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Prevention's Firm Up in 3 Weeks

Prevention's Firm Up in 3 Weeks

A healthier, more toned body in 21 days.

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Prevention Magazine's Firm Up in 3 Weeks book helps you lose weight by using new fitness research to reshape the way you approach exercise. The program guarantees and an overall more toned body in 21 days.

Firm Up in 3 Weeks emphasizes the importance of exercise including the mental and physical benefits of increased energy and improved self-esteem. Equipped with a meal plan, recipes and a shopping list, it is a well-rounded program to make those changes in your lifestyle that will also help you lose weight.

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  • Flexible in its approach to eating
  • Commitment of three weeks is not too lengthy
  • Firm Up in 3 Weeks includes a lifestyle approach to maintaining a healthy weight
  • Many of the meal plans and recipes contain nuts
  • May be difficult to maintain for more than 3 weeks
  • Exercise commitment of one-hour each day may seem too extreme for some

Firm Up in 3 Weeks includes a shopping list and meal plans so it takes a lot of the preparation and decisions over what to eat from your hands and supplies it to you in an accessible way. In addition to three balanced meals, you can eat two healthy and one indulgent snack each day. Healthy snacks and portion sizes are listed for you in the book. Recipes, which can be prepared fairly easily, are also given.


The exercise component of the Firm Up in 3 Weeks includes cardiovascular activity, resistance training and flexibility. The program requires that you exercise one hour each day according to the workout guidelines the book delineates for you. There are three levels to the exercise program that become more challenging as you progress through the three weeks. Exercises are also reprinted on pages so that you don't have to thumb back to previous pages in the book. Walking is a main staple of your daily exercise plan as well as flexibility and strength training exercises, which are also given.


Considering that Prevention magazine is a well-respected and well-researched wellness and health magazine, Firm Up in 3 Weeks is a program that is based on common sense and sound dietary and exercise information. From its meal plans to its exercise requirement, it is a very disciplined approach to lose weight and feel better about yourself but since it is only a 3-week program, the extra work it demands of you is only short-lived and hopefully, rewarding too. The intention behind the program is that once you are done with the three-week program, its reliance on daily exercise and sound nutrition will become an integral and prioritized part of your lifestyle.

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While I find it tough to maintain the exercise regimen after the three-week program..I always look to this book when feeling out of shape and out of touch with my diet. The results are real and I know that if I dedicate myself for those three weeks I will feel great again.

posted Oct 7th, 2008 7:39 pm


prevention is a great magazine and they constantly produce great exercise videos, etc. this 3 week firm up is no different. they layout everything for you down to the meal plan


3 weeks isn't that long and I think by the time you're done, you will have created a habit and keep up the exercise and healthy eating


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