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Tea for Type 2

Tea for Type 2

Is it possible to manage your diabetes with an herbal tea?

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Type 2 Diabetes has reached epidemic levels in this country. Some diabetics opt to take a variety of medications to control their insulin levels while others resort to more holistic remedies for controlling their chronic condition. One such product known as Tea for Type 2, or Milagro de La Selva, is an herbal supplement that is supposed to give those with Type 2 diabetes relief with their condition.

Tea for Type 2 is a blend of two plants that come from the Guatemalan rain forest. The tea contains two herbs, Smilax Dominigensis and Tecoma Stans, both of which have been used for 2,000 years by shamans and the Mayan civilization to treat a variety of conditions.

In a study conducted by The National University of Costa Rica, researchers concluded that Tea for Type 2 works by reducing the absorption of glycogen at the intestinal level and may participate in the destruction of free radicals, floating molecules that play a part in the development of certain diseases and cancers.

Those who use drink this tea are supposed to have an improvement of their diabetic conditions within 48 hours.

The tea claims to be a more effective product in comparison to other alternative treatments for diabetes control because it acts on the level of the liver. It is intended to detoxify the liver thereby improving the sugar administration, and reducing insulin resistance, a vital component of any diabetes management program. Tea for Type 2 will also reduce cholesterol levels, improve circulation helping to avoid associated cardiovascular problems

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  • Tea for Type 2 may help to improve the symptoms associated with diabetes
  • Researched by medical professionals and researchers
  • Includes sound nutrition and exercise information
  • Product is no longer available (1/2009)
  • Tea for Type 2 may contain side effects and other harmful drug interactions
  • Not approved by the FDA
  • Key ingredients are not included in any western diabetic medications
  • Natural isn't necessarily safe

Tea for Type 2 has a clove-tasting flavor. It should be consumed three times a day in 8-ounce increments preferably before meals. The tea must be brewed overnight before it is ready to be consumed. The leaves are then strained and the remaining liquid should be refrigerated. You can then drink it cold or at room temperature, similar to how you would drink water. Sugar or other sweeteners should not be added.

When starting on Tea for Type 2 continue taking your present medication until the tea starts to lower your glucose levels. As your glucose levels lower, with your doctor's consent, reduce the dosage of your medication until no medicine is required.

You are encouraged to drink the tea for six months in order to receive its full benefits.


Similar to other programs that seek to manage diabetes, while taking Tea for Type 2 you should also follow a diabetic-friendly diet that consists of avoiding sugars, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and proteins and exercising every day.

The manufacturers of this product suggest that you consume an organically-grown or raised diet and drink purified water that does not contain chlorine. They also warn that taking any medications that only treat the symptoms should be avoided as they will only add to toxic overload.


Diabetes is undeniably a mounting health problem in the United States and other industrialized countries where a sedentary lifestyle and the accessibility of high fat and high sugar foods are present. These factors have in part contributed to the growing number of people with Type 2 Diabetes.

Even though the western medical world has created scores of drugs that help to control insulin levels, others rely on natural herbs to control insulin production and kidney and liver function. Milagro de La Selva, or Tea for Type 2, is one such herbal supplement.

Medical professionals and research institutes have studied the tea in Central America but it has not yet undergone any investigation by Western doctors or medical institutions. If you are considering taking this supplement, talk to your doctor before ordering it since none of its claims can be substantiated or supported yet by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. Only you and your doctor can determine the appropriate treatment plan to manage your diabetes.

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wonderful article, i guess you dont sell it but i will look for it and order some soon.

posted Oct 29th, 2013 9:24 pm



do you sel it as bulk

posted Jun 12th, 2012 6:18 am



Your site is very interesting.My doctor told me that I am still pre-diabetic and need to be careful to avoid it. What tea,herbs and vitamins do you recommend. I'll buy them when I receive from you. Thank you

posted Nov 20th, 2008 3:18 pm


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