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Amazing Body Now

Amazing Body Now

Eat more often and power your metabolism with this approach.

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Amazing Body Now is a weight loss program that is available in an electronic book format written by Andrea Albright. This weight loss program is targeted at women and offers a lot of information to help you reach your goals. The book starts with four pillars of weight loss and gives eight different things you can do to make this the last time you try to lose weight. The book takes a spiritual approach to weight loss as well. Albright has used these techniques to lose weight herself and she was able to do that by studying the lifestyles of those that are physically fit. Amazing Body Now shows you how to lose weight by feeding and nourishing your spirit at the same time. The four pillars of weight loss include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of weight loss. All four of these are important to reaching your weight loss goals. To be successful with this plan, it is recommended that you read through the entire book with an open mind before implementing any of the practices.

One of the first things covered in this book is that your body is in starvation mode anytime you reduce the number of calories you take in. With this program you have certain action items and those include having the mindset of a fit person. Although there are several things to implement, you don’t have to do them all at once. This program gives you the information you need to stop mindless eating and start thinking like and working your way to being a fit person.

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  • Offers the benefits of spiritual weight loss
  • Deals with spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects of weight loss
  • Tells you specifically what foods you should eat
  • Helps you eliminate mindless eating
  • Gives you the key to creating a nutritional balance
  • Specific diet and exercise plan
  • Book is a little long for those that might want to get started right away
  • Doesn’t offer a specific meal plan or exercise plan which some people find necessary

There is a lot of information about food and how to eat in this book. The optimal form of eating on this program is to eat to restore your metabolism. You must eat at least five to six meals per day. Eating every two hours will help you eliminate cravings and burn more calories. You will also have a more even energy level because you won’t have spikes in your blood sugar levels. You also must eat smaller portions and eat natural and unprocessed foods. To determine how much you should eat at each of these meals, you use the Okinawa principle, which means you eat until you are 80% full.

You are also encouraged to drink plenty of water on this plan. Water is used to eliminate the toxins from the body and keep you hydrated. Chemicals are to be voided in the foods you eat. One of the things to consider is not to eat food that has been messed with by humans. Anything processed should be avoided. There are good carbs that are encouraged while bad carbs are to be avoided. The same is true for good and bad fats. There are seven principles that you must follow in order to have the most success on this program. Those principles are listed below:

  • Don’t leave the house hungry.
  • Don’t cheat when you are shopping.
  • Understand your cravings so you can break them.
  • Become aware of how food affects your energy levels and emotions.
  • Purifying the palate – cleansing the body and spirit.
  • Set powerful intentions.
  • Listen to your body – Nutrition is a personal choice.

There is no one size fits all workout with this plan. There are simply some guidelines to make sure that you incorporate exercise. There are also some tips on making it fun to ensure you can stay with the plan. The key is to find a physical activity that you absolutely love. The fitness style of those that are fit includes having an activity that they are absolutely addicted to. It’s better to work out for 20 minutes per day five days per week than to work out for two hours one day per week. Your goal should be to condition your body to get stronger, burn fat and become lean. You have to stop thinking of exercise as working out or something you dread. There are plenty of activities out there that are fun and incorporate physical activity; you just have to find them. Some of the possible recommendations include:

  • Dance classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Sports activities
  • Team competitions

Amazing Body Now offers you just the right mix for losing weight. You are given the information you need to succeed without it being too restrictive. For example, you are told how to eat and what to avoid, but not exactly what you should eat. The program allows you to remain in control. The exercise works the same way. There is no blanket approach to getting in your physical activity because the book acknowledges that everyone has different interests. The important thing with this program is to incorporate some new habits, eat plenty of meals each day of natural foods and incorporate something fun that will get your body moving. Overall, the Amazing Body Now eBook has a lot to offer and get you to your fitness goals by changing your way of life.

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