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A high fiber diet supplement that reduces body fat.

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Proactol is a dietary supplement that is produced in the UK and is intended to help you lose weight by reducing the amount of dietary fat that is absorbed in your body. The supplement contains fiber that comes from a specific kind of cactus plant. You consume a set number of capsules after you eat a meal. The fiber Proactol binds with up to 28% of the dietary fat you consumed, forming a fluid gel around the fat, which you eventually pass because it is too large to be absorbed in the intestine.

Proactol is also supposed to reduce food cravings by evening out the highs and lows in blood glucose levels.

The product does not have any known side effects, but like with any dietary product that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, exercise caution and speak with your doctor before taking Proactol.

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  • No side effects have been cited on the manufacturer’s website
  • Taking Proactol may help you to lose weight.
  • May help someone jump-start a weight-loss program
  • High fiber content
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Not approved by the FDA
  • Just because it is natural does not mean it is safe
  • No scientific or controlled research studies suggest that Proactol is an effective way to lose weight
  • May need to supplement with a multivitamin that contains fat-soluble vitamins like A and E
  • Must keep taking Proactol in order to maintain goal weight
  • No education on behavior modification is given as part of a long-term healthy lifestyle plan

There are no specific food and exercise guidelines to follow while taking Proactol. Ideally, you should be able to eat a well-balanced diet and still lose weight as some of the dietary fat is passed through your system. By purchasing four or more bottles of Proactol you automatically receive a one- year's free subscription to Home-WeightLoss.com which includes a recipe database of low-fat dishes, a fitness plan, exercise videos and other tips on losing weight.

Even though there are no food or exercise requirements, studies have shown that successful weight loss comes from a combined approach of eating a low-calorie diet and exercising on most days of the week.


Depending upon your weight loss goals, the recommended dosage of Proactol varies. If you want to lose weight, consume 2-3 capsules after each meal and 3-4 pills after a high-fat meal. You can follow this routine for 6 months or until your goal weight is reached. To maintain target weight, consume 1-2 capsules after each meal and 3 after a high-fat meal.


Common sense urges us to be cautious of a product that claims to take off weight by simply popping a few pills. Moreover, any successful weight loss story includes a healthy eating plan and consistent exercise as part of its equation to achieving immediate and long-term success. Even though this product has been endorsed by Dr. Adam Carey from ITV's Celebrity Fit Club, it is still necessary to discuss Proactol with your medical doctor if you are thinking about taking it especially since the binding properties of the supplement inhibits the absorption of any medication or vitamins you are taking.

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RUN AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT WHY YOU CAN BECAUSE THIS PRODUCT does nothing beside help you gain weight. This is the worst diet pill that I have ever tried. I ordered 2 months supply and I did not lose 1 pound. Instead, I gained 15 pounds because the pill said that you can eat. Proactol would not refund my money because I did not order 4 months supply in my first order. How can I be dumb enough to order 4 months supply when the first 2 months supply did not work. BE WARE OF THIS PROACTOL PRODUCT.
OCTOBER 15, 2008.

posted Oct 15th, 2008 5:28 pm


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