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Your cell phone is your weight loss coach.

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For a nation on the go and constantly seeking convenience as a solution for most problems, it's no wonder dieting and weight loss become forgotten tasks. What if that cell phone you keep firmly attached to your hip could help reduce the size of those hips? Sensei, a new diet program, is suggesting it can do just that. Like many diets with online memberships that offer impressive features and a place your diet can call home, Sensei sends all of this information directly to your cell phone. Grocery lists, customized meal plans and exercise guidance- it all shows up on that tiny screen that you couldn't run your life without.

Using new Social Cognitive Theory technology, and your wireless phone plan, Sensei can connect to you unlike any diet you've tried in the past. As soon as sign up is complete, a text message is sent to your phone to begin download. If you're not comfortable using Sensei on your phone, the entire program is available from your computer.

Each day, you can open your account to find a full listing of all the meals and exercise waiting for you. Outline of each meal is displayed, and you can select each one to open a recipe.

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  • Ideal for picky eaters, Sensei filters out foods that you do not want to eat
  • Updates sent directly to your cell phone or PDA
  • Also works from your PC
  • Provides meal plans and recipes
  • Personalized exercise program
  • Connect with other Sensei users on the discussion boards
  • Only available to Sprint and AT&T customers
  • Only available to very limited phone models
  • Limited choices of exercise activities

Sensei has three meal plans to choose from, each varying from the other so that you can choose a direction you're most comfortable with.

  • The Sensei Senseible is a carb-lover meal plan. The plan is designed to resemble the Food Guide Pyramid and eat a lot of whole grain, fruit and vegetables, some learn protein and reduce intake of fat and sugar.
  • Sensei Healthy Carb Plan is similar to a low-carb diet. You'll enjoy a diet rich in protein with fish, chicken, lean meat and low-fat dairy. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are still included in the diet, just in smaller regulated amounts.

Sensei Mediterranean Plan is full of fresh food and flavor. Fish will be your primary protein source, while enjoying a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and legumes, as well as olive oil.

Once you've chosen your plan, Sensei lets you select the foods that you will not eat. Sensei "promises" they won't make you eat anything you don't like.

You can also schedule the times each day that you eat each meal and where you prepare or purchase that meal. This way, updates are sent to you just in time to curtail any spontaneous eating behavior.


Customize a workout plan and have Sensei send the schedule directly to your cell phone. It's recommended you begin by working out three days each week for no less than 20 minutes. You're encouraged to do more, without over exerting yourself.

The custom exercise menu allows you to choose the day of the week, type of activity (i.e. bicycling, jogging, swimming or strength training) and duration of each. Sensei displays the amount of calories/hour that you'll burn with each activity- this burn rate is based on your weight that you submit during sign up.


That next text message might just be a delicious and healthy recommendation for lunch. It could also be just what you've been looking for to kick off your weight loss goals. Sensei is a fully customized, affordable weight loss program that's as easy as calling your voicemail.

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Bob Schwarzberg, MD, FACC

Cool Gril,

I realize that we've already responded to your comment that you've posted on a few other sites but I felt we should answer your concerns here as well.

I'm not sure if you actually used it this feature because if you had you would realize that the ‚??budget friendly‚?Ě feature does not tell you where to shop or what brands to buy. In fact you tell our program where you prefer eating and what you like to eat and then the budget friendly feature generates and optimizes your plan to take advantage of cost conscious ingredients, shopping tips and even provides access to circulars from your grocers that you pick. We do not have any ‚??deals with‚?? stores - in fact we allow you to shop wherever you want and buy whatever brands you prefer.

The bigger issue is that weight loss is very challenging and it's a public health crisis. There are many approaches to the kind of changes people need to make in their lives when trying to lose weight and keep it off.

And different approaches appeal to different people. Our approach reflects the expertise of dietitians, behavioral psychologists and physicians. At a high level we are promoting small changes in diet, behavior and activity which are more easily accomplished. For most it is important to have a plan and use it to help make better choices meal to meal, day to day until it becomes their new routine. The process in place for our enrollment defines personal profiles of our subscribers that allows the system to create a personalized weight loss program. Personalized expert guidance based on subscribers preferences, lifestyle and needs We are engaged with our subscribers on their mobile phones and desktops in order to be seamlessly integrated into their day. Most people can benefit by learning and integrating into their daily diet- nutritious and appealing foods and meals, how much and how often to eat. It‚??s important to eat regularly and learn about healthy foods and meals that people may not realize can be part of a healthy meal plan.

The food preference page you referred to is used as it says to try and help avoid foods you don‚??t like. The corollary is the foods not checked here are foods you might like and we try and provide nutritious and delicious choices for you to enjoy. Diet shouldn‚??t be about deprivation. The decisions made by the system are based on the best information and data available. Some of the meals, i.e. fast food or frozen preparations which as you know are part of the profile we include, may have foods in them that were to be excluded based on the food preference selection. Sometimes we don‚??t have a complete list of all the secondary foods that might be included in some products, and sometimes someone might exclude a lot of foods and the combination of that and their preparation choices and calories might define a profile where we need to create more meals. So it is possible for a food selected here to be included in a meal plan. We have created thousands of meals to accommodate the different diet plans (Mediterranean, balanced and healthy carb), the 5 meal preps (quick, frozen, fast food, cook at home, go out) and the myriad of combinations created by the different food preferences and exclusions. In fact there are alerts setup in the system for us when a combination of things is defined by a user that needs more meals created. We are continually adding meals and features to the system to enhance the experience and success of our subscribers. One example is the budget friendly feature you noted in an earlier comment. We successfully refined the content and logic of the system to provide subscribers with more cost conscious meal planning which helps reduce grocery bills by as much as 30% (~$100) of what the average American spends and almost doubles the nutritional value of their meals (based on USDA data).

I am sorry you were disappointed with your experience. We continue to monitor discussions like this one to learn about peoples experiences and to integrate that learning into future releases of the program. I wish you success in finding a program that you enjoy.

Bob Schwarzberg, MD, FACC

CEO of Sensei

posted Feb 3rd, 2009 4:57 pm

Eating Jina

I thought it is great until I used it.
I marked that I don't eat eggs, but I had eggs for breakfast on Monday and Wednesday.
It is also boring and dull.
I wouldn't recomend it, and I don't think others will like it or find it useful

posted Jan 29th, 2009 11:59 am

Cool Gril


I tried this website 7 days trial,IT DOESN‚??T WORK, and the phone is too complicated to use.
There is no chance I‚??m paying these folks $12 a month for nothing.

BTW: their so called ‚??budget friendly‚?Ě plan IS A SCAM that makes you buy foods for stores they had made a deal with, so they are making more money while YOU will LOOSE MONEY.

posted Jan 29th, 2009 9:04 am


Thanks for the great review! We appreciate you taking the time to write about us! - The Sensei Team

gail w

the sensei plan sounds amazing! i love the thought of receiving a reminder before i make a bad choice, and I don't have to log in, it comes right to my phone


I can't find any links to people that have had success with this, but i like the concept


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