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Biggest Loser Boot Camp

Biggest Loser Boot Camp

Get in shape at home with Bob Harper and former Biggest Loser contestants.

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Biggest Loser personal trainer Bob Harper is back with the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD designed to help you experience dramatic weight loss over a six week period. The great results you will get with this program come from three different levels of boot camp that you add to your workout as your skills get better. This DVD will not only burn fat, but it will also help you build muscle which will help your metabolism go faster. The total length of Biggest Loser Boot Camp is 55 minutes, but you start out with the 30 minute workout along with the warm up and cool down. Some of the included cardio exercises focus on marching, kickboxing, jumping jacks and squats.

There are also muscle-toning sections which require two and ten pound dumbbells which must be purchased separately. A couple of other optional pieces of toning equipment include a medicine ball and resistance bands. To help Bob out on this DVD are contestants from various seasons of the show. Whether they were winners of the season or the at-home portion, it’s helpful to see former cast members working out with you.

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  • Includes both aerobic and muscle-toning workouts
  • Three levels to progress through
  • Achieve maximum results with these workouts
  • Spend two weeks on one level before progressing to the next
  • Hosted by Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper
  • Builds muscle and burns fat
  • Helps raise your metabolism the healthy way
  • Allows you to workout at home
  • Additional equipment to purchase
  • No diet component included

There is no diet information included with the Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD.


The Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD offers some great workouts that will get you results. Those that want to work out to improve their body and health may not want to go to a gym, so this work out offers quality without leaving the house. There are some additional things you will need to purchase such as dumbbells to use while you’re working out. To ensure that you can perform the exercises, you start out at the beginner level and progress each two weeks. This DVD is designed to be covered over a six week period and will get harder with each level that you add on. The first two weeks you would do Boot Camp 1 and the warm up and cool down. For weeks three and four you would add on Boot Camp 2. Lastly for weeks five and six you would do all three levels of boot camp. Changing the workout every two weeks will keep your body from adapting to the workout and help you avoid hitting a plateau. Both the warm up and cool down for this DVD are five minutes in length.


Boot camp style workouts seem to be growing in popularity because they cover a variety of exercises. The Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD will take you through three levels of boot camp and help give you the fast results you have been looking for. This DVD offers the expertise of personal trainer Bob Harper and the success that goes with the Biggest Loser products. Working out is important for achieving weight loss results and keeping your body healthy. Utilizing this workout can offer you the help you need to get the body you want.

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Lisa Thomas Trzil

I love this workout. Bob is the best! It offers 3 different levels of intensity so you can build up.

posted Feb 15th, 2011 11:13 am


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