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The Food Doctor

The Food Doctor

The British health plan is cemented in sound scientific ideas.

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Across the pond, there is one weight loss plan making big waves - it's The Food Doctor. Food Doctor was founded in Britain by Dr. Ian Marber, a highly recognized leader in nutrition, nearly 10 years ago. This program has yielded success for many through personalized plans created by one-on-one meetings with nutritionists and the support of the library of Food Doctor books. Food Doctor has been the saving grace for those who've already tried everything else. It stresses the key part food and good eating decisions and exercise play in your living a better life.

Food Doctor was originally founded in a clinic that still operates today from its one location in Holland Park, London. For almost a decade, Dr. Marber has lead a team of nutrition professionals who meet with clients to help identify specific concerns that could be affecting the way they lose weight. The Food Doctor Clinic sees patients regarding a wide variety of health issues not solely related to weight loss. Their specialties cover skin health, eating disorders, cardiovascular health, digestion, allergies, family planning, and so much more.

It's this firm medically-based foundation that has made The Food Doctor diet a trusted weight loss program. While most of us can't make it to the clinic personally, Dr. Marber has made it possible to follow his program in print, through eight different titles.

In the original book, The Food Doctor Diet, he recommends beginning with a seven-day jumpstart to grow comfortable with eating healthier. The book then outlines 10 easy guidelines for making healthier, smarter choices, a user-friendly eating plan and menus that promote flavorful, healthy meals.

This book was followed by the Everyday Diet Book, which guides you to a more balanced way of eating no matter what your lifestyle is. Dr. Marber lays out a plan that is safe and effective for the men, women, married, busy and everyone in between.

Other titles in Dr. Marber's library include:

The Food Doctor website is a thorough resource for all things related, including branded foods, in-depth testimonials, books and overviews of common health problems.

While The Food Doctor food products and books are available for purchase directly from the site, the payment is made in English Pounds. In Britain, the food items are available in some stores, however not in the U.S. If you are in the U.S. and interested in finding weight loss success via The Food Doctor program, many popular book sites have the books available for purchase.

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  • It's a well-rounded plan that is backed by solid science.
  • None to speak of

The online program gives fitness instruction and illustrations.


The Food Doctor is a medically-based sound program in Britain. But it's largely unknown in the U.S. There's no reason for anyone across the globe to not consider this plan as much as any in their home country. But people may still feel more comfortable with something closer to them.

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so the Food Doctor is available in the US? I love the bars and seeds that you can get in the UK

posted Apr 4th, 2008 8:30 am

patty d

I wish there was more US exposure for the food doctor diet...I haven't heard much about it


I'd be inclined to trust a plan that's been around for over 10 years...I wonderf if there's consideration to bring a clinic to the US


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