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My Weight Loss Coach for Nintendo DS

My Weight Loss Coach for Nintendo DS

A digital weight loss coach for the Nintendo DS.

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Nintendo really seems to be grabbing the market on the physical activity-minded video games. On the coat tails of the popular Wii and Wii Fit, they introduce My Weight Loss Coach for the handheld Nintendo DS. While this "game" itself won't get you in shape, it will serve as an electronic motivator- giving you the tools and guidance you need to stay focused and motivated.

My Weight Loss Coach comes with a pedometer- a tool used to track how many steps you take during a day. You sync this each day with the Nintendo DS and it will track your progress. It will also record and track your BMI, total weight lost, total distance moved and allow you to key-in other milestones as far as diet and other exercise. The program was developed by a nutritionist- so not only does it encourage weight loss, but it's a digital partner in helping you obtain your overall health and nutrition goals.

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  • More affordable than a gym membership
  • Travels wherever you go
  • Pedometer is a proven tool for successful weight loss
  • Created by a nutritionist
  • Tracks all weight loss efforts with visual charts
  • Daily tips, reminders and advice
  • Set goals and objectives, and track progress
  • Must use the pedometer and sync often to get results
  • Doesn't teach lifelong habits
  • No food or diet guidance

You'll record what you eat in the My Weight Loss Coach, and it will keep track of these and add it to your totals. You can also create a reward system within the program to let you know when you've really stuck to your guns and worked hard.

Outside of a few tips that show up from the nutritionist, there isn't really a lot of dietary guidance from this program.


Pedometers have often been praised as being a key tool to help people lose weight. It's easy to set goals (10,000 steps/day is common) and stay accountable to those. My Weight Loss Coach comes with a pedometer that syncs with the handheld device. This will log all of your physical activity. The program also allows you to enter all of your fitness endeavors to keep a whole picture of what you've been doing.

My Weight Loss Coach acts like a digital personal trainer- giving you fitness tips and advice per your experience level, personal goals, and success so far.


After years of taking a bad wrap for encouraging stationary, couch-potato lifestyles, video game giant Nintendo introduces video games that support weight loss and healthy living. The My Weight Loss Coach for Nintendo DS is a digital weight loss manager or fitness coach. My tracking all of your fitness and nutritional efforts, you'll be able to see how far you've come, and what you still have to do to meet goal. It's ideal for someone constantly on the go- as it conveniently slips inside a purse or backpack. That way, you're always able to log what you've done that day. The one time investment of $39.99 isn't terrible- considering most weight loss equipment far exceeds that.

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Ellen Iwer


I use it to help me keep track of everything else I am doing to try to lose weight. I just don't like that it encourages me to eat more than 2000 cals a day to keep up with my energy output... it doesn't understand I am trying to LOSE weight here! LOL

posted Jun 18th, 2009 9:53 am



I love this game. It is a great reminder. I have noticed that I am cooking healthier meals, taking my dog for longer walks. Using my Treadmill and Trampoline more than I was, I also love the minute challenges where I do jumping jacks or sit up's, It reminds me to drink water. And keeping track of my exercize has always been a problem but using the Pedometer and logging my time on this game has been fun! Progress... With this and the Wii Fit I can see myself getting in shape.

posted Nov 1st, 2008 7:31 pm



I love this. I have had it for a week and it has made me get my steps in everyday. I love the motivation and I do not agree with the lack of diatary guidence. I think that it has a bunch of great diet tips-like looking up new recipes, cooking with new ingredients and trying to make healthy soups with beans, grains and vegies. For the price, this is a great little motivator.

posted Oct 30th, 2008 4:00 pm


if you combine this with cooking guide and common sence you can see results :) i love both of the "games"

posted Jul 31st, 2008 1:01 pm


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