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Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer Twist

An infomercial product that targets your core.

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The Ab Doer Twist is a fitness product offered through infomercials that claims to give you a muscle toning and aerobic workout all from a seated position. With the Ab Doer Twist, you can get a total body workout in just a few minutes each day. The Ab Doer Twist offers a patented torsion-flex technology that fires up muscles like the lower abs, upper abs, obliques and your back. This machine keeps your body aligned, stable and supported while the foam roller massages your back. The Ab Doer Twist is easy to assemble, includes contouring arm bars that eliminate stress to your hands and wrists and it comes with multiple resistance rods for a more challenging core workout. The workout DVDs that come with the machine are led by creator John Abdo. Abdo is a former Olympic coach and is seen as an authority on fitness sand athletic conditioning.

The Ab Doer Twist is said to be great for beginners as well as rained athletes. Although many experts have said that spot reduction is not possible, the Ab Doer Twist maintains that you can lose weight where you want to with the right tools. There is a nutrition plan that comes with the Ab Doer Twist as well as an instructional DVD and a beginning, intermediate and advanced workout.

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  • Product comes with thee levels of workouts
  • Encourages working out and healthy eating
  • Comes with a nutrition plan for weight loss
  • Entire workout done from a seated position
  • Works for all fitness levels
  • Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Encourages spot reduction
  • Focus is mainly on the core muscles
  • Machine can be expensive considering it focuses on the core
  • Must add in other workouts to work other muscle groups

There is a 4-Week Healthy Eating plan that comes with the Ab Doer Twist. The program offers four weeks’ worth of meal ideas and menus and suggests you stay within the calorie range of 1,200 to 1,500 per day. Eating a lower calorie diet like the one offered will help increase your success potential. You are encouraged to avoid skipping meals as that will slow your progress. Alcohol consumption is discouraged because it adds no nutritional value to your body. However, if you must indulge, you should limit your drinks to no more than one to two drinks per week. For your recommended foods you are encouraged to take in more fruits and vegetables, limit your meat and eliminate junk food and fast food. There are recipes included to give you some ideas on preparing healthier meals as well.


Exercise is what the Ab Doer Twist is all about. This machine comes with an instructional DVD to help you get started using it. It also includes a beginner, intermediate and advanced workout DVDs so that you can work out according to your fitness level. The Ab Doer Twist is designed to be used by everyone from beginners to trained athletes. The machine offers varying levels of resistance so you are in charge of how challenging your workout is. The Ab Doer Twist offers a swivel action seat with a multiple resistance dial. This increases your fat burning benefits and places emphasis on all sides of your legs, hamstrings, hips buttocks and obliques. The machine also has a massage roller, multiple resistance rods and contouring arm bars. You never have to get on the floor to work your abdominals with this machine.


The Ab Doer Twist is a machine that offers quite a few benefits when it comes to getting a good core workout. You can do all of your moves from a seated position and the machine comes with several workout DVDs to keep you motivated. There are other workout machines and videos that offer a good core workout without the hefty price tag. Other than testimonials, there is really no information proving that the Ab Doer Twist is a must-have machine.

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Burnice m

I have not tried this machine But I exercise in my office chair often and i seen great progress Yes I do believe it works

posted Jul 12th, 2017 10:19 am


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