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Bonus Years Diet

Bonus Years Diet

Extend your life with seven miracle foods.

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The Bonus Years Diet is a book that highlights seven miracle foods that can add health benefits and 6.4 years onto your life if used properly. The book was written by Dr. Ralph Felder, chief of cardiology at a major hospital who also happens to be a trained chef, and Carol Colman, a New York Times Bestselling author.

The Bonus Years Diet concludes that incorporating the seven miracle foods in your daily eating habits can extend the lives of women by 4.8 years on average, and the lives of men by 6.6 years on average.

The seven miracle foods are:

  • chocolate
  • red wine
  • nuts
  • garlic
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • fish

The miracle foods not only add the benefit of additional years to your life, but also help prevent certain cardiovascular disease. These foods have been associated with reducing blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol and cutting down on inflammation and clotting in the blood vessels while at the same time increasing your good cholesterol levels.

Included with the Bonus Years Diet book are enough meal plans to last for a month and more than 100 recipes. With the Bonus Years Diet, you don’t have to bother with counting calories; you just reap the benefits of healthier eating.

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  • Program claims to add years to your life
  • Miracle foods have a cardiovascular benefit
  • May lose weight while eating delicious foods
  • Program created by a medical doctor as well as a chef
  • Medical research supports concepts promoted in the book
  • Includes plenty of healthy recipes
  • Many of the miracle foods are tasty indulgences
  • Follows pattern of the highly praised Mediterranean diet
  • Not as heavy emphasis placed on weight loss as there is on other overall health
  • May be difficult for some to eat these same seven foods every day

The Bonus Years Diet focuses heavily on diet and nutrition. Including each of the seven miracle foods will ensure that those participating in the program are getting the proper nutrients that their body needs. By eating these seven miracle foods on a daily basis, you not only lose weight, but increase your overall health tremendously.

A typical day on the Bonus Years Diet might be:

  • Whole-grain oatmeal topped with almonds and walnuts and an assortment of berries for breakfast.
  • Lunch might be a fresh salad loaded with vegetables.
  • A snack might be an ounce of dark chocolate.
  • Dinner could include garlic and miso glazed salmon, steamed asparagus and a glass of red wine.

While exercise is required for a complete healthy lifestyle program, it is not the focus of this book.


If you are concerned about your overall health and are looking to maximize your life expectancy, the Bonus Years Diet book may have the answers for you. You can enjoy tasty recipes that incorporate the seven miracle foods from the same doctor who designed the program. Eating chocolate and drinking wine each day are just a couple of the benefits you would enjoy from trying this program.

For those looking to lose large amounts of weight or hoping for dramatic results fairly quickly, this might not be the program for you. However, following the program has been proven to enhance your life expectancy, which definitely isn’t a bad thing.

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