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Diet Detective

Diet Detective

Uncover the barriers to weight loss with this online diet program.

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Charles Stuart Platkin is The Diet Detective. Whether you're following his guidance via his reality television show, I Want to Save Your Life, or following his online program, Platkin uses his passion and expertise as a health and fitness professional to help others search for the answers and solutions that get in the way of them losing weight.

Once overweight himself, Platkin understands that there is much more to overeating than just food. His television show, as well as his online program, seek to uncover the emotional and environmental barriers that prevent healthy living behaviors.

The Diet Detective online program is a reality-based plan that shows you to eat real food, uncover real solutions to your eating problems and organize a fitness schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Platkin believes that healthy living starts from making healthy choices and his plan shows you exactly how to make the correct choices that support not just weight loss but a healthy state of mind, one that is free from the stranglehold of food.

The online program is paid for on a weekly membership basis.

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  • Takes a complete approach to weight loss
  • Shows you how to eat real foods, including brand names
  • Diet Detective was created by a well-recognized and accomplished health expert
  • Online weight loss plans have much success and offer convenience
  • Addresses emotional eating
  • Not a fast solution to weight loss
  • Must have access to a computer

Rather than outlining a set in stone plan for you to follow, the Diet Detective online program encourages you to eat real food, including your favorite brand names, and eat them in a healthy manner.

After completing a short personal profile that includes your eating habits, activity level, goal weight, age and height, you'll receive Five Real World Weight Loss Solutions that reflect your answers to the profile questions. From there, you will receive a meal plan with built-in calorie bargains in addition to online tools that are used to track your progress, food logs and journals and a weight tracker.

Overall, the Diet Detective online program supports making healthy food choices that revolve around choosing whole foods rather than overly processed ones, vegetables and fruits over refined starches and sugars and lean meats over fat-laden protein sources.

The plan also instructs you to ask yourself three basic questions before you eat anything in order to identify the difference between emotional and biological hunger.


The Diet Detective's fitness program shows you to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. As you progress through the program, you will learn firsthand how exercise makes you feel and how instrumental it is in achieving your goal weight.

As part of the program, you have access to the Activity Calculator, Calorie Calculator, printable exercises and daily tips. In addition, the Exercise Equivalent Finder shows you how long it will take for you to walk, run or perform yoga in order to burn off a cheeseburger or bucket of movie theater popcorn.


The Diet Detective, Charles Stuart Platkin, has taken his successful reality television show and expanded it to an online program where anyone looking to lose weight can receive all of the helpful, insightful and informative advice, tips and information in order to lose weight and reach their health goals.

If you are looking for a well-structured plan that is customized to your own goals and lifestyle and helps your overcome the emotional and environmental challenges that get in the way of successful weight loss, then the Diet Detective online program may be just the plan for you.

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Erin H.


Easy meal plans customized online with no special foods to buy. Just use what's already in the kitchen!

posted Oct 19th, 2011 3:58 pm


Excellent program. I learned how to manage my normal dietary habits to lose 5 lbs

posted Oct 18th, 2011 6:36 pm


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