 2009 10:07 am



I got my tonsils removed earlier this year and was required to go on a liquid diet. I lost 15lbs! I found that I could eat almost anything if I blended it very well. Especially homeade soups! I even had to blend my oatmeal! If nothing else, this "diet" was very effective and easy to digest.

posted Dec 28th, 2008 10:20 pm


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