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Customized personal training sessions delivered on a DVD.

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Update: PUSH.TV is no longer available. 12/2009

PUSH.tv is one of the latest innovations to come along that shines the spotlight on how the digital age is truly influencing everything we do. Even the way we get in shape.

Capitalizing on the fact that many workout DVDs fail because of their one-size-fits-all approach, PUSH offers a customized personal trainer program that you use in the privacy of your own home. Each month, PUSH.tv customizes a new personal training DVD just for you that works progressively to produce noticeable results.

First, the PUSH experts learn about your individual needs and then they customize your workouts. Your monthly routine is based on equipment that you have available to you. You are also able to customize your own workout to focus on areas of your body you want to target such as your legs or your abdominals. You also get to select from a number of cardiovascular programs, workout intensity, type of music and personal trainer. Each PUSH.tv workout plan contains a strength, cardio and flexibility component.

You are encouraged to get your own set of dumbbells, resistance ball and STEP since many of the workouts routinely use these pieces of equipment.

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  • Workouts are progressive
  • Access to a nutritionist
  • Affordable
  • Customized approach to fitness will increase motivation
  • Workout routine changes monthly
  • PUSH trainers are experts in the field of fitness
  • Bob Harper of Biggest Loser is one of PUSH.TV's trainers
  • May need to buy additional equipment
  • Does not provide diet guidance

Even though PUSH recognizes that diet is a significant part of a wellness plan, they do not currently have a diet plan with their program. The trainers adopt a common sense and practical approach to nutrition without the reliance on fad diet-products or trendy diets. But if you have diet-related questions, as a PUSH member, you can ask your questions online to the PUSH nutritionist.

The PUSH website includes downloadable nutrition tools that you complete:

  • Weekly shopping guides
  • Weekly meal planners
  • Food journal

Additionally, PUSH.tv provides resources like nutrition tips and survival guides for how to deal with food-filled social events.


Exercise is the basis of the PUSH.tv program. Every month, your DVD will include 130 minutes that are customized to your selections. You will get:

  • Two 40-minute progressive PUSH personal training sessions (you can also choose a 30 minute option)
  • One 30-minute cutting-edge PUSHcardio session
  • One 10-minute Area of Focus mini-session
  • One, 10-minute Bonus footage session

You are encouraged to do your first training session three times a week for the first two weeks of the month and then do the second training session three times a week for the second two weeks of the month. You are supposed to train on alternate days such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In addition to the personal training sessions, PUSH recommends a minimum of 100 minutes of cardio per week. You can accomplish this by doing the PUSH cardio sessions several times per week or by supplementing it anyway you choose.


If you're someone who requires versatility in their workout routine and wants the customized attention of having a personal trainer without having to dip deeply into your wallet for personal training sessions, PUSH.tv might be just the program for you. With this customized workout plan you'll receive a complete workout program delivered to your door every month.

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