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Cybex Arc Trainer

Cybex Arc Trainer

Burn more calories in less time with the Cybex Arc Trainer.

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The Cybex Arc Trainer is not an elliptical, nor is it a stair-climber. It is a arc trainer, an unique exercise machine that causes your legs to move in an arc motion. This engages your quads and glutes to cause a high caloric burn. Because the Cybex Arc Trainer causes you to rely on your muscles to move the machine in a smooth fluid motion, it does not cause any unnecessary stress on your joints. This allows you to work out for a longer period of time, which also increases your caloric burn.

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  • You can get a high caloric burn with this machine
  • Does not put undue pressure on your joints
  • Uses main muscles in your legs
  • Voted "Product of the Year" for two years straight
  • Monitor your heart rate with built-in heart rate monitor
  • Machine weighs 400 pounds, making it difficult to move
  • Cake take up quite a bit of space in your personal gym

The Cybex Arc Trainer does not contain any information or guidelines concerning diet and nutrition.


Most experts recommend 30-minutes of exercise, five times a week. You can use the Cybex Arc Trainer to meet this recommendation.


The Cybex Arc Trainer creates a fluid movement that exercises your quads and glutes, allowing you to work out longer and burn more calories than a traditional elliptical or stair-climbing machine would allow you to do. This machine is different from traditional exercise machines, so it will also add variety to your workout and keep you from getting bored with the same old routine. If you are looking for a diverse piece of exercise equipment that will give you a high caloric burn without damaging your joints, then you should consider this piece of fitness equipment.

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This looks like a good product for burning calories and building strength in the lower body. And if its only neede for like 30 minutes a day, seems simple to keep up with. Would love to just watch some TV while riding this, then you don't really have to think about it.

posted Oct 18th, 2011 1:36 pm


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