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BIOHIIT is a trademarked acronym that was created by David Norton, it stands for BIOfeedback High Intensity Interval Training. BodyBare BIOHIIT is the program Norton created that includes using a heart rate monitor. He created the program after learning about the concept of heart rate based high intensity interval training while earning his National Academy of Sports Medicine personal trainer certification.

What he discovered was if we can get our heart rate up very high for a short period of time then recover to a specific level before getting it up again for a short period at very specific intervals and intensities, we signal our bodies to change our hormone levels.  Cortisol goes down, testosterone goes up and our bodies shed fat while building and strengthening lean muscle.

Norton has spent 10 seasons working as the sponsor producer for The Biggest Loser on NBC. His job involved working with the trainers on the show to create effective programs for the contestants. Most of the trainers had their unique styles that also involved using unique equipment. He contacted Scott Evans, an inventor and entrepreneur, to create the equipment wanted by the trainers. Evans is also the one who created the Top Trainer, Cush Ups and Heavy Towl. Norton set out "to create a program that would utilize Scott's inventions incorporating them into an efficient workout that gets the results people want." While creating the program he looked at testosterone and cortisol and made sure it would lower the cortisol while increasing the body's testosterone.

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  • David Norton is certified and has plenty of experience from working on The Biggest Loser.

  • Because HIIT is extremely efficient and physically taxing ionly needs to be done 3x per week.

  • An Express BIOHIIT version is available if you do not have time for the hour long session.

  • It is designed for any age and level of fitness

  • Encourages you to use a heart rate monitor to ensure you are working out at the proper intensity

  • Includes a fitness program as well as an eating healthy guide and recipes.

  • May not be good for those with joint issues.

  • It recommends using a heart rate monitor and those can be expensive.

  • Other equipment is recommended that you would need to purchase separately.


The program include a list of items to avoid as well as a list of foods that you can consume on a large scale. It also provides a typical day of what David Norton eats.

His typical day includes:

BREAKFAST #1 (within 30 minutes of waking up): 20G Whey Protein shake with water and ice.

Post workout: • 20G supplement drink • Calcium Supplement • Multivitamin with extra Vitamin D and B12 • Fish Oil Supplement • Glucosamine Chondroitin Supplement 

Veggie Scramble

LUNCH: The Big Salad

DINNER: Whatever healthy meal his wife cooks (recipes included)



The program can be tailored for your fitness level and designed to be a six to seven week program but you can continue until you have reached your goal. You are required to perform the HIIT three times a week.

Here is a week long sample:

Monday: Total Interval

Tuesday: Balance and Core

Wednesday: Hi-­‐Lo Interval

Thursday: Rest (walk outside for 45 minutes) or Back & Biceps DVD (coming soon)

Friday: Max Interval

HIIT is better than regular cardio exercises when you are trying to lose fat. Long bouts of constant state cardio will actually trigger the stress hormone cortisol and can cause your body to store fat and lose muscle. HIIT and especially BIOHIIT can lower cortisol and increase that lean muscle building hormone testosterone because you will be wearing a heart rate monitor and will be able to make sure you are working out at the proper intensity.


David Norton has been in the fitness industry for a long time and brings plenty of knowledge and experience. The reason this program may be better for you is because other programs use long bouts of constant state cardio which can trigger the stress hormone cortisol and can cause your body to store fat and lose muscle. HIIT and especially BIOHIIT can lower cortisol and increase the lean muscle building hormone testosterone.

It does increase testosterone but it's still safe for women since the body will only produce as much testosterone as is needed. You do not need to worry about 'bulking' up like some women, they are usually taking external testosterone and lifting very heavy weights. The majority of the exercises in this program are calisthenics based or use very light weights, women doing the program will tone and tighten and look smaller.

It is also safe to use this program in combination with other exercises or sports you may do. Biofeedback HIIT can increase your VO2 max or the amount of oxygen your body can process to the muscles, which could enhance your overall performance.

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