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Beyond Broccoli

Beyond Broccoli

Creating a Biologically Balanced Diet When a Vegetarian Diet Doesn't Work

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Beyond Broccoli: Creating a Biologically Balanced Diet When a Vegetarian Diet Doesn't Work isn't your typical diet book for two reasons. One, because it spends a great deal of time arguing why other diets don't work - namely strict vegan and vegetarian diets for their adverse effects. And two, because the author used to be staunchly opposed to eating meat and animal products, which is in part, the advice she gives in the book. However, her advice seems sound.

Author Susan Schenck - who also wrote the popular raw diet book 'The Live Food Factor' - was a raw vegan herself for six years, as well as a raw vegetarian for a year. And although she wanted to believe these were the healthiest diets to follow, over time she found out otherwise and began suffering from such symptoms as vitamin B12 deficiencies, memory loss, bloating, and fatigue.

Schenck consulted other professionals in her field who'd also formerly been vegan and vegetarian, and asked them why they made the switch to other diets. Their feedback, coupled with her own extensive research, makes up Schenk's 28-chapter book about the benefits of straying away from strictly plant-based eating and incorporating small amounts of meat - namely fish - into your diet.

Schenk uses the majority of the book to debunk myths about veganism and vegetarianism. But her primary message is this: Although some of us have adapted to vegetarianism, we are first omnivores.

She suggests including at least a little bit of raw or lightly cooked animal foods in your diet. This should make up at least 5-10% of your caloric intake to avoid deficiencies.

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  • Author is a licensed acupuncturist with a master's degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine
  • Very thorough and well researched
  • Includes several expert opinions
  • For men and women
  • Includes advice for pregnant women
  • Encourages consuming many fruits and vegetables
  • Designed for overall mind and body health
  • Eating all organic food can be expensive, putting this diet out of some people's cost range
  • No menu or recipes are included
  • No exercise guideline

In Chapters 23 and 28, Schenck gives a loose guideline for what the diet should consist of. Although she doesn't include a calorie range or menu plan, she does suggest eating a mostly caveman diet - also known as the paleolithic diet.

Schenck recommends following a mainly raw, whole foods diet with mostly raw or marinated meat, although occasionally cooking it lightly is acceptable. She also suggests eating plenty of all natural, unrefined, organic foods.

Concerning meat, she suggests selecting animal protein from organically-fed, free-range sources; demanding clean meat and eating it consciously; and only consuming 3-6 ounces a day.

She also suggets eating plenty of plant foods, non-sweet fruits, hemp seed oil or olive oil in moderation, and as many greens as you like.

  • No specific advice on fitness

Beyond Broccoli: Creating a Biologically Balanced Diet When a Vegetarian Diet Doesn't Work offers well-grounded advice for those seeking to live a healthy lifestyle. However, it may not be practical for everyone as eating mostly raw foods, including meat, can pose its challenges. Eating solely organic can also be costly.

On the other hand, the benefits are that the author promotes the consumption of whole, natural foods for mind and body health. And encourages readers to keep a journal of their diets to track the way different foods affect their bodies in order to find out what foods work best for them. It seems practical in approach.

There was nothing particularly alarming about the advice Schenck gave, except the raw meat suggestion. However, if selected and handled properly, health risks shouldn't be a factor here.

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