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Trimspa X32

Trimspa X32

The famous supplement company wants to earn your trust.

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TrimSpa X32 Original Formula tablets combine various ingredients to help you lose weight, eat right, and stay fit.

Constantly linked to scandal, due to Anna Nicole Smith's popularity, Trimspa has a large advertising budget, and plays up its ordinary diet strategy. This diet has made men and woman into models sizes in only a matter of a few weeks, after years of being obese.

In addition to X32, Trim spa also markets other blends; Trimspa Energy, Ultra Formula's and Metabospa. There is more caffeine in the Energy blend, and the others are pretty similar to the X32. The Ultra has more grapefruit extract in exchange for the caffeine.

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  • Suppresses appetite
  • Helps curb carbohydrate cravings
  • Contains Hoodia
  • Contains caffeine
  • Not enough scientific evidence to prove TrimSpa’s effectiveness
  • Severe side effects including high blood pressure, insomnia and migraines

After cutting out ephedrine, Trimspa's two main ingredients are hoodia - an appetite suppressant - and glucosamine, which helps keep glucose in the bloodstream longer. It also contains chromium, an anti carbohydrate craver. To help you feel full, glocomannan is used as well. As these are the positive helpful ingredients, some side effects are heavy migraines, which are an attribute to tyramine.


The maximum dosage for most TrimSpa products is six capsules per day. Typically you take one or two tablets 30 minutes before a meal and drink plenty of water throughout the day.


No guidance provided.


Though Trimspa is mighty in advertising, it's not very mighty with its originality, and is a step behind on upgrading to other patented fat burners that are available. While researching on their website you will find that the company doesn't provide many details. But the results are impressive. Whether they are believable, is another story.

Common MisspellingsCommon Misspellings

Trim Spa, Tremspa

How Does Trimspa X32 Compare?
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  • Has Good Appetite Suppressant
  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Trimspa X32
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I've been workingout like crazy and really watching what I eat, with no positive results. Trying Trimspa 32X for the first time. Im starting today 01/29/2012, I will post results.

posted Jan 30th, 2012 6:05 pm



I took TrimSpa about 2 years ago....I went from 135 to 118 in less than a month...got into a relationship gained my weight back so I just started TrimSpa a week ago....looking forward to losing my weight again with TrimSpa....

posted Oct 26th, 2011 3:01 pm

Veronica Guillen


Well so far I've been taking trimspa for about 2 weeks, k don't have a scale in my house but without it I already can tell I am losing. People have told me ALREADY that my arms look smaller & my face is getting thinner. I don't exercise or anything I basically eat whatever I want but I never ate that unhealthy to begin with. I'm 18 years old 5'4 & last time I weighed myself I was 198 hopefully I lost but I will keep you updated on my results! Overall I recommend trimspa x32

posted Oct 22nd, 2011 4:01 pm


im taking the pill now.. the jury is still out. i do know that it is surpressing my hunger and giving me more energy but ive anlyh been on it for two weeks now and have not wieghed myself yet ... will be doing that today hopefully i have great results

posted Feb 23rd, 2011 11:02 am


waste of money.

posted Oct 4th, 2010 6:56 pm

Charity Reede


I am not positive that the negative feed back on here is very reliable. But then again, I am not entirely convinced that the effects of ANY diet pill are that dramatic, at least immediately.

My story is fairly simple. I had a baby and have gained 45 pounds since before I was pregnant. I am finally to the point where I am so disgusted with myself that I broke down and made a bid on 10 bottles of Trim Spa x32 Original Formula. I started taking them yesterday. The morning and lunch dose went ok. I didn??t get sick at all. I did have a slight increase in energy. Nothing to spectacular!! When I took the pills before going home to dinner, my stomach got upset, but I had a spurt of energy. When I got some food in me, the nausea went away. So I am on them again today, and so far so good. Some stomach upset, but over all, nothing I can live with! I was eating a larger baked potato and managed to only eat a little more than ¼ of it. Now I am stuffed?.

As for the person who commented on taking diet pills when you have any complication: (especially with the heart) you are supposed to talk to your doctor. :) This keeps your condition from getting worse. It??s common sense!

posted Jan 3rd, 2010 2:39 pm



I used Trimspa back in 2005 and went from pushing 200 lbs to 145lbs...It was amazing. The only thing I did along with taking the pills was working a regular 8 hour day on my feet, never did any real exercising. I did eat much less while on Trimspa because it really helped suppress my appetite. I mainly ate a microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner because I was so crunched for time and I still lost all the weight. Fast forward 4 years-I was bed ridden from an unexplainable urinary disorder, couldn't get out of bed except to work and even that was difficult, I put on a lot of weight, I'm over 200 lbs now. I kept the weight off for 2 years without a problem. I'm wondering if the Trimspa I was taking still had Ephedra in it, I know it was banned in 2004 but I can't remember if the one I took was indeed loaded with the banned substance. I can't find Trimspa anywhere and I'm psyched to see they're coming out with another product because it was so easy to follow and I hope I get the same results. They have definitely earned my trust and I will buy at least another bottle. Oh and the time range I lost the weight was about August to November. I was noticeably thinner within a month.

posted Jul 3rd, 2009 2:57 am

Robert Galbreath


I'm trying to loss weight its hard

posted Mar 14th, 2009 10:16 am

Gretchen Gold


I am a 36 year old 5'1" woman. TrimSpa was good at suppressing my appetite. I was able to scale back from eating 2500 calories per day to 1500. I lost 12 llbs in 1 month using it. I weighed 180 at the beginning of the month & at the end of the month I weighed 168. I added exercise to my routine as well to achieve my results. I walked on my treadmill for 30 min every day. The treadmill was set at 10% incline at 2.5 mph. I took two TrimSpa pills per day. I did have some nausea from taking TrimSpa, but taking the TrimSpa right before a meal alleviated my nausea symptoms. Good luck all. I will try to post further results next month.

posted Dec 8th, 2008 2:17 pm



I was concerned about the effects of using these types of thermogenic diet supplements. I had tried fat burners which left me feeling queasy and with oily bowels. They also left you with unpredictable bowel movements. I had taken Zymax before ephedra became illegal. I tried Trim Spa, after seeing Anna Nicole go from yo-yo dieting to something that obviously had a big hand in working for her. I knew she had done something else also. But, she always gained the weight back, until TrimSpa. I took the original formula and immediately saw a difference in my weight. I hadn't even started working out yet. I was losing weight and my appetite for sweets had been suppressed while I continued to eat healthy.

Then, I started exercising on a cross trainer "standing/ski/bike type" machine for 30 minutes 4 days a week. I had not started strength training yet. I had lost so much weight and was looking great. Then, when I started strength training it was fantastic. Now, I will say this, depending on when you took the pills, how many max vs. min, or the other things you ate or drank while taking the pills, you could end up super energized to the point that you felt restless and trouble falling to sleep. Once you fell to sleep though, you stayed sleep. Also, there would be times where you might have heart palpatations. Especially, if you are in steamy baths or drink or eat anything with caffeine in it. If you take you last set of pills about 6 hours before you go to bed, you'll be fine. However, taking the max 6 pills daily will over time have you having problems with restless legs and anxiety. The results are so good that for the person overweight that has a hard time having energy to work out, or stop snacking on sweets, this product does work.

It will take away your cravings for sweets, leave you energized where you'll want to work out, give you an appetite for healthy foods and low amounts, and you will see the weight come off in a shorter amount of time, then you would if you were just exercising and dieting alone. I would never want to take pills or be on some fad diet that I had no intention of staying on as a lifestyle change. So, I do believe you have to get to the point of changing overall. However, this will jumpstart you in that direction. You'll want to continue because you'll love the results you'll start seeing. You can't trick yourself. Your clothes getting loose and people asking you what you're doing to lose weight will do the talking for you. It's not about what the scale says. It's about the noticeable inches you'll see and the old clothes you'll begin to fit into again. There is a risk in everything. I haven't considered the long-term effects to your liver, heart, or emotional state from this product.

But, I can tell you that it does work. For those who say it didn't. They probably received a placebo version. It's a shame that this product do to the company's financial woes, lawsuits, and such have basically given up. You can no longer find the Rapid formula X32 new 75-90 capsule bottles anywhere. Nor, can you find the website online anymore. Even, GNC doesn't list Trim Spa as one of their products anymore. So, pretty soon you will not be able to get it. But, it works no different than many of the others that are still out there.

posted Nov 26th, 2008 8:04 pm




posted Nov 20th, 2008 10:21 pm



i guys my name is tina and today is my first time using the trimspa x32.. so for im not hungry and i have lost of engery... im going to try the double dose so how much i do lose because i have 40 pounds to lose.. thank and have a great day and i will repost every week to let you guys know much i have lost so my starting is 140 and for me to get at a health weight is 110 pounds...

posted Nov 6th, 2008 11:41 am



Have been using for 2 days. Lots of energy, and almost no appetite! Will post gain when I've been on it longer. I hope it wont lose effectiveness over time!

posted Nov 1st, 2008 4:14 pm



I lost all of my baby weight with diet alone but I wanted to lose more. I hit a plateau at 130 and the weight just wouldn??t budge. I have been taking trimspa X32 for 7 days now and am happy to report that I am down to 127. I am eating less food because I am never hungry. I do eat extremely healthy though. Lots of fruits and veggies!!!

posted Oct 31st, 2008 12:08 pm



I loved it! I not only had less hunger but lots more energy. As a mother of four I needed this and feel that it really did great for me!

posted Oct 18th, 2008 11:05 pm


I took trimspa and felt nothing.. Not less hungry, not more energized-nothing. Also, I loved anna nicole but there is NO DOUBT she had plastic surgery to help her out. You dont go as thin as she was to as big as she was and back without any stretch marks and your boobs so round and high, Im sorry.

posted Sep 25th, 2008 9:06 am


eeew.. gross "big pimpin" Lmao..I live in AL and dnt think that's cool! Anyways.. today is my first day w/ trimspa and I am really missing my coffee! Im 5'3/130lbs.. so I'll check back in w/ yall in about a month and see what happens. -Jenn

posted Aug 26th, 2008 10:35 am

big pimpin


posted Aug 23rd, 2008 9:29 am


I'm 17 yo, 5'2 and i am 170 pounds, just a year ago i was 108, but getting into a relationship for 11 months now and always eating out, and i am o birth control i have gained wait outrageously i've always hated working out and never had to and i never have the energy to do it so i was wonderig if i should take trim spa, i've been so deciding on to either take trimspa x32, hydroxycut, or zantrex 3, so far trimspa has gotten the most good reviews out of everything so far so hopefully if i do but these it works for me too. what would you guys suggest?!?!

posted Jul 25th, 2008 5:51 pm


I wanna try it but I read somewhere that it leaves you with jitters and whatnot. How does it make you feel? I'm just looking at the bottle....

posted Jul 9th, 2008 2:17 pm


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