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MaxxFuel touts the power of its product, and warns against misuse.

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Another popular weight loss pill known as MaxxFuel stakes a claim as being one of the oldest and strongest non-prescription fat-burning pills available on the market, with a near 20-year history.

MaxxFuel is a proprietary, all-natural formula, with other advertised ingredients, including caffeine derivative, green tea extract, cayenne powder and cocoa powder.

Together, these natural ingredients give MaxxFuel the ability to help you lose weight quickly, while increasing your metabolism and energy levels. MaxxFuel also claims to reduce body fat without losing lean muscle.

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Diet and NutritionDiet and Nutrition

MaxxFuel suggests that by using this diet pill, you'll bypass any need to commit to a rigorous diet, as well as burn calories and suppress your appetite.


None given.


The website is little more than a sales tool, offering plenty of price points, offers and opportunity to purchase. While it’s a natural ingredient, there is a significant amount of caffeine in MaxxFuel. Caffeine can be linked to a racing heart, feeling jittery and sleeplessness. However, MaxxFuel encourages responsible use of its product, warning that the product is very strong and should be taken exactly per the instructions.

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Max Fuel, MaxxFeul, Max Feul MaxxFuel deit

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posted May 16th, 2015 4:20 pm



I tried it and it worked miracles for me. I lost 76lbs in one year with little to no exercise. I did the occasional light workout maybe 20minutes a day 3 times a week...IF I even remembered. I was away at college so my eating habits were a little different, but nothing major, other than the elimination of fatty fried foods my mom fixed. But BEING AWAY AT COLLEGE, I still ate out a lot. I went from a size 24 to a 14 with a waist span of 47inches to 32-34 inches. I would occasionally bloat. Still amazing progress for little to no change. It only required (at the time) It said 2 pills a day on the label...website says one. And I usually took two. Some days I would forget and only take one I'd even go a couple of days with out taking any pills at all. Basically I stretched a 90day supply out for the course of a year. I stopped taking them about 2 months before I graduated, and ordered them about a month into enrollment...so roughly 8-9 months? You be the judge but I loved the product but I can't find it anywhere. Looks like they took it off the market. If you don't keep up with a healthy life stlye the weight WILL creep back up on you. So I recommend adopting one at the time of purchase. You don;t want all your efforts to be in vein. I'm trying to lose my current weight gain because I would like to join the military but because of my dependence on diet pills since I was like 16 lol it seems my metabloism is screwy since I'm clinging to the weight, work out 5 days a week and eat properly. So I'm looking for something decent to jump start everything but this time KEEP IT OFF by incorporating a healthy life style with my efforts.

posted Mar 18th, 2010 3:03 pm


has anyone tried Maxx fuel? I am thinking of buying a bottle but wnat ot get some feedback first.


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