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Diet Tapper

Diet Tapper

Diet Tapper is a text message service from Self that reminds you eat better and move more.

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Diet Tapper is a subscription text message service that sends you gentle "taps" throughout the day with healthy meal suggestions and exercise tips. Diet Tapper was inspired by new research that suggests that text message reminders can help people reach their health goals. The service launched in August 2011, for $2.99 per month. Once you sign up, you will receive about five text messages per day, containing healthy meal options, one drink suggestion and one fitness tip. All the text messages will be labeled "EAT," "DRINK" or "MOVE."

In addition to the text messages, you will also have access to a special part of the Self.com site, which contains additional information, such as recipes and detailed workouts. Many of text messages will direct users to specific recipes or workouts.

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  • Tips are practical and easy to follow
  • Frequent reminders can help you stay on track and motivated
  • Gives users access to recipes and tips from the Self magazine archives
  • Program is very flexible
  • Text messages can be easy to ignore
  • App works better on a smart phone than other mobile phones

Diet Tapper don't have a regimented diet plan. You will receive a text message for breakfast, lunch and dinner each day with a target number of calories. You can always go to the Diet Tapper section of the Self website. Usually, breakfasts tend to be protein-rich and higher in calories, and dinners tend to be a little lighter. The meal recommendations vary, some may offer a specific recipe, others suggest cooking with a certain kind of food. There are even suggestions that tell you the best options a national chains like Starbucks.

You will also get a daily "DRINK" text that will suggest a low-calorie or zero-calorie beverage.

Sample "EAT" Texts (some may also include links not printed here):

  • "EAT: Spice it up! Peeps who cook w/ lots of 0-cal spices lose more lbs. Go Mexican w/ Chicken Fjitas at 501 cal"

  • "EAT: A crunchy 450 cal lunch. Foods w/ bite are more filling. Tell your your cubemate we're sorry for the noise ;)"

  • "EAT: Metabolism is higher in the AM so you must eat. Grab a 350-cal bfst from this list"

  • "EAT:Lunch in front of a screen = mindless snacking later. Go outside or flip off your monitor 450 cal ideas"


Like the diet plan, Diet Tapper does not provide a regimented workout plan. It makes workout suggestions, and directs users to try out different kinds of workouts. Others suggest a more general type of workout, cardio, strength training, with a suggested about of time. The recommendation for cardio workouts is typically 45 minutes per day. Some texts contain links to more detailed instructions on the Self website.

Sample "MOVE" Texts (some messages may also include links not printed here):

  • "MOVE: Row your 40-min cardio. The rowing machine sizzles more calories than the treadmill does."

  • "MOVE: Kick off your week w/ 45 min of cardio. Promise yourself new tunes, gear or a spa splurge when you meet your fit goal this week.”

  • "MOVE: Log 45 min cardio today. Beach-bound? Swim to sizzle 468 cal. Pack a post workout snack."


If you're looking for a structured, comprehensive plan that tells you what to eat and when, you may want to supplement Diet Tapper with another diet plan. Many messages contain links to more detailed instructions on the Self website. If you do not have a smart phone, accessing the website takes a few extra steps, because you will have to type in the web address, instead of being able to access the site right on your phone.

Diet Tapper is great for anyone who needs to be regularly reminded about his or her fitness goals. Overall, it offers easy-to-follow, practical advice. It incorporates both calorie restriction and physical fitness, two essential keys to successful weight loss.

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