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As of March 2012 the product is no longer available.

Appress, also called Glucappress PCL is a natural, non-hormonal, non-synthetic dietary supplement designed to supplement your body’s natural fat burning facilities and help you cut weight faster and more effectively; while at the same time providing the energy you need to stay motivated and active throughout the day.

When Appress is paired with a diet low in refined carbohydrates, and an exercise program of only 80 minutes a week Appress helps to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Appress is engineered to target and suppress glucose absorption in your body. Appress pairs its natural glucose regulation abilities with a powerful hunger reducer, and an all natural energy boost; giving Appress a powerful 1-2-3 punch to knock out fat.

Appress claims to be especially appropriate for those who are weight loss resistant and/or have a tendency towards insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or the metabolic syndrome ("Syndrome X").

Do You Know the Best Diet Pills of 2022?

  • May motivate user to adopt a healthier lifestyle to lose weight
  • Promotes following a diet low in refined and starchy carbohydrates
  • Won't result in sustained weight loss
  • May cause tummy troubles
  • Because of its increase in bile output those with known gallstones or bile duct obstructions should not take this product
  • Weight loss claims are likely exaggerated

Appress contains Cynara scolymus, Gahwa Bean Extract, Lagerstroemia Speciosa, Chromium Picolinate, Vanadyl sulfate, Pterocarpus Marsupium, Gurmar, Biotin, Galega Officinalis.


Daily dosage of Appress depends upon your weight and height and weight loss goals. Along with the product, is a chart that helps you determine just how many Appress capsules you should take each day in order to promote weight loss.

In general, two to three capsules are taken in the morning and then again in the evening.


Appress should be used in conjunction with a non-calorie restricted diet low in refined carbohydrates and an exercise program of 80 total minutes per week.


Appress is a weight loss supplement that contains a number of ingredients that block carbohydrate absorption. While its promotion of a diet low in refined carbohdrates and a weekly exercise plan is exemplary, it is nonetheless a diet pill.

Its carb-blocking ingredients are likely to come with gastrointestinal effects as well as contraindications for those with gall bladder conditions.

Always get the clear from your doctor before purchasing any weight loss pill.

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