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PermaSlim Hoodia

PermaSlim Hoodia

All natural hoodia for weight loss without side effects.

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Imagine taking just two pills every morning and shedding pounds with no effort. Now, imagine doing just that and experiencing absolutely no side effects. PermaSlim Hoodia, a new appetite suppressant, claims just that. PermaSlim utilizes a complex found in an African cactus called Hoodia Gordoni that has been proven to suppress appetite all day with no side effects. According to customer testimonials, you could potentially lose 5-30 pounds in your first month.

Hoodia Gordoni is a bitter and seemingly ugly cactus that grows exclusively in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa. Its taste closely resembles a bitter-sweet cucumber. This "wonder-cactus" has been used by local African Bushmen to stave off hunger for thousands of years. For the past 30 years, the South African National Laboratory has been researching the plant to isolate and extract the compound that suppresses hunger. After scientists perfected the extraction process, the chemical was licensed to a British pharmaceutical company called Phytopharm.

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  • PermaSlim utilizes minimal artificial compounds
  • PermaSlim induces no side effects, such as dizziness, queasy stomach, and increased heart rate
  • PermaSlim seems to be getting amazing results
  • According to customer testimonials, taking PermaSlim is fast, easy, and effective
  • Certified Hoodia Gordoni
  • PermaSlim has not been FDA approved
  • No tests have yet determined if PermaSlim is safe
  • If used incorrectly, PermaSlim could lead to malnutrition
  • PermaSlim does not endorse coupling diet and exercise with the product
  • Does not promote diet or exercise

The Hoodia Gordoni cactus of South Africa has been used for thousands of years as a fast and easy source of nourishment by the African Bushman tribe. The popular cactus is still eaten today and is considered a delicacy in some parts of Africa. At this time, PermaSlim does not provide any dietary instruction outside of taking this pill.


PermaSlim does not endorse any form of exercise. According to customer testimonials, you can shed the pounds without diet and exercise.


PermaSlim Hoodia is a great tool for shedding pounds quickly and easily. When used correctly, PermaSlim could give you the leading edge you've been waiting for. In the last year, PermaSlim has been catching the public's eye and this just might be the next big thing to happen to weight loss.

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i've seen rave reviews for permaslim, but its hard to tell what's real. has anyone used this?


I wouldn't say that permaslim ignites special fat burning or anything, but it will help reduce your appetite so you eat less and lose some weight


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