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The Insulin Resistance Diet

The Insulin Resistance Diet Review (UPDATED 2024): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

Learn to pair carbohydrates with proteins and fats to balance your glucose levels.

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What is it?

The Insulin Resistance Diet is weight loss diet claiming to offer results for those who suffer from insulin resistance. This increase in insulin can promote fat gain, and it’s said this diet is for those who have tried other diets but have failed.

Typically other similar type diets will require one to stop eating certain foods, but this one allows for the occasional eating of sugar and bread. It also emphasizes eating more protein and having balanced levels of carbohydrates. Our experts have rated and ranked many diet plans and they’ve found the best solution for weight loss is the 18Shake Diet. This offers a meal replacement shake for appetite suppression and a diet pill for fat burning. Both have natural ingredients free of stimulants and they combine to help provide potent weight loss. Discover more about the 18Shake Diet when you click the link provided here.

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The Insulin ResistanceDiet Ingredients and Side Effects

The information about this diet is available in the official book. It offers meal planning tips, recipes, and strategies for eating at home and outside the home.

There are also tests one can use to determine their own level of insulin resistance. As far as what foods to eat it emphasizes having a low fat diet, eating every 2 to 3 hours with protein heavy meals and moderate carbohydrates. Combining these two macronutrients is essential as it can help stabilize blood sugar easier than just protein alone.

Insulin resistance is described by healthline.com as a process in which:

“Instead of being absorbed by cells, glucose builds up in your blood”

“When the cells are insulin resistant, your pancreas is pressured to produce more of the insulin hormone”

This can then lead to increasing risks for diabetes. Live Strong.com also adds:

“Most people who have insulin resistance do not know they have it”

Many other similar diets claim to help stop this problem. It’s known that exercise, losing weight and eating low carbohydrate foods can help control the issue of insulin resistance. This means that any diet based off the same principles of The Insulin Resistance Diet can help with controlling insulin.

The link cited here has a list of the top 10 ranked diet plans for weight loss.

There isn’t much available information about this diet such as the ingredients in the recipes offered, and whether or not the tips are anything more than common sense.

The chapters of the book are as follows:

Part 1: How Insulin Resistance Makes Us Fat.Information about Syndrome X and the science of insulin resistance and exactly how this leads to fat gain.

• Part 2:  The Solution to Insulin Resistance. The importance of protein, the need to balance carbohydrates and protein, why this works, how to master diet meal combinations, and how to test your skills in applying this diet plan.

• Part 3: Making the Method Work for You. Recipes, effective strategies, the important of exercise, how to commit and what to do in case of a relapse, and how to balanceappetite is explained.

A large portion of the book is devoted to explaining what insulin resistance is, what is known to help cure it, and practical tips. The tips include making sure to understand the difference between hunger and mindless eating, the importance of exercise, and how to use food.

The book does seem like it will offer practical advice, but the claimed tips are often already common sense. Click the link cited to see a top 10 ranked weight loss diets list.

There are also claims that one does not have to resist from eating “your favorite foods”, though it’s unclear what the exact limitations are or if there are cheat days.

The book also brags on the cover that it has sold more than 150,000 copies.  For those that do not have any issues with insulin it would be unnecessary to follow the restrictions offered by this diet. It is also important for one to verify insulin resistance before attempting to follow this diet.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.

The Insulin Resistance Diet Quality of Ingredients

It’s unknown exactly what the full ingredients list is for the recipes provided. Some users did say that there is an allowance for artificial sweeteners, dry milk, non-fat milk, and more.

Without being able to see full ingredients listing it’s impossible to determine the overall quality. The diet does focus on pairing protein with carbohydrates to help suppress appetite and provide a better glycemic response. This is known as an effective solution that insulin resistant people can use to better their results.

This method of eating is healthy, but it’s fairly common sense advice given to diabetics. As you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions of The Insulin Resistance Diet” section, many felt that the recipes listed weren’t very good, and that the overall quality of this diet is far too lacking in anything useful.

The Price and Quality of The Insulin Resistance Diet

The price of the book itself is $11.50 on Amazon.com. There is also the cost of the meals which it’s unknown if there are expensive ingredients listed.

Since much of the offered tips and suggestions can be researched online, it makes it a poor quality diet book. Recipes can also be found on sites which feature low carbohydrate foods for free. Our experts have rated the top 10 weight loss diets in the link provided here.

There were customers who often mentioned that the quality of meals is poor, and that there’s nothing unique in this diet which isn’t already known.

Business of The Insulin Resistance Diet

A creator of the diet is Cheryle Hart, a New York Based physician that specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She has also been targeted in lawsuits.

In one complaint she was fined $1,000 and banned from diagnosing and treatingpeople.

She helped provide workshops for women who were interested in learning about hormones. According to this lawsuit:

“Hart’s prescriptions were incorrect, follow-up was nonexistent, Hart’s diagnoses were wrong, and Hart asked them to pay high fees to continue her services”

The FDA has also cautioned against the hormones she was giving to women due to concerns of health risks.

It’s unknown if the advice given in The Insulin Resistance Diet is all supported by real evidence. For a top 10 ranked list of diet plans click the link provided here.

EDITOR’S TIP: The top 10 list of the best diets is available here.

Customer Opinions of The Insulin Resistance Diet

Here are some reviews found from direct quotes of users:

“authors claim that the carbohydrates in dairy products do not affect blood sugar. This is absolutely untrue and therefore problematic”

“I assume this information can be found on the internet for free”

“there was so much misinformation”

“The book is outdated. The suggest low-fat options and those options usually have fillers in the, sugar etc. that are way worse than fat”

Some repeat complaints were that the diet is basic and has information that is common sense.  People also found that there were major contradictions. The diet advises not to eat certain foods, but these same ingredients are then added to the recipes list such as potatoes.

The most listed issue was that the diet seems outdated and has information that is already known.

There were also concerns about the science behind some of the recommendations. Those that understood the science of insulin resistance mention that the need to reduce fats significantly is actually worse for those who have insulinsensitivity.

Click the link provided to see the list of the top 10 ranked diets out now.

The diet does allow for some unnatural ingredients as well, which customers found strange and not needed or wanted in a healthy diet for weight loss. 

Conclusion - Does The Insulin Resistance Diet Work?

The Insulin Resistance Diet offers suggestions for weight loss to those who can’t process carbohydrates correctly. It’s known that to prevent insulinresistance it’s important to lose weight, exercise, and eat healthier foods that aren’t refined or simple carbohydrates. The main concern people had was that the advice was both dated and obvious. Many described it as being full of basic information available on the internet for free. There were also concerns about the quality of ingredients, sinceartificialadditives are allowed and advised while on the diet.

By examining different weight loss diets our experts have concluded the best solution for weight loss is the 18Shake Diet. It has an appetite suppressing meal replacement made with balanced vitamins and minerals, as well as a stimulant free fat burning diet pill which has many benefits. Customers mention that the combined effect allows for faster weight loss results, and that it helped them lose weight. Testimonials and written reviews are also featured on the official website.

The 18Shake Diet is also fully supported by a 30 day money back return policy. This risk free return is available with no questions asked. Learn more about what the 18Shake Diet can contribute by clicking the link here.

How Does The Insulin Resistance Diet Compare?
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I do not produce insulin but my blood sugar gets very once I eat and then I have to take alot of insulin to get it down and it causes me to gain alot of weight.

posted Aug 3rd, 2015 9:22 pm



Is this insulin-resistance diet a replacement for insulin treatments? Is this insulin-resistance diet a replacement for insulin treatments? My Mother asked me to find a book(in Spanish) with a diet to control her insulin levels without treatment.

posted Nov 9th, 2012 8:36 pm



i start this Diet from 25 days, i was 101 KG now i am 93.5 KG , i lost 7.5 KG in less than 1 month, i feel so well, i don't have feeling anymore to eat sweets with sugar and white bread... from all the diets that i have tried before,, the insulin resistance diet was the Perfect as results on my body and relaxing my mind

posted Nov 9th, 2011 9:25 pm

Judy Guard


Great, easy to do, and it works! You can basically eat whatever you want in controlled amounts and you don't have to count calories.

posted Jul 29th, 2011 3:08 pm



It works! When I follow the rules, I lose a pound a day!

posted Aug 6th, 2009 9:06 pm


This diet is wonderful!! Its the only diet I have ever been on where I actually lost weight and felt better!! I didnt have to give up anything, just gain control of portions and balancing. And after about 5 days, I was full all the time! I lost over 15 lbs the first month! And its a lifestyle change, so its easy to keep it off.

posted Apr 3rd, 2009 2:42 am


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BACKGROUNDBACKGROUND Start the Diet Now Advertisement

If you have ever thought that your metabolism had a mind of its own, you thought right. In the book, "The Insulin-Resistance Diet: How to Turn Off Your Body's Fat-Making Machine," Drs. Cheryle R. Hart and Mary Kay Grossman discuss the relationship between fat and insulin and lay out a plan for you to follow that controls insulin levels while also whittling away your waistline.

Both Dr. Hart and Dr. Grossman are doctors at a medical weight clinic and observe person after person coming in wanting to lose weight, but feeling like they are fighting a doomed battle. This book is an accessible surmise of the medical expertise they have gleaned over the years, helping people to lose weight who have a condition known as insulin resistance.

Here is the theory: As soon as you eat a carbohydrate, whether it is a bagel or an apple, your body breaks the food down into glucose which is then used as energy that your body needs to function. But if you have more glucose than your body requires, your body then starts creating insulin which goes in and sweeps away all of that excess glucose and stores it as fat. More stored fat equates jeans that don't fit and a scale that you'd like to toss out the bathroom window. For those individuals who appear to have insulin resistance, their bodies have higher baseline levels of insulin and therefore store fat at more accelerated pace than the rest of us.

In order to break this cycle, The Insulin Resistance Diet provides eating-style guidelines that don’t include omitting bread and other sweet treats from your diet. Instead, you learn how to “link” foods so that your body starts to produce less insulin and you can fit back into your favorite pair of jeans and maintain a healthy weight.

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  • The Insulin Resistance Diet is healthy eating guide built upon science and research
  • It can aid weight loss
  • Includes exercise as part of its plan
  • Does not prohibit eating any certain foods
  • Teaches you how to eat in a healthy and portion-controlled manner
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Authors are experienced doctors in field
  • May be difficult for some to follow
  • Concept behind The Insulin Resistance Diet is similar to other diets
  • Not recommended for people with dairy, wheat or gluten allergies

The basis of The Insulin Resistance Diet is to pair good carbohydrates, proteins and good fats at each meal and snack in order to "keep your insulin and glucose levels balanced." In addition, you'll be eating every 2-3 hours on this diet in order to prevent any massive spikes or dips in blood sugar levels.

It teaches you how to pair good carbohydrates together with a lean protein at each meal. The Insulin Resistance Diet also contains 45 recipes and many meal and snack ideas for dining in, dining out or at the office.


An in-depth look at the benefits of exercise is included in The Insulin Resistance Diet. Even though moderate exercise in the form of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training is highly recommended, most of the diet's guidelines come from its detailed food plan.


The Insulin Resistance Diet is a lifestyle food plan that teaches you how to link an appropriate amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat at each meal so that your body is not producing more insulin that it requires. The diet, which was created by two medical doctors, does not offer any get-slim quick solutions but most people on The Insulin Resistance Diet lose weight immediately and continue to lose weight as they adhere to the food plan.

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