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Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat

Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat

Dr. Nancy Snyderman uncovers the real truth behind weight loss.

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Don't miss our interview with Dr. Nancy Snyderman, author of Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat.

Calories don't count, it is carbs that matter, and your body shape has very little to do with your overall size - These are just a few of the diet myths that NBC News Chief Medical Editor and New York Times Bestselling author Nancy Snyderman, M.D. debunks in her book, Diet Myths that Keep Us Fat. In writing this book, Snyderman also drew on her own experience as a veteran dieter who has tried all of the quick-fix tactics from starvation to binging to fad diets.

Once she shines the factual light on eight of the most pervasive diet myths, Snyderman then educates us on 101 truths that keep us trim and possibly extend our lives.

From the skinny on low-fat and low-carb diets to understanding which supplements support weight loss and to learning how you need to eat (think slowly, often and fiber-filled) in order to lose weight, Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat is full of illuminating and science-driven information that sets your mind and your waist straight about how you need to lead your life in order to stay trim and healthy.

The book also contains Snyderman's own Treat Yourself Diet which is a healthy and delicious way to keep your taste buds satisfied and your tummy flat.

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  • Debunks common diet myths and offers science-based and practical truths in their place
  • Snyderman is a health and medical expert and best-selling author
  • Promotes living a healthy lifestyle that can help keep weight off for good
  • Includes a host of healthy eating tips and suggestions
  • Recipes and food plan is easy to follow
  • Educates you on what it takes to be healthy and fit
  • Does not include a specific exercise plan

The Treat Yourself Diet is focused on helping you to lose weight, improve your health and lead to a happier life. The mainstay of the diet is built around consuming plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins, exercising portion control and eating the foods that you love in moderation.

With the mantra that food is meant to be enjoyed, Dr. Snyderman outlines a day-to-day plan that teaches you how to be mindful of your food choices so that you're eating not just for a healthier you but also for a more satisfied you.

For instance, if you can't seem to get chocolate cake out of your mind, then the Treat Yourself Diet allows for you to eat the cake as an entree rather than as a dessert or as a second dinner.

The Treat Yourself Diet gives you sample meal plans and recipes so that you can learn how treating yourself to the foods you love can still fit into your weight loss or weight maintenance plan.


While following the Treat Yourself Diet, you are strongly encouraged to exercise five days a week, 30 minutes at a time. Throughout the book, Snyderman extols the benefits of exercise and strongly suggests that you make it a daily priority in your healthy living plan. However, no specific fitness plan is provided.


Odds are that if you have ever dieted, you have probably listened to and followed one of the most common 8 diet myths that Dr. Nancy Snyderman debunks in her book, Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat.

Peppered with research-driven evidence and statistics, Diet Myths gives us a truthful and honest look at what we need to do to stay trim and healthy. The book also includes Dr. Nancy Synderman's own Treat Yourself Diet, an eating plan built on whole-foods, good carbs, portion control and indulgence.

If you are tired of chasing diet and after diet and want to know the facts so that you can lose weight and keep it off, then Diet Myths That Keep Us Fat will arm you with the data and motivation you need to change your life around.

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