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The safer alternative to now banned Ephedrine.

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Nuephedra, also known as Nuphedrine, is a supplement designed to speed weight loss by suppressing appetite. It is the safer alternative to the now banned Ephedra and Ephedrine. Nuephedra, which has not been approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, contains the herb, Hoodia, which comes from a South African plant that has been used for hundreds of years to suppress appetite and thirst. Nuephedra claims to be the only form of Hoodia that has been clinically tested in America. The supplement also contains Slimaluma which is a trademarked ingredient that is supposed to help you not overeat. Nuephedra also contains another trademarked ingredient called Advantra-Z which is supposed to speed up metabolism by burning 500 or more calories each day. Advantra-Z contains the active ingredient "Synephrine," which is part of the ephedrine family.

The supplement does not contain any chemical caffeine, ephedrine or taurine which is a stimulant found in many energy drinks currently on the market.

One study cited on the product's website proved that the median weight loss over 28 days was 10 pounds, with an average decrease in body fat of 3.3% by taking Nuephedra. No side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, jitteriness, or change in sleep habits were reported during this single study over a 28-day period.

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  • Lose weight by taking a few pills sounds like a dream
  • Nuephedra is guaranteed to contain 100% Certified Organic South African Hoodia
  • Does not contain [Ephedrine](https://www.dietsinreview.com/diets/Ephedrine_P57 /"Ephedrine"
  • No side effects
  • Contains Advantra-Z
  • Not federally tested and no FDA approval
  • There is no scientific or medical evidence that demonstrates the effectiveness of this product
  • Introducing unregulated and synthesized products into your system may have many unknown negative side effects
Diet and NutritionDiet and Nutrition

Nuephedra is supposed to suppress appetite and prevent eating too much. You take two capsules each day: one capsule one hour before lunch and the second, one hour before dinner. There are no other dietary regulations to follow while taking the Nuephedra supplement.


You are not required to exercise as part of taking the Nuephedra supplements.


Like any unregulated dietary supplement, Nuephedra comes with its risks and uncertainties. It's very possible that your appetite will be suppressed and you'll lose weight quickly by taking this product, but given the unknown side effects and other potentially harmful effects, could possibly be a gamble. Definitely consult your doctor before beginning a diet pill regimen like Nuephedra.

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Michelle W.


I wonder if these posts are real.... anyway... Bought on ebay, took for a couple days and made me get a sweet tooth... yea... doesnt work... really expensive.

posted Mar 29th, 2009 5:48 am


Total waste of money, bought 3 months supply, been on it 30 days and i think I gained weight. felt hungrier! save your money, I wish I would Have...

posted Aug 26th, 2008 9:26 pm


It works as long as you incorporate some type of exercise at least 3 or 4 times a weeking. Even walking for like 30 minutes. When I took it and didn't exercise, it didn't really work as well.


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