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A Course in Weight Loss

A Course in Weight Loss

As seen on Oprah's Favorite Things, take the spiritual approach to dealing with your food issues.

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A Course In Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever is a book by Marianne Williamson and Dr. Dean Ornish. This book brings together spirituality and weight loss in order to help you lose weight once and for all. The spiritual aspect of this book comes from a holistic approach and addresses the spiritual, emotional and psychological issues involved in your problems with losing weight. This book is specifically designed for those that are addicted to food, compulsive eaters or anyone who sees food as the enemy.

The 21 lessons in the book will take you on a deep journey one step at a time that will shift your relationship with yourself and your body. This spiritual journey will help you solve your weight issues once and for all by examining the root of the problem. This book isn’t a diet guide, but more of a self improvement answer to weight issues as well as other problems you might be facing.

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  • Gets to the heart of overeating, food issues and disordered patterns of thought around food, body image and ourselves
  • The work in the book mimics mental health therapy sessions, but at a fraction of the cost
  • Encourages the individual to see food as symptom of how they see and view themselves and the world around them, rather than seeing food as the nemesis
  • Encourages mindful eating, eating for health reasons and eating as a way to nourish and heal the spirit
  • No food is ever forbidden, unless the individual chooses to not eat it
  • Accessible for anyone who has a food issue
  • Spiritual approach to weight loss may not appeal to those who are looking for a quick fix to weight loss or a food-based diet plan

A Course in Weight Loss is not about what you can and can't eat. What you won't see in the book is a week-to-week plan of a 1200-calorie, low-carb eating plan, but rather 21 steps to take that encourage thoughtful introspection into why you eat the way you do and the reasons why you turn to food.

In the book, Williamson addresses how childhood wounds have created a cycle of turning to food to express feelings of self-hate, despair and unresolved issues. As a way to get the individual to seek clarity around their disordered eating behaviors, Williamson has developed a series of exercises and assignments for the individual to do that allows the reader to identify and name feelings and emotions that are connected to dysfunctional eating patterns.

In addition, the reader is encouraged to meditate and keep a journal.

The only specific diet-specific information in the book comes from Dr. Dean Ornish, who wrote the foreword of A Course in Weight Loss. In this commentary, Dr. Ornish discusses the issues of food addiction and diet failure.


Just as with diet, there is no specific exercise plan in A Course in Weight Loss, but along the way of doing the 21 outlined steps, the reader might find themselves taking a brisk walk to clear their head or hitting the trails for a hike to connect with nature.


In the words of Marianne Williamson, "your path to weight loss is a path to the highest expression of who you are. This makes the journey a spiritual quest."

This is the basic premise of A Course In Weight Loss, a non-diet, diet book by one of the most popular spiritual lecturers and authors of our time.

If you're simply looking to drop a quick 10 pounds, you're probably better off choosing a popularized diet plan. But if you really want to do the work and dig deep into your mind, heart and spirit about what it really is that drives you to have a dysfunctional relationship to food, then this dense and intense 250-page read is your ticket to free yourself from the reins of food addiction.

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