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An all natural weight loss tea system.

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Teavalize is a 60-day natural tea system in which you drink a certain tea throughout the day. Stemming from recent research which lauds the health benefits of including tea as a staple part of your diet, Teavalize includes drinking two different types of teas as a way to stay healthy and stay trim.

Tea contains polyphenols and antioxidants which help to decrease the amount of free radicals that attack our bodies every day. Free radicals are thought to be a cause of disease and aging. Eating foods and drinks that are high in antioxidants, like Teavalize, won't necessarily cure aging or disease, but it has been thought making these a part of your daily diet is a good defense against illness and aging.

The 60-day Teavalize system also comes with diet and exercise information as well as a tea infuser. There are no guarantees that you will lose weight while drinking Teavalize teas, but tea does have supposed fat-burning properties.

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  • Tea is loaded with antioxidants
  • Teavalize may help to improve your overall health
  • Order comes with free tea infuser
  • Provides generous information about eating healthy
  • Promotes AHA exercise guidelines
  • Teavalize teas contain caffeine and may bring on caffeine-induced side effects if consumed in excess
  • Its supposed fat-burning effects may not be enough to result in weight loss
  • May be expensive for some
  • Read the fine print for auto-enrollment program

Teavalize Oolong Boost tea contains 100% loose leaf oolong tea. Teavalize Pu'er Essential tea contains 100% Pu'er loose leaf tea.


You are instructed to drink the Teavalize teas three times throughout the day.

In the morning, you'll consume the Teavalize Oolong Boost to help get your day going and after each meal; you'll drink the Teavalize Pu'er Essential tea which has supposed fat-eating capabilities in the afternoon. Oolong has supposed fat burning properties.

Each of the two types of teas come in small packets that you open and pour into your tea infuser, which is included with your order. Add some hot water and wait until it cools down to a comfortable, drinkable temperature and enjoy.


There are no specific dietary or exercise requirements while drinking Teavalize, but the website does contain a significant amount of information and helpful hints on choosing the healthiest foods, ways to cut calories and a meal of the week.

The manufacturers of Teavalize promote the exercise guidelines put forth by the American Heart Association which suggests to exercise 30 minutes a day, on most days of the week. The Teavalize website also contains tips for body improvement, pre-workout snack ideas and a BMI calculator.


There is no disputing that tea has powerful health benefits. From its antioxidant capacity to its ability to energize without the jittery feelings of a coffee rush, tea has numerous advantages.

The Teavalize 60-day system is a convenient and efficient way to drink tea, but it can also be more expensive than drinking store-bought teas. You have to wonder whether buying your own oolong and pu'er loose leaf teas is a more economical way to reaping the benefits of tea.

It is encouraged that you consult with your doctor before consuming this product.

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Im not goinig to drink the tea twice a day so it will take me a few months to finish.

I changed my account settings on the site
so it wont send me tea for another 4 months.


posted Jan 18th, 2009 11:56 pm



The two main teas they send you have caffine in it.

Im caffine sensitive, and had to exchange it for the ones with no caffine. which was a hassle

so if you cant have caffine either dont order it or make sure you order the non caffinated herbal one.

posted Jan 18th, 2009 5:20 am



My new years resolution was to get into good shape

I have started to work out every day and im am eating better.

I also want to get more anti oxidants. I heard that by drinking green teas, along with eating lots of green leafy vegetables could help me get in shape.

Happy New Years

posted Jan 17th, 2009 4:29 am

Jessica BH

Just wanted to write what a neat experience I had with Teavalize.

I just got my haircut today at my salon on Beverly Dr. and they were serving Teavalize teas with little individual tea pots. The teas were so neat and better quality than I've ever seen. I wanted to buy some right there!

posted Jan 17th, 2009 3:59 am



Hi Everybody,

Ive tired differnt types of grean tea, including teavvalize and what i can tell you is that many of them make you feel great.

Teas have many different qualites from low grade the kind in the tea bag. to high grade types like teavalize

posted Jan 17th, 2009 1:06 am



NOTE to customers:

It looks like reviewers "Robert" and "Lauren" work for Teavalize. This company is so sketchy.

posted Jan 17th, 2009 12:47 am



Teavalize is super shady, but luckily I canceled my credit card and got a new one before they could charge me for anything else. I guess we're one up in this one. I got all that tea for like 4 bucks or whatever. Unfortunately, I don't really like the way it tastes. Also, the Mug/strainer thing does leak.

posted Jan 17th, 2009 12:43 am

Alan Carson

Just Finished my first week.

So far so good.

i do have more energy!

posted Jan 16th, 2009 7:59 pm


I just ordered Teavalize.

I called the Toll Free Number (866)-343-0375 was simple and easy.

I am looking forward to trying it.

posted Jan 16th, 2009 2:06 pm


I am drinking Teavalize not to lose weight but because its heathy and I love the way it makes me feel.

I get teas delivered every 12 weeks- was simple to update when I wanted it and how much tea in my online login they gave me when I signed up.

Def. worth a try especially if you want to start adding healthy things to your daily routine and WAY better than all the sugary filled drinking out there.

posted Jan 16th, 2009 5:23 am


I am drinking Teavalize not to lose weight but because its heathy and I love the way it makes me feel.

I get teas delivered every 12 weeks- was simple to update when I wanted it and how much tea in my online login they gave me when I signed up.

Def. worth a try especially if you want to start adding healthy things to your daily routine and WAY better than all the sugary filled drinking out there.

posted Jan 16th, 2009 4:23 am


i tried it it was ok but not really my kind of thing and i returned it for a refund. They refunded me right away and their support was helpfull.

posted Jan 16th, 2009 2:47 am


I did the free trial.

Overall it was ok .

I liked the tea infuserâ??and one of they teas, The oolong

The puer tea was not for me it Is a darker tea,
I like the tea with whole leaves.

I sent the tea back and

requested a refund from them thought the online form of their website and they

processed my my refund when they got the tea back, so although not a longtime customer

overall I thought the customer service was decent.

posted Jan 15th, 2009 11:57 pm



I LOVE Teavalize! The quality is amazing, I don't eat at much now and I know I am doing something healthy for myself.

Oh the infuser is genius!

posted Jan 15th, 2009 11:15 pm



Teavalize is amazing! I drink their teas everyday (especially like the Oolong tea) and the quality is better than most other teas out there (unless you can find a tea shop selling loose leaf tea)

Also you can customize your account online in your own login to get them delivered whenever you want. Simple to use! Def. worth a try and if you don't like it you can send it back. I already have 3 of my friends hooked on it now!

posted Jan 15th, 2009 11:11 pm



I've been using Teavalize for a while now and I love it!

Its so simple to use and you can easily change your online settings to get it delivered when you want. I get the oolong tea and flavored teas! They are amazing!

posted Jan 15th, 2009 11:04 pm

evelyn mulvey


I returned the tea and everything sealed and still recieved a charge on my credit card> I am so worried and have already talked to the bank but the charge has to actually process before they can help me claim the refund...I wish all scammers would be arrested..............

posted Jan 13th, 2009 10:39 pm

John Turner


SCAM. BEWARE. I had to cancel my credit card to stop them from from excessive charges.A NIGHTMARE OF AN ORDEAL

posted Jan 13th, 2009 11:35 am



I never even recieved the product nor did I authorize this transaction I want my money back I have been charged 3 times already for something I never saw or heard of or recieved

posted Jan 12th, 2009 1:33 pm



This is a scam, not in as much that Teavalize plays the expensive auto-billing game as when you DO wish to discontinue receiving the product and have them STOP billing your credit card they WON'T! They have no phone number to actually speak with a representative and hide behind the ridiculous claim that once you begin this crazy program, you cannot terminate it. They only respond to emails with an automated email aknowledging receipt of your email and state that their support people will answer you with 48 hours, for me and after four repetitive emails sent to them, that was 11 days ago and counting.... Yesterday my bank informed me that there was another $80 + taken from my debit card/checking account. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED!!! Is there a way that the person who runs this site could forward all theses complaints to the appropriate federal agaencies? ---Please HELP!

posted Jan 10th, 2009 10:29 am


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