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Sleep Away

Sleep Away

Find weight loss in your sleep.

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If you thought losing weight was only a dream, then wake up to Sleep Away. Recent studies have found correlations between the amount of sleep an individual gets and their propensity to be obese. The less sleep you're getting, the more likely it is you're carrying an unhealthy weight. However, those making time to get more sleep are less likely to be obese.

With the help of Sleep Away, you'll boost your metabolism while you're dreaming, which typically slows during sleep. You'll feel refreshed when you wake, thanks to a better sleep, increased energy and for most, noticeable results in less than 14 days.

When depriving your body of much-needed sleep, it can actually interfere with the hormones that control appetite. Of course eating a healthy diet and maintaining regular exercise will be key to keeping off weight. Just don't feel bad when you hit the snooze button or catch a few extra hours of sleep. It's doing your body good.

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  • Start losing weight by getting the proper amount of sleep
  • Extensive research available connecting sleep deprivation to obesity
  • Seven to nine hours sleep nightly is recommended
  • Very little information is given other than getting enough sleep
  • No diet or exercise information is outlined
  • Summaries could be misleading consumers into thinking all they need to do to lose weight is sleep more

Summaries and descriptions of this book offer no diet or nutrition insight. The basic premise of the book is that if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you are probably gaining weight or already overweight. The author showcases the importance of getting enough sleep to keep your metabolism healthy and keep your weight in check.


No exercise regimen is mentioned in any of the descriptions of the book.


Sleep Away is an all-natural product which you can purchase online. It even comes with a 10-day free trial. It should be noted that Sleep Away is not approved by the FDA and does not come with any guaranteed results.

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SleepAway, Sleep Away Deit

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  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Sleep Away
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how much is the product

posted May 20th, 2011 11:28 am


Yap, RIGTH! I gain wait from the air! Now I CAN GO TO SLEEP AND NEVER WAKE UP!??? Whatever!!!!!!!


Just sleep the weight off? Sounds too good to be true to me!


Actually getting enough sleep is essential to losing weight. You need to keep energy levels up


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