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Ultimate Green Tea

Ultimate Green Tea

Green Tea supplements can support weight loss efforts.

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As of April 2008, this product appears to no longer be available.

Ultimate Green Tea is a supplement that promises to help you lose body fat and increase your energy. Green Tea 1000 is a supplement that is derived from some of the active ingredients in green tea known as catechins, which are powerful antioxidants that have been linked to the prevention of certain cancers and degenerative disease like Parkinson's. Ultimate Green Tea is also supposed to improve the texture of your skin and hair, allow you to eat whatever you want and suppress your appetite.

This product does contain naturally-occurring caffeine that is present in green tea.

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  • Green tea, the key component in Ultimate Green Tea, has known beneficial health effects
  • Green tea is a known source of antioxidants
  • Not approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration
  • No scientific evidence shows that consuming Ultimate Green Tea will help you lose body fat
  • Product's site does not share side effects.
  • Contains caffeine, known side effects are jitters, racing heart, nausea
  • Extract forms of any substance may or may not contain the complete benefits of the whole substance
  • There is no support or information on how to maintain weight loss
  • Does not promote exercise
  • Does not provide maintenance plan
  • This particular brand of Green Tea has less than favorable reviews from customers

The product's website does not contain any information on a suggested meal plan while taking Ultimate Green Tea. The supplement claims to suppress appetite while also allowing you to eat whatever you would like. The suppression of appetite is primarily due to the caffeine that is contained in this product. Once you stop taking it, you are then on your own to maintain any weight loss that may have resulted after using Ultimate Green Tea.


Even though there are no exercise recommendations while using Ultimate Green Tea, many studies suggest that successful and effective weight loss is accomplished in combination with an exercise plan that is performed on most days of the week.


Although this product may be safe, since the FDA has not approved Ultimate Green Tea and there are suspiciously no side effects associated with this supplement, it is highly encouraged to speak with your medical doctor before trying this product.

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  • Has Only Natural Components
  • Contains No Coffee
  • Ultimate Green Tea
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There was some truth. Put it this way, the media was involved in the incedint, and they are the only instrument through which the public can learn anything about what had happened, and they're in the position to sway public opinion to their favour and hence conflict of interest.I'm not saying the media hve been biased as this is a fact of life if we have any expectation for the media to monitor the government, and hence most regimes are not stupid enough to get themselves into this position

There was some truth. Put it this way, the media was involved in the incedint, and they are the only instrument through which the public can learn anything about what had happened, and they're in the position to sway public opinion to their favour and hence conflict of interest.I'm not saying the media hve been biased as this is a fact of life if we have any expectation for the media to monitor the government, and hence most regimes are not stupid enough to get themselves into this position

posted Jan 23rd, 2015 8:38 pm



I saw the website for the ultimate green tea. I only had to pay the shipping and I ended up being charged about 79.95. I was not aware that I was going to be charged that amount since I made the transaction for the sample and the next day I called and canceled but they still charged me. This is a scam I was charged yet again the next month I called and spoke to the same idiotic person and she didnt want to give me her supervisor's name nor phone number. I cancelled and I called my bank to also cancel. i was told from Performance Healthcare that I had agreed to pay every month and that I also requested some other sample and an mp3 player. Till this day I am waiting for the supposly samples and mp3 player they charged me. The product is no good I dont recommend this to no one. i believe the best way to loose weight is to eat properly and exercise. This product doesnt work and all of the performance healthcare is a fraud and a scam to get money out of people .

posted Feb 12th, 2009 10:54 am

j macdonald


I never ordered this pixie tea --you've charged my visa 3 times [never re'cd items] CANCEL + refund PLEASE I've NO acct with you. e-mail me

posted Jan 7th, 2009 4:34 pm



To all, I havce not tried this product, butt The Wu Yi Tea actually does make you regular. I recieved a trial pk, and discontinued it (because I want to try the whole trial pk first before being billed again-they give you 60-70pks of tea bags for your trial) and they promptly refunded my money and only kept the shipping charge of $4.95. The site that i went too is: www.wu-yisource.com

posted Nov 2nd, 2008 7:30 am

Pat L.

Glad I read the comments first.

posted Sep 23rd, 2008 9:14 am


My husband ordered the so called free trial where you only have to pay shipping of 4.95.Then my account was charged 34.95 and I didn't even get the samples that it claimed I should be getting .My husband called and told them to cancel the 34.95 which they said they would but never did instead they charged another 69.87.We went to our bank and told them that the charges were fraudelant and the bank reported it to there fraud department and we reversed the charges on our account and gave my husband a new bank card so they couldn't make charges from it anymore.

posted Sep 1st, 2008 8:32 am


I have not used this product but I was reading some other comments saying something about using the restroom and I recommend that you should try drinking the Crystal Light green tea it taste good it boost your energy but it makes you have to use the restroom A LOT! Although I think this is a good thing!

posted Jun 21st, 2008 7:55 am


Does anyone Know how to get ahold of these people, I want to cancel and no way of doing so.????

posted Jun 21st, 2008 7:55 am


I have tried to contact this company to cancel my order. My doctor recommended me not to take.

posted May 15th, 2008 9:44 am


I went to CVS and got a gift card to purchase this product. I wanted to see if it really works before i give them my real cc number. I heard stories that they keep charging people. I GOT MY FREE BOTTLE!!! jokes on them because if it does not work then I'm not buying it.

posted May 5th, 2008 8:38 am


Going to a local news station with this! I have been charged for the sample, did not receive it and have been charged two months of product and have not received anything. Having dealt with a death in the family in March I have not had time to deal with this until now. I just talked with a rep on the phone and was informed I could not get a refund and would have to wait two weeks for it to come in the mail! The fact that I can't get a refund for even one bottle and can't get the product any sooner than it takes for regular mail tells me this is definitely a scam. I live in a very large Metropolitain area and we have two news stations who do segments on this type of scam and this will be on at least one of them!

posted Apr 30th, 2008 8:46 pm

Kari Andersen

I cancelled my order on this and I am still receiving it! I do not want to keep receiving it. PLEASE CANCEL!

posted Apr 28th, 2008 1:12 pm

jackie nophlin

I told you on the phone to cancel this order and you placed it anyway. My bank will get a refund and you will not get another dime from me. Another scam, why do you do it?

posted Apr 24th, 2008 9:21 am

Carrie Edmon

WOW! I just received the free sample and then I received the one for the full price. I am glad I was told to come to this site. I know the sample did nothing but thought I did not have enough in my system.

posted Apr 24th, 2008 9:21 am

sibyl atkins

this is a scam. you get the pills and nothing happens. each month im being charged $79.95 but cant talk to a real person to cancell the subscription. total scam

posted Apr 16th, 2008 11:27 am


I had the same problem as Sophia did and i cant get in contact with them. If you hear anything or get any results please e-mail me.Thanx

posted Apr 15th, 2008 8:33 pm

Judy Winter

I have not received the product to try it yet. If it doesn't come by Sat the 12 th I will cancel and refuse the product at the P.O. When it does come. Thank you. My trial came 4/3

posted Apr 10th, 2008 11:00 am

Sophia Uddin

I am very dissapointed with you service. I order the free product in which I paid for shipment only, then I unsuscribed in the web not to receive the product, then later I received the product and it was charged to my account. I proceed, to return the product but unfortunately I have no answer from your company or money posted to my bank account. this is a serious problem to contact you....Please be so kind and respond me as soon as possible.

posted Apr 8th, 2008 10:19 pm

phyllis proctor

your product is not what it claims. If you do nt csncel my lorder bureauI will report you to the better business

posted Apr 5th, 2008 3:58 pm

Tamesia Gwyn

The product does not work. it doesn;t even make you use the restroom excessivel. I don;t feel any waste being removed nor does it gives me more energy. And finally this is not the same product Oprah recommended on her show. I feel it is a scam. And Performance Healthcare has made it impossible to stop taking payments off my credit card. So I will alert my bank to stop. Its a scam!!!

posted Apr 4th, 2008 3:54 pm


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