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A hot new dance workout that started in Spain.

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Dance workouts seem to be very popular lately and that popularity is continually growing. One of the new popular programs in this genre of dance workouts is Batuka. Batuka is defined as a fitness and wellness system designed by Grammy winning songwriter and producer Kike Santander. The program first started in Spain and is starting to roll out globally. All of the routines are choreographed to Santander’s music and the program encourages healthy eating and a positive mindset. The name Batuka comes from the Brazilian word batucada which is a festive and vibrant gathering of people enjoying music, rhythm and dance.

Those that engage in Batuka can discover an inner harmony and gain a happier state from within. Batuka combines movement, music, body and spirit. Currently Batuka is preparing to launch a club program that will be available in late 2011. This will enable health clubs and interested organizations to be trained at and offer Batuka instructor workshops and master classes. There are different variations of Batuka including Dance, Zen, Fight and Force. There is also a diet element called Batuka Nourish which provides healthy eating guidelines.

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  • Incorporates fun music in your workout
  • Offers nutrition and exercise guidance
  • Uses dance genres from four corners of the world
  • Brings movement and music together along with other fitness elements
  • Offers total body training
  • Batuka is rolling out globally
  • Not currently available in most countries
  • No DVDs available or those that don’t have access to Batuka classes

Unlike most fitness classes, Batuka offers a nutritional guideline to help you eat healthy and control calories. The first suggestion of Batuka eating is to eat foods that are grown from the earth. Ask yourself where foods come from before you eat them. The second element of Batuka eating is to fuel your body for life. You have to keep your body nourished throughout the day and minimize long periods of time without food. Maintaining a balance of nutrition is also an important element of having a healthy body. There is a full breakdown of the foods in the book The Social Network Diet. This book is endorsed by Batuka.

The third element of nutrition asks that you be mindful and thankful. Plan ahead for you meals and make sure your body is getting enough nourishment. Allow yourself time to be thankful for your meal and really focus on that meal. Turn off all distractions including the television and computer while you’re eating. Take time to be engaged in your meals at a table. Although there are guidelines for eating given by Batuka which include eating a plant rich diet, you have control over your exact diet. The way you eat should be a reflection of you and your individual personality.


Batuka is set up currently to be available through professional instruction. This form of exercise originated in Spain and is working to expand. Currently there are several different areas of Batuka to choose from. Later in 2011 there will be instructional workshops so that fitness instructors everywhere will have access to be able to learn and teach the classes. The different areas of emphasis and their specialties are listed below:

  • Dance: Move to choreography that is inspiring and energizing. Dance genres and themes are taken from four corners of the world.
  • Zen: Features smooth and meditative movements with yoga, Pilates, tai-chi and dance elements.
  • Fight: Challenges you to win the battle against complacency with a structured workout to achieve maximum results. This segment integrates moves from karate, taekwondo, muay thai, kick boxing, kung fu and capoeira.
  • Force: Works every major muscle group for a total body workout. This segment forces your body to a higher level of training.

With the rising popularity of dance workouts, Batuka can surely be a great tool to working out, losing weight and staying in shape. Currently Batuka is not as widely available as some other dance workouts, so it may not be an option for many people. By the end of 2011 the company does plan to have training available to those interested in becoming Batuka instructors. If DVDs become available, Batuka could become an option for everyone around the world.

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I will keep an eye out for local programs or hopefully a DVD, sounds fun!

posted Oct 17th, 2011 1:50 pm


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