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Vice Busting Diet

Vice Busting Diet

Julia Havey's life-changing diet plan endorsed by Dr. Mehmet Oz.

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With endorsements from Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. David Katz, The Vice-Busting Diet plan is something worth paying attention to. Author and brainchild behind The Vice-Busting Diet is Julia Havey, a woman who once topped the scales at 300 pounds and lost 130 of it in 15 months.

Julia, like thousands of desperate dieters seeking to lose weight, tried every trick, book and supplement until she finally tossed out all of her diet paraphernalia and started from scratch. What began as her own journey has spiraled into a weight loss plan that has helped thousands of people lose weight.

The Vice-Busting Diet can be followed via the book or online. The online program is multi-media program that consists of literature, journals, videos and audio components that you download onto your own computer or iPod.

It is a 26-week plan that results in a dramatic change in a person's life, weight, energy levels, relationships, health and organizational skills. Rather than just focusing on diet and exercise alone, the plan incorporates mental and spiritual elements that help produce longer-lasting change and allows you to bust your worst diet habits once and for all.

The online program includes five-CD weight loss audio set, a 26-week food diary, the Vice-Busting Diet ebook, an exercise video and a motivating MP3 program.

The book, The Vice-Busting Diet is a 12-week plan that seeks to change your worst food habits and change your life forever. It allows readers to discover what's getting in the way of weight loss. Whether it's soda, fast food, sweets or another temptation, you will learn how to eliminate it and replace it with a healthy alternative, with practical advice and a healthy dose of motivation.

On average, you can expect to lose about 2 pounds each week by following either the book or online program.

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  • The Vice-Busting Diet is a comprehensive approach to weight loss
  • Incorporates all aspects of health into the 26-week plan
  • Encourages empowerment and responsibility for your own actions and happiness
  • Supported by many well-respected weight loss medical experts
  • Can be followed online or via the book program
  • Online program is more costly than other diet plans
  • Daily time commitment may be difficult to adhere to
  • May not appeal to someone who does not have a large amount of weight to lose
  • Books recipes don't offer nutritional information

The Vice-Busting Diet does not make food its main focus. Instead, it works on what underlies many of our most destructive eating habits that have led to weight gain. During the duration of the program, you will to increase your awareness of why you are driven to eat certain foods and how to break these habits for good, once you determine what is behind them.

The food component of The Vice-Busting Diet consists of choosing among many different kinds of meals and snacks rather than forcing you to eat a specific prescription of meals. It does include many suggestions for healthy snacks and meals, on-the-go or at home as well as a dining out guide.

Recipes and Julia's own food guide pyramid help to make choosing healthy food choices easy and time-efficient in either version of The Vice-Busting Diet.


Exercise is a key component of The Vice-Busting Diet. As part of the downloadable program, you have access to a 30-minute exercise video that can be done at home. In addition, the video also contains helpful times about exercise and fitness.

The book encourages you to exercise regularly for about 30 minutes a day and at a pace that is comfortable for you.

At the end of your weight loss journey, you will learn not only how to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine but also how pivotal exercise is in order to maintain your health, weight and happiness.


By following the Vice-Busting Diet through the book or via its very comprehensive downloadable program, you can overcome many of the dysfunctional patterns that have contributed to your weight gain.

The steps outlined in The Vice-Busting Diet have been appropriately chosen to help you become more in touch with yourself and empower you to make better and healthier food choices that will result in reduced weight and a happier and healthier you.

The expense of the downloadable version of The Vice-Busting Diet is more than the price of the book, but it also contains more inclusive information.

If you are willing to make the commitment outlined by Julia Havey, then you are on your way to not just weight loss but a new you.

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LOL! @ Matt....why?

posted Mar 7th, 2012 6:20 pm



This woman is a total fraud and should be ashamed for putting false information in her book. She will be exposed soon and anyone who followed her will feel like a total ass.

posted Feb 21st, 2011 6:45 pm

Julia Havey


As of Feb 1, 2010, I am so happy to be able to provide my entire 26-week program at NO cost, NO strings attached to anyone wanting my help. I am on a mission to reverse overweight and obesity in ONE MILLION lives!

posted Mar 16th, 2010 7:57 pm

Julia Havey

I wanted to clear up any confusion as to the price of my program. The book sells in stores and is $24 for the hardcover version--and it is just the book. The 26-week Vice Busting Diet Program gives you 21 days of daily audios to support you as you make the first 3 and most important changes that will ultimately change your body. You get an exercise DVD filmed with one of America's top fitness trainers. A Getting Started Video A 26-week self-discovery workbook, not lined paper to journal your food, but a real journey to finding out why you are "fat" and why you don't want to be anymore and how to permanetly change why you got that way in the first place! You get 125 recipes in the back of the journal. You get an eating out guide. Also included are lectures such as Maintaining Momentum, Surviving the Holidays and more. And interviews w/ Dr. Oz, Dr. Katz and Dr. Delia Garcia. 26 weeks of so much great material and a ton of motivation! all for $3.70 per week for 26 weeks/ $97 total! That's a lot less than ANY diet plan I know of! And, having been a 300+ pound woman who tried most of them w/ NO luck; this one is MUCH better, because it works, it changes you forever, and it isn't complicated!

posted Aug 26th, 2008 9:26 pm


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