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Clean Cuisine

Clean Cuisine

Ivy Larson's 8-week Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Program that Will Change the Way You Age, Look and Feel.

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Ivy Ingram Larson, a certified health fitness specialist, refused to let a multiple sclerosis diagnosis prevent her from living the full, happy life she wanted. Her treatment options were to take medication or drastically change her already healthy diet. With the help of her husband, Dr. Andrew Larson, a board-certified surgeon, Ivy slowed the progression of her disease without taking a single pill.

The Larsons created the Clean Cuisine diet and fitness plan, an eight-week program designed to reverse diabetes, improve cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce symptoms associated with painful inflammatory diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and arthritis. According to the authors, adopting a clean diet and effective fitness program reduces inflammation, boosts energy levels and improves mood. It can even reverse negative blood work and the effects of some long-term diseases. In fact, the diet and exercise programs revolve around reducing inflammation, instead of revolving around weight loss, but weight loss is considered an added benefit.

The Clean Cuisine program covers an eight-week period during which individuals follow provided meal plans and exercise guidelines, including more than 100 healthy recipes and a step-by-step workout routine called “Full Fitness Fusion: The 30-Minute Solution.”

The final section of the Clean Cuisine book is broken out into an eight-week meal and fitness schedule and includes attainable challenges for individuals to accomplish each week, such as: “Eat fruit with breakfast every day this week.” The last part of the book contains more than 100 healthy recipes for individuals to incorporate into their personalized eight-week program.

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  • Experienced, credentialed authors live the Clean Cuisine lifestyle
  • Diet and nutrition are forefront to the effectiveness of the program
  • Includes step-by-step fitness routine with pictures
  • Includes more than 100 recipes
  • Complementary DVD is available
  • Improved health over a quick weight loss diet
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Focus on whole, organic foods
  • May revert to old habits at eight weeks' completion
  • Recipes and meal planning might be too expensive or too boring for individuals to stick with
  • Fitness routine might not be difficult or not interesting enough for individuals to stick to

The Clean Cuisine diet requires individuals to eat whole, real foods that are unrefined and in their most natural state. Sodium- and sugar-laden foods, overly processed foods, and anything deep fat fried are not a part of the Clean Cuisine program. Plants make up the majority of the diet and nutrition program, but the Larsons do not force a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle on individuals who decide to follow this plan. Animal-based proteins are also allowed in moderation. In addition, the diet and nutrition program allows individuals to drink a glass of red wine with dinner, which is believed to promote heart health.

Confusion about foods allowed in the diet program is alleviated by the Clean Cuisine Food Pyramid, which outlines all of the foods recommended by the program. Unlike the traditional food pyramid, the Clean Cuisine Food Pyramid does not include refined white flours, sugar and hydrogenated oils. Instead, organic flours and sweets, such as vegan dark chocolate (60% cocoa), top the chart. The majority of foods in the Clean Cuisine diet are organic, which ensures individuals will benefit from complete inflammatory relief by avoiding pesticides and growth hormones.

The diet and nutrition part of the program does not require individuals to count calories because the Larsons believe that calorie counting is an ineffective nutrition habit.


The Clean Cuisine Full Fitness Fusion: 30-Minute Solution is a full-body workout focused on functional fitness emphasizing quality over quantity. According to the program, exercise should build muscle to burn fat and increase strength.

The fitness routine included in the book consists of short, intense bursts of low-impact activity, which the Larsons believe to be more effective than long-distance, long-time cardio activity, such as marathon running or cycling.

The regimen, created by Ivy Larson, was designed because of a severe hip injury that prevented her from participating in high-impact cardio activity. The step-by-step instructions and pictures included in the fitness routine make it even easier for individuals who suffer from physical disability, such as joint problems, to follow the workout routine.


The Clean Cuisine diet and exercise program does not focus on weight loss, but does focus on health and wellness as well as disease prevention and reversal. Weight loss is considered an added benefit from following the program. However, individuals looking for a specific weight loss program will not find it in the Clean Cuisine. Individuals will find diet and nutrition information from certified specialists in health and medicine as well as personalized exercise information for those who are unable to participate in high-impact cardio activity. The authors, who have lived the Clean Cuisine lifestyle for more than a decade, consider clean eating to be the long-term solution for optimal health, disease prevention (and reversal), weight loss and longevity.

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