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Banana Diet

Banana Diet Review (UPDATED 2024): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

Dieters are going bananas over this new diet fad.

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What is it?

The Banana Diet is a weight loss diet plan that emphasizes eating large amounts of bananas as well as other specific dietary habits. It’s also referred to as the Morning Banana Diet and it was once a popular fad diet in Japan.

Bananas are known for their rich potassium and fiber which is intended to help satisfy appetite. There are specific rules that the diet claims will help optimize overall health. You’re also given free reign and unlimited amounts of food at certain periods, making this a flexible diet. Our review experts review many kinds of diets, and the most effective they’ve reviewed is the 18Shake Diet. It combines both a fat burning stimulant free diet pill, and an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake. To learn more about the 18Shake Diet click on the link cited here.

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Banana Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

Here are the rules to the Banana Diet:

Breakfast: Room temperature water can be drunk and only bananas that are neither cooked nor frozen can be eaten; only raw bananas are allowed. You can use a different fruit for only one meal.

If you’re still hungry it’s advised to wait between 15 to 30 minutes before deciding to eat a different food.

Lunch and Dinner: You’re allowed whatever you want but it is preferred to eat Japanese food such as rice. Your dinner must be eaten at around 8 pm at the latest. Lunch and dinner should also be separated by around 4 hours.

Fried foods are not advised and it’s recommended to try and eat healthy.

Snack: One snack is allowed in the afternoon. This can be in the form of sweets such as candy and dough nuts if one wants.

Sleeping habits: Preferable to go to bed before midnight at the latest. No foods are allowed after 8 pm.

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Only filtered and mineral water are recommended in small sips and not to help food wash down. While tea, diet soda, and coffee are technically allowed, it’s not advised to drink this as much as regular water.

Alcoholic beverages are only allowed during special occasions.

They also advise for one to do a non-stressful exercise if one wants. A diet journal is also recommended to help keep track of progress.

A potential side effect of this diet was found to be excess eating that the American Dietetic Association has said:

“you have a diet that says eat all you want, there’s the possibility that people who are prone to overeating will have problems”

Furthermore, there’s a potential risk in unlimited bananas such as:

       • Diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting.

       •Increased bathroom use, stomach pain, and nausea.

• Indigestion, excess sugar intake, and high blood sugar.

Giving people the option to eat as they like can be potentially harmful and there’s not much support offered by this diet. It gives broad claims and suggestions which are not backed by science. There’s not enough support for people who have difficulty in making sure to eat within their means.

The Banana Diet can therefore potentially cause an increase in obesity. You are forced to rely on your own self-control without being offered any legitimate advice from this diet.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.

Banana Diet Quality of Ingredients

While eating bananas in moderation can be healthy, having unlimited access can make it easy to gain weight. There’s nothing in bananas which is shown to help with weight loss when eaten in large amounts. The claims made by this diet are not backed by any cited science.

People who are struggling with weight loss may actually end up gaining instead of losing weight.  Live Strong.com has also added:

“to lose weight on the Banana Diet you’d need to eat fewer calories than you use during the day”

This diet does not provide the support needed for this to happen. It relies on users to determine their own diet for lunch and dinner. With unlimited options it’s easy for one to go overboard and eat unhealthy foods.

The claims made such as not eating after 8 p.m. are not based in science as there is no weight gain if one eats during sleep time. Guide Doc.com has also stated:

“lack of experimental evidence or double-blind trials establishing the diet’s effectiveness”

One medium sized banana has around 105 calories. So if one were to eat 6 a day this would result in 630 calories of just bananas. They can be heathy in moderation but they also contain 14 grams of a medium size.  The math reveals:

14 (grams of sugar in 1 banana) x 6 (assuming one eats 6 bananas) = 84 grams of sugar.

The American Heart Association advises for women to limit themselves to 24 grams, and men 36 grams of added sugar. Therefore even with two bananas women would surpass the advised limit, and men would be dangerously close to their limit. This can further increase the risk for obesity due to the negative impact of sugar.

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The Price and Quality of Banana Diet

There is an official book offered and of course one would have to spend money on grocery shopping. Bananas tend to be cheap in price so it wouldn’t be too expensive to have numerous bananas stored.

The issue with this diet is due to the lack of proof. It offers very little support and allows people to eat as much as they want as long as they are not hungry.

Another major problem with this is that for those who are struggling to lose weight this can make it easy to overeat. There’s no benefit in using this diet if you don’t already have self-control, which would make it unnecessary to diet. Users are left to make their own diet choices for both lunch and dinner.  A list of the top ranked weight loss diets is made available in the link provided here.

Business of Banana Diet

This diet was created by a pharmacist based in Japan named Sumino Watanabe after she recommended this to her husband lost 37 pounds by using the Banana Diet.

As of this date there have been no clinical reviews or legitimate science to help prove this diet works.

Due to its popularity Japan suffered a banana shortage as well as multiple renditions of diets that emphasized people to eat bananas.

There is also an official website which helps explain the diets needs, but there is not much else for support other than a forum for users. To see which weight loss diets made it to the highest rated list, click on the link here.

EDITOR’S TIP: The top 10 list of the best diets is available here.

Customer Opinions of Banana Diet

Featured below are some select quotes taken from users:

“it’s far better to just use a balanced diet instead of this fad”

“Very hard to do because I just don’t like bananas and I’m becoming desperate”

“how is one not supposed to gorge on food while on this diet?”

“this is just another fad diet that does not work at all”

There were issues having to do with a lack of results and some found it difficult to sustain. People who didn’t like diets found it hard to start, and those who did enjoy bananas quickly became bored of having to eat it the same way.

People were also confused with the need for drinking room temperature water instead of it being chilled or heated.

Many users had questions about why there are seemingly pointless and strange decisions made about how to properly use this diet.

Conclusion - Does Banana Diet Work?

 The Banana Diet is similar to other fad diets which emphasizes the special powers of a particular food. There are many claims made about what a healthy diet is, but there is no real evidence to back up any of the claims. Eating a large amount of bananas can be very caloric and it may make it easier to gain weight. Many users were confused as to why there are odd suggestions made and people also found it difficult to continue. It’s also unknown why the diet makes very specific recommendations without providing evidence to prove its worth.

Our review experts have concluded that the most effective diet is the 18Shake Diet plan. It offers users a fat burning diet pill and an appetite suppressing meal replacement. When combined they help to maximize weight loss without any stimulants, colors, binders, fillers, or artificial additives. Customers have also left glowing reviews and testimonials to showcase how effective it is for well-rounded weight loss results.

All the ingredients are manufactured in a safe GMP certified facility. This ensures routine quality and 3rd party inspections to ensure accurate dosing. The combined effects of this diet can help promote well rounded weight loss with quality nutrition. For more information on the 18Shake Diet, follow the link provided here.

How Does Banana Diet Compare?
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am I allowed to eat meat while doing banana diet?

posted Sep 11th, 2017 8:10 am



its very interesting article....and why some people think its ridiculuos and stupid.....y not give it a try...theres no wrong with it anyways...

posted Nov 28th, 2011 4:30 pm



I lost (40) lbs and kept it off for years. I only ate bananas. This diet was good b/c it did not have to make eating choices. The answer was always: "bananas". I am going to try celery next b/c sweet bananas were hard to find, prices fluctuated, fruit flies loved them, and they did not have a long shelf life. It eliminated the need to keep a food diary and I could eat as many as I wanted. I am going to try celery now.

posted Apr 25th, 2011 2:03 pm



i think i will try the banana diet....it seens to be quiet easy, why not give it a try?

posted Dec 1st, 2009 9:09 am


The banana diet seems more like a tiny improvement to a normal, non-dieting person.

However, after I've gone through the lemon diet, and cabbage so up diet I'll try it. :)

posted Mar 3rd, 2009 1:21 pm



This i perfect fr people who do not like eating breakfast in the morning. I like bananas and I actually get full of it for a few hours.

posted Feb 26th, 2009 3:58 am



I love bananas! I have a banana and an orange juice every morning and it keeps me going strong! I guess i am on the banana diet without even knowing it :-)

posted Feb 25th, 2009 8:27 am


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BACKGROUNDBACKGROUND Start the Diet Now Advertisement

Created in Japan by a husband and wife duo, the Banana Diet is about as popular in Japan as The South Beach Diet is in the States. In fact, once the diet became known, bananas were in such high demand, they couldn't be found in Japanese grocery stores. But as its popularity has spread over continents and over the Internet, so have the versions of this fad, but interesting, diet.

The Banana Diet requires that you eat bananas only at breakfast and then whatever you like for the rest of the day. Why bananas and not kiwis or oatmeal? The science behind the diet is still forming, but there are two primary reasons for its creation. One, bananas are believed to have a certain enzyme that promote elimination and enhance digestion and the other is that bananas contain resistant starch, a kind of nutrient similar to fiber that has been linked to weight loss, satiety and digestion.

As long as you follow this diet closely, they say you can lose weight.

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  • Diet is in general healthy
  • Bananas are only consumed one time of day
  • Bananas contains fiber, potassium and are a good form of energy
  • Bananas are inexpensive
  • Promotes eating breakfast
  • Fits definition of a fad diet, more than a lifelong style of eating
  • No exercise plan is required
  • Bananas are not a magic pill to weight loss
  • Breakfast of just bananas will lead to a drop in blood-sugar levels
  • Restricts dairy and alcohol

The Banana Diet is pretty simple to follow. In the morning you eat one to two bananas followed by a glass of room temperature water. Throughout the rest of the day, you can eat whatever you like as long as it does not contain dairy, alcohol or other dessert-like foods. You are allowed one sweet mid-afternoon snack and then come 8 p.m. the kitchen is closed as a way to avoid mindless night-time snacking.


There is not an exercise component.


The Banana Diet will probably help you lose weight as long as you adhere to the diet's guidelines. But its lack of an exercise program and its dependence on one purported magic food makes it appear more as a fad diet rather than a healthy living eating routine that will result in maintained weight loss.

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