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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Diet Review (UPDATED 2023): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

For more than 50 years, Weight Watchers has been a trusted approach to weight loss for men and women.

Top Rated Diets of 2023
What is it?

Weight Watchers Diet is a diet plan based off a point system, where each food has a value, and you’re allowed only a certain amount of points a day. You can eat any foods you want, as long as you don’t pass the allowed points for the day.

The points offered are called SmartPoints, and the amount allowed is based off one one’s own body and individual weight loss goals. Healthy and low calorie foods have much less value, so it naturally steers people into eating more wholesome foods instead of eating high amounts of junk food.  In this review you’ll hear customer reviews, the science behind Weight Watchers, and whether or not it can promote weight loss. The highest rated diet plan of 2023 was found to be the 18 Shake Diet. It’s a combination of a natural metabolism booster and high protein meal replacement. Learn more about the 18Shake diet plan by following the link provided here.

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Weight Watchers Diet Ingredients and Side Effects


No pre-packaged foods are required, it’s advised to cook one’s own meals at home. An app and guide is offered with over 287,000 different foods which have a stated number value.

High fiber, non-processed, and sugar free foods have a much lower point number.  Processed foods and highly saturated foods tend to be the highest in points. So the diet focuses on introducing more healthy foods, which is already known as a practical way to lose weight.

There are also 4,000 recipes offered as well as optional support for meetings, online coaching, and dietary tips. Mobile apps are also offered to help people calculate their total points.

There isn’t much information provided by the company to showcase exactly how their approach is scientific, or how they choose specific foods to have higher points than others.  The top 10 list found here offers the best diet plans that our experts have reviewed.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.

Weight Watchers Diet Quality of Ingredients

 The quality of the ingredients can vary on what’s purchased, since no foods are off limits, what one purchases will determine the overall quality. The high points that processed foods have will force people to be more conservative in their food options.

No proof is provided by the makers of Weight Watchers to show why this diet has been formulated in the point system it offers.

It’s clear that by eating less processed foods and focusing on quality meats, high fiber, and filling foods that naturally weight loss is possible. However, no evidence is provided as to why their coaching system would be any better than not paying for this system and simply eating healthier,

One study by the Annals of Internal Medicine found that:

“Weight Watchers participants achieved at last 2.6% greater weight loss than those assigned to control/education”

This was in a 12 month period, and there were only slight increases in weight loss in comparison to people who were allowed to diet without control.

2.6% for someone weighing 200 pounds would be 5.2 additional pounds. This means that every month, a person can expect an additional 0.43 extra pounds of weight loss more than those who dieted on their own and made their own decisions without a points system.

This is a very poor amount of weight loss considering the amount it costs to pay for the online support. A list of the very best diet plans has bene reviewed by our experts.

Another major issue with the plan was that no official information is provided to show the points system before one buys into the plan. This makes it impossible to calculate if one is even capable of keeping up with this plan. Certain foods are not preferential for people, and it might require extreme changes in dieting in some.

Even with online support, there’s no guarantee that the advice offered will help one lose weight safely and effectively.

The Price and Quality of Weight Watchers Diet

There are different plans offered such as:

OnlinePlus: $4.30 per week when a 3 month long plan is offered. This amounts to $64.50 for the total 3 months.

Meetings + OnlinePlus: A 3 month plan is offered for $8.30 a week. This amounts to $124.50 for the full 3 months. 

Coaching + OnlinePlus: Like the other plans, if 3 months is selected, the full price is $10.15. A full 3 months is $152.25.

These prices can vary, as it depends on what one chooses as their meals and how much support they want. No information is provided on what kind of background the people who give advice are, and whether or not they are certified diet or nutrition experts.  Since they fail to mention this, it’s important to be cautious of the support offered.

A $20 fee is mandatory for every first time member.  Web MD discusses the pricing of this diet by stating:

“Be prepared to spend some cash to get the full benefits”

Many customers also agree it’s incredibly pricy to keep the online support available. As you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions of Weight Watchers Diet”, many felt it wasn’t worth the price.

The top 10 list featured in the link here has the best diet plans.

Business of Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers International is the official company name. Their contact information is as follows:

Phone Number: (800) 651-6000

Further contact information is provided to those who subscribe to the online system. There are currently 339 negative reviews on their Consumer Affairs page. Here are some direct quotes from customers:

“thought I was signing with a reputable company… Weight Watchers continued to withdraw money from my bank account for 3 months”

“I have been requesting my account to be closed for the past 3 months”

“No one is ever there when you need them”

“Weight watchers are total thieves. I cancelled my account 3 years ago and they have billed my credit card”

Hundreds of people claim that they continue to be charged by the company even after they’ve cancelled the online support, and no longer logging into to their profiles.

There are also 279 complaints on their Better Business Bureau site, mostly for the same reasons. People complained often about being constantly billed even after months or even years of no longer using their accounts. Customers were frustrated since they were told their account was cancelled, only to see billing from Weight Watchers appearing on their credit card statements.

People also said that when their accounts were active, that there wasn’t much support offered. To see a list of the top 10 diet plans click on the link offered here.  

EDITOR’S TIP: The top 10 list of the best diets is available here.

Customer Opinions of Weight Watchers Diet

Here is what some users had to say:

“just got de-motivated as I could see this wouldn’t work for me anymore”

“I tried it, but I didn’t have too much luck”

“helped me at first but I failed later on”

“it did not work… felt the meetings were very one sided, and it was like a chat”

People said that the offered meetings and support weren’t really helpful, and that it didn’t cater to people’s needs. It was more just general advice people were given such as obvious weight loss advice.  

Another major issue was that people often said that they couldn’t keep up with the diet, and that many common foods had too many high points where they couldn’t eat comfortably.

Users had issues as well with the foods with fewer points, as its common sense what foods are allowed and which aren’t. The top 10 list features the best diet plans out now, click on this link to learn more.

Conclusion - Does Weight Watchers Diet Work?

When making a decision on a diet plan like Weight Watchers, it’s important to examine customer reviews, what’s offered, and whether or not weight loss is likely. The plan offers a point system which is meant to make dieting easier. However, hundreds of people have complained about a lack of food options, as well as being forced to limit many common foods. There were also hundreds that complained the company continues to charge them long after they’ve cancelled. Both on Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau people mention they continue to be billed.

The 2023 diet plan of the year was found to be the 18Shake Diet. It offers a high protein, appetite suppression meal replacement alongside a metabolism booster made with natural extracts with no added stimulants. There are no artificial additives, colors, binders, fillers, or harsh ingredients. Many customers have left testimonials and review showcasing their own weight loss results. People have said that the meal replacement can help suppress appetite for hours, and that it mixes well and has a pleasant taste.

The 18Shake Diet offers a diet pill and meal replacement that are both backed by full 30 day money back guarantee. Returns are offered with no questions asked, risk free. To discover more information about the 18Shake Diet, click on the link provided here.

How Does Weight Watchers Compare?
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User Feedback

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The old system in 2017 was exellent. I was able to loose 45 pounds in 10 months. Then just before the new year (when most people start their diet for the new year) they changed the plan. The 200 free items were on every news station and got lots of free advertising for weight watchers. The timming of the roll out and the lure of free points makes great press. However it is not good for their clients. The new system does not limit over eaters or those with a large appetite. 1 can of chick peas has 1500 calories. which will make about 1 cup of hummus. Hummas made without olive and eaten with 6 carrots is 0 points but it is 1800 calories. Turkey chilie made with kidney beans, ground chicken or turkey brest and fresh tomato sauce is zero points. An average bowl has 3 cups or 600 calories. A full size male can easly eat 2 bowls or 1200 calories. The old system tracked everything and had no FREE points. The new systen give us inaccurate information. It does not allow us to make educated decisions. It's almost as if Weight Watchers made it less accurate and Dummed it down or as the marketing put it "simpler" for some free press.
I and many others would gladly take the extra 60 to 90 seconds a day it takes to properly track all of our food to have accurate information. It's not much to ask if you want to loose weight. The new system takes that away from us. I will now have to switch to an app that tracks every caloie. That will take a bit more time and discipline. The old points system was accurate and detailed enough to work. The new system is not. It is a shame, the online support with connect is great, it will be missed.

Weight watchers should STRONGLY consider going back to the proven system or at a minium offering a choice the old systen called Weight Watchers Legacy or the new less restrictive and inaccurate free style. Let the members decide.
If you are a large eater I would consider another system that track calories. The new weight watchers system is to vague in its tracking of calories.

posted Feb 5th, 2018 2:26 pm

Em Lo

Continued gain on the Freestyle program. I lost 25 lbs on their previous plan. Weight Watchers should listen to their customers and give them the choice of Freestyle, Smart Points Beyond The Scale and Simply Filling to choose from.

posted Jan 29th, 2018 2:13 pm


Bad experience trying to pay $29.97 special. wouldn’t take debit card. Had help on the line. Switched to CC. Everything okay. Checked my bank account later and WW took out $29.97 ten times plus five $1.00 fee. Wiped out my checking. Over $300 and won’t give back to me for 5 days. Nobody had any idea what the glitch was nor did they care. Worst, and I mean worst web site around. Why doesn’t Oprah make them help us poor people and fix this horrible web site. The worse is the customer service just don’t care. What a racket. Here to see what’s next they’ll do to me.

posted Jan 22nd, 2018 3:48 pm


I did WW when it was points plus, I return years later its now freestyle, major problems with this one, seems like mediterranean and atkins had a baby its named freestyle, the points punishments for any carbs and fats is crazy bad, they stole points to give the 200 0 points foods a go, if I could just eat in moderation and not over eat in 0 points food I wouldnt need a diet plan! I liked the discipline of a meal plan with no 0 points foods or low list, I tend to and I know its wrong, Ill binge eat them and I know for a fact its making me go tremendously over calories for the day. I like the accountability which I dont have now, no cap limits on the zero points, not going to work for me, going back to sparkpeople and my fitness pal, its free and gives me a real limit expectation. So disappointed this time around with WW, if Oprah keeps running the show they are going to lose there ass big time!

posted Jan 22nd, 2018 7:09 am

Valerie Newman

Theives! Automatically debited my account after I paid for first three months! Check your accounts! Took $44 dollars from my account to pay for my neighbors WW from my account! Total rip off! class action lawsuit anyone?

posted Jan 8th, 2018 10:29 am


Be very cautious of their on-line we. Signed up for a 90 day trial and they continued to charge me for five months after. Tried to cancel but was told automatic renewal was embedded in the contract even with evidence of non-usage. DONOT GIVE THEM YOUR CC NUMBER!!!

posted Dec 29th, 2017 3:40 pm


Weight watchers is the absolute worst program anyone could ever join, just use my fitness pal! Weight watchers was running a 3 month trial so I thought I would give them a try... huge mistake!!! I signed up for 3 months and they contracted me for 5 months. When I called to cancel because the program sucked, they could not explain how I ended up on a 5 month plan when I signed up for 3 months. Also when signing up I was told that I could cancel at anytime. However they forgot to mention the cancelation fees. I'm am so done with WW and would never use or recommend them to anyone. The program sucks! If WW worked they wouldn't have to trick you into a binding contract with them.

posted Dec 23rd, 2017 2:09 pm

Jean Jones

Signed up through trial offer. Canceled after less than 1 week. They charged my Paypal account $39.95 after I canceled. High price for free trial offer. When I phoned with a request for a refund....they were very rude and hung up on me. BEWARE!!!

posted Dec 15th, 2017 11:56 am

Chris thomson

Shocking underhand and misleading subscription - watch your bill. They rip you off!

posted Dec 10th, 2017 6:29 am


What a criminal company. They change to a completely new points system without asking the customer. This is not what I signed up for. On cancellation the process was extremely tedious and only possible over the phone. The lady on the phone was extremely impolite. Will never sign up again. Bye bye

posted Dec 3rd, 2017 3:32 am

Jackie Brenner

This plan promotes a healthy lifestyle change.

posted Dec 2nd, 2017 7:26 am


keep taking money out of my bank even though I cancelled my membership.

posted Nov 21st, 2017 1:35 am

Morine Barnes

Congratulations to Weightwatchers inspirational a round of applause👏. I Morine Barnes is 12st 9.2lbs. I have 2st 9.2lbs to lose to maintain 10st Dr RB Chitre cares i care😁. I stick to my Weightwatchers Coach Glamorous Helen Coles budget of Track 30 Smartpoints daily and Move 3 times a week at the gym with 1 hours daily walk😇. My next weightwatchers goal is 15% weightloss award👍. I will be ready fir the scales. I get hungry on weightwatchers and gym Weightwatchers Coach Julie Hardwick suggested No Count which may include 1. Fruit or Vegetables. 2. Warm Beverage. 3. Zero point soup. 4. Zero point jello. 5. Walk. But as all foods have calories is zero points to good to be true? Morine Barnes 58👌.

posted Nov 9th, 2017 5:06 am


2 years ago the program worked for me phenomenally. My friend and I went on it; actually she was on it first and it then coevinced me to and I lost 15 pounds almost immediately. I went on it again after putting on 3 lbs and then lost it again. I was using it for maintenance if I started putting on weight. And then all of a sudden it didn't work anymore even though I was following it like I did before. So I can't use it now. It was really helping me stay where I wanted to be and now I have to find another solution which I'm still working on. It seems like counting calories is the only way to go at this point. Very disappointing. I wish Weight Watchers would listen to people's comments and go back to their old system. It just got too difficult to stick to it because of the what seem to be reduction in allowed foods that made you hungry at the end of the day

posted Oct 25th, 2017 11:11 pm


Canceling a WW monthly plan is nearly impossible. I read about other's difficulties and was determined not to pay extra. I marked my calendar as to the day I needed to cancel my membership. Then I discovered that I could not log in to my account. I knew my username and password but it would not let me login in to cancel. When asking for password help, they kept sending me my password. But when I used this password, it would not work. After spending two nights until 1;00 in the morning, I finally was able to reset my password. And after doing this the site let me login. But that was just the beginning of troubles. I saw no way to cancel. So I googled WW phone number and after repeated attempts, I finally got their phone number. When getting the automated step by step instruction on how to navigate their cancellation page, I counted 10 different menu choices I would have to make. However, when attempting to apply these menu choices, the second menu choice was not available as they had said it would be. . So I went back to calling them to cancel. When I had followed all the prompts to the customer service rep who would be cancelling my plan, the call disconnected. I called back again and again. Finally I chose a different option than the cancellation option. I was forwarded to a LIVE person from another country who I had much trouble in understanding. She tried to talk my out of cancelling by offering many many options, but where WW would still have access to my bank account. With perseverance, I insisted I wanted to cancel. And then she canceled my account giving me a cancellation number which I will take very good care of until I am aware that WW is no longer charging me for my "plan". Also, I noticed in this last month while I was trying trying trying to cancel, I had been charged about $14. more than my agreed upon plan. To have avoided this increased charge I would have had to cancel at least 15 DAYS PRIOR to the next billing cycle. My recommendation to anyone thinking about paying through the automated withdrawal plan: Do Not Do It. Do not pay through the monthly pass program where they take out monthly dues automatically. You will pay more than you intend. Even though I was prepared to get my cancellation request in early they still outsmarted me and it cost me nearly $50.

posted Oct 18th, 2017 3:44 pm


I have tried the new WW launched in 2012, and I so miss the old point plan (points plus). I was very successful on the old plan in 2009 and would do anything to have it back. I have failed over 10 times signing up and quitting since the new plan was put in place. All my staple foods went up in points. Popcorn was my go to snack and my creamer, and they made it hard to stay in line with my daily allotment. The diet became so much work and I was STARVING. Not in 2009. I so wish they had not changed it!!

posted Aug 21st, 2017 8:41 pm


I really liked the old program (Points Plus) and it worked very well for me - I lost 36 lbs. and was on autopilot to lose more. It felt like a lifestyle change, not a diet, which is what I wanted because I wanted something I could do for life.

Then they changed the program to this SmartPoints thing. It is terrible. My fat free coffee creamer went sky-high, many of my 'staple' Lean Cusines added 2-3 points, and if you try to work in even the tiniest piece of chocolate you have to go without dinner. I was hungry all the time and I felt like all of my choices had been taken away and that instead, they wanted me to live off of dried out broiled chicken breasts and lettuce leaves. It was ridiculous, and in my opinion, not sustainable for life. All they talked about in the meetings was 'clean eating'. But I did not WANT to 'eat clean'. I wanted to eat healthier than I had been eating (which on PointsPlus, was happening)...and I wanted to lose weight (which was also happening on PointsPlus). But I did not want to become a temporary fanatic of a plan that I could not sustain for life. And I did not CARE about their claim that you could lose weight much faster on the new plan - I was losing 1-2 lbs per week on PointsPlus and that is a healthy loss. More is considered fad dieting in any event! I struggled with the new plan for a few months, meeting with my leader (who was very nice, I will say) and trying to give it a chance because you could not use the WW app anymore with the old plan...but I just could not stick to the DIET....because yes, now it is a diet. Finally, I got frustrated and quit.

Very disappointed in WW.

posted Jul 21st, 2017 3:30 pm


I've been a member of Weight Watchers for years and the diet is successful for me and I continue to be a lifetime member . I feel Weight Watchers is very lacking if you're not 25 or more pounds overweight . If you've lost 10 pounds and managed to keep 10 pounds off for 15+ years like myself you're basically not a success story and they don't want to hear anything from you . I also feel it's wrong that your yearly anniversary is not recognized . I talked to Weight Watchers numerous times and they tell me the reward is getting free e tools. ( actually the reward is being healthy and keeping the extra weight off ) I've even been told people don't want to hear what you have to say because you really weren't over weight. Wow! 10lbs for me was a major difference! But ok! I'll continue counting my points and weighing in but will no longer attend meetings.

posted Jul 2nd, 2017 10:45 am


Weight Watchers has been great for me. Yes, I have lost weight before with other programs, or on my own, but I have always gained it back and then some. Weight Watchers has a plan for maintenance, which in my opinion can be the hardest part. What is the point of losing weight if you gain it right back? I have lost 33 lbs so far with 2 to go, and I feel super confident that I will make it there and then maintain. Once you hit goal and stay there for 6 weeks, you get all the tools for free for your lifetime so you can actually maintain all your work. WW wants it's members to succeed and I can feel that in my meetings. You have to really make sure you get into the right meeting. I was in one at first that I didn't love, but then got into one with a great support system, and a Facebook group. A group of us gets together every week before the meeting to walk as well. I was super skeptical before joining, but now I couldn't be happier. I finally feel comfortable in my skin, and I feel confident that I will succeed with keeping it off. I am not stressed about that because I know I have the tools to do it.

posted Jun 20th, 2017 1:58 pm


I don't understand why they ever changed it from the old point system?? That was the best plan ever I loved it this plan was back in 2009 and it was perfect... why ruin a good thing?? No wonder weight watchers is failing and slimming world is successful what a shame there was no need to have changed that plan!!!! I no longer do weight watchers has this new plan is not for everyone where as the old one was... Bye Bye Bye

posted May 8th, 2017 3:56 am


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  • Established: 1963

  • Founder: Jean Nidetch

  • Headquarters: New York City

  • Stock Symbol: WTW

  • Accessibility: Meetings, Online, Books, Apps

  • Diet Type: Low-Calorie, Low-Fat

  • Gender: Male and Female

  • Celebrity Endorsements: Jessica Simpson

  • Corporate Site: WeightWatchers.com

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It's been 50 years since Weight Watchers came on the scene and started helping people live healthier lives. Weight Watchers helps members create a foundation to introduce healthier choices and physical activity into their lives. Weight Watchers was made popular by the weekly meetings that are still a cornerstone of the program today.

Weight Watchers allows you to eat the foods you like without restriction. Simply stay within your daily range and you can still enjoy the foods you love balanced with nutritious choices like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Unlike many diets, Weight Watchers also encourages an active lifestyle.

It all started in a living room, where women would gather to support one another while losing weight. Then it grew, and became one of the most recognized names in weight loss. They've remained an innovative brand, taking the plan online, and creating a program specifically for men.

Weight Watchers Meetings The original Weight Watchers plan invites members to weekly meetings where they help dieters form a network of support with people sharing similar experiences. Each person checks their weight privately. Meetings are conducted by a trained Meeting Leader who motivates and offers the group support through information about nutrition and fitness.

Weight Watchers at Work The Weight Watchers At Work program wants to make your workplace healthier by offering you and your company all of the success of the Weight Watchers program right from your own office.

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DietsInReview.com is an advertising partner of Weight Watchers. This review is strictly our own opinion.

  • Programs to suit adult men and women
  • Choose counseling via meetings or privacy and convenience online
  • Online program is a comprehensive experience
  • Provides exercise guidance
  • Thousands of recipes and meals to choose from
  • Applebee's partnership for more healthful dining
  • Named #1 in the Best Commercial Diets by US News, 2011
  • Reputable and effective for 50 years

  • Online detracts from the traditional social aspect of meetings
  • Not a structured plan, which may be difficult for some to adhere to
  • Not a strong emphasis on fitness

A sampling of feedback and experiences shared by our community.

Most realistic program to maintain long term ... may take longer to lose the weight but it stays off! - Carmelle 8/16/11

I lost close to 40 pounds on Weight Watchers and have kept it off ever since starting almost 10 months ago. I plan to be on this program forever. I'm the healthiest I've ever been. (I'm 26 and am thinner and a smaller size than I was in high school, which I NEVER thought was possible!!) WW WORKS! I have never felt deprived, and I feel like the program is something I can live with. It's literally one of the best things I've EVER done for myself. - Marjie 7/8/11

I've been following the new Points Plus program since the beginning of the year. Today I hit the 10% weight loss goal. Only one week I did not loose weight - but I didn't gain either. Love that the fresh fruits are free so when I just want something - I now reach for fruit rather than chips or cookies. I am a 30 year lifetime member (obviously strayed at times) and find that this is the easiest weight loss for me (and I'm now 59.5 years old). HIGHLY recommend the new Points Plus. The key is still planning and journaling as far as I'm concerned. - Char 4/1/11

The old WW worked. The new one does not. I am one of many lifetime members who have become very disenchanted by this new program. - Elle 6/21/11

I highly suggest playing around with the tools. Eventually most "0 point" foods will develop a point value if you put in a high quantity...especially fruits and starchy veggies like green beans and broccoli. If you eat what the healthy check recommends, drink the water the healthy check recommends and eat your points in proteins and a small amount of carbs and fats then you should not gain weight. It's about eating in moderation. Not going crazy just because you think you can. - Shannon 3/6/11

Leave your own review and rating


Weight Watchers emphasizes eating more wholesome food, while allowing you to splurge on cravings in moderation. You'll make balanced food choices that include whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, eggs and dairy. No matter which plan you choose, you'll have access to all of the Weight Watchers recipes that are delicious, satisfying and good-for-you.

Weight Watchers members can enjoy chili, muffins, brownies, burgers, pizza, pasta and so much more - especially when you follow their healthy tips for lightening the recipes.

You're encouraged to make more nutrient-dense food choices, which not only helps you lose weight but also helps keep you feeling satisfied.

The Weight Watchers website features thousands of recipes for all occasions. Weight Watchers Meetings Members can also use the A-Z food list found in the Pocket Guide, or purchase the Complete Food Companion and the Dining Out Companion to help them plan for their night out.

Whether you do the program online or attend meetings, there are several ideas for snacks and meals along with a list of power foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. The program is designed to teach you how to make smarter food choices so that you eat more filling and nutritious meals.

For example, Weight Watchers features two side by side meals that both have a points value of 11. The two meals are reflected below:

  • Meal 1 – Peanut butter and jelly sandwich made on reduced-calorie white bread; chips
  • Meal 2 – Black bean soup; Whole grain wheat pasta with grape tomatoes, small black olives, crumbled reduced-fat feta cheese, shredded basil leaves, olive oil and red wine vinegar; grapes

Just glancing at these two meals it would be hard to think they have the same value because meal two offers more food. Illustrations like this make it easy to see the importance of making healthier choices so that you can eat more while getting good nutrition throughout the day.


Weight Watchers does promote living an active lifestyle, although exercise is not a requirement of the program.

To calculate the intensity of your workout, you can use your heart beats per minute or some simple physical cues. If you choose to follow the heart beats per minute, the classifications are as follows:

  • Low intensity: 68 to 92 beats per minute
  • Moderate intensity: 93 to 118 beats per minute
  • High intensity: more than 119 beats per minute

Using the physical cues for your activity level follows the rating of perceived exertion or RPE. This is what Weight Watchers uses. This method is easier than monitoring your heart rate while working out. The below chart can be used to help you gauge the intensity of your workout:

  • Light intensity – Fairly easy exercise that does not induce sweating unless it’s a hot, humid day. There is no noticeable change in breathing patterns.
  • Moderate intensity – Somewhat hard exercise that will break a sweat after performing the activity for about 10 minutes. Breathing becomes deeper and more frequent. You can carry on a conversation but not sing.
  • High intensity – Hard exercise that will cause you to break a sweat after three to five minutes. Breathing is deep and rapid. You can only talk in short phrases.

Keep in mind that those who are just starting to exercise, or those that have been inactive for a long period of time tend to overestimate their intensity levels. If you are just starting out it may be more accurate to gauge your intensity through your heart beats until you get an accurate understanding of actual intensity levels. With Weight Watchers you can choose to do any form of exercise that meets your needs. Some recommended forms of exercise available are:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Bike riding
  • Kickboxing

Common questions asked about the Weight Watchers program by our community. Click each to see the full answer.

Can I do Weight Watchers without exercising? - Calcia 8/16/11

How much does Weight Watchers cost? - 7/20/11

Is Weight Watchers safe for kids? - Yoli 8/8/11

Is Weight Watchers good for diabetics? - Jackie 5/12/11

What do you get from weekly meetings? Hongquan 5/23/11

Are Weight Watchers Points confusing to anyone else? - 2/19/11


Weight Watchers is a tried and true veteran of the weight loss industry. With a variety of methods to choose from for both men and women, you're almost certain to find the right path for your weight loss journey. Weight Watchers provides guidance from every aspect of weight loss. Food is one of the primary concerns of any dieter and Weight Watchers goes above and beyond most other weight loss programs with thousands of recipes that anyone, dieting or not, will find tempting and delicious. If their style appeals to you, go for it.


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Weight Watchers Testimonial at Prevention Magazine

Weight Watchers Food and Recipes

Weight Watchers at Wikipedia

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