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A customized diet plan created for your own metabolism.

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Dietcare is a UK-based diet program that was started by Norah Elizabeth Lane, a woman who was once overweight herself. After devising her own weight loss program called the Burns Technique, Norah has managed to lose weight, keep it off and has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their ideal weight.

Formerly known as Vitaline when the first clinic opened in 1976, Dietcare has over the years expanded to include not only UK-based Dietcare Slimming clinics but an online and by-mail diet program.

The foundation of the Dietcare program is the belief that everybody's metabolism is different. Consequently, diets must be tailor-made to fit the individual's metabolic rate and his or her own weight loss goals. Based upon Lane's Burn Technique, everyone who starts at Dietcare begins by following The Starter Diet, a week-long eating plan that detoxifies, cleanses and primes the body for genuine weight loss. It is also during this week that a Dietcare specialist will create a diet just for you.

Once your diet has been designed, you will learn what metabolism-slowing foods to avoid and which ones to consume that increase your ability to burn calories and lose weight. Every time you lose three pounds, the diet changes so as to always keep your metabolism stoked, stimulated and surprised. Once your goal weight has been reached, you then follow a maintenance plan to keep the weight off.

There are no special meals to buy or supplements to take. The Dietcare menu is comprised of healthy foods that can be purchased at any grocery store.

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  • Can be followed by anyone, despite its UK headquarters
  • Offers a customized diet plan with confidential support
  • Diet includes eating healthy and real food that can be purchased anywhere
  • Founder of Dietcare exemplifies the successful potential of the weight loss program
  • Provides a maintenance plan
  • While general metabolic assessments can be predicted via commonly-used equations like the Harris-Benedict formula, accurate metabolic determinations, which are not used in the Dietcare program, are made using oxygen-measuring hand-held devices

Dietcare uses the program's trademarked Burn Technique to facilitate weight loss, speed up metabolism and burn fat.

While each individual diet is different, there are a few hallmark features of the Dietcare diet common to all of the varying plans.

The diet is a low-glycemic, low-sugar, and low-fat plan with plenty of lean protein included in each meal or snack. Three small meals and two snacks are allowed each day. This mini-meal approach to the diet is meant to keep the metabolism in a constant state of activity, using and burning fuel and fat.

In addition, recipes are provided, as are ways to combat a sweet tooth and alternatives to carb-rich, high-fat cravings.


Exercising within your capabilities is encouraged, but it is not necessary to participate in strenuous exercise.

When you join Dietcare, you will receive a personal chart which will feature exercises you can do at home or at the gym. They just take 10 minutes a day and some of them can be done while sitting down.

Walking, swimming, gardening or any other activity that keeps you moving and will help to burn off a few more calories is recommended.


Dietcare is a long-standing UK-based diet program that can be followed by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Founded on the notion that no diets are equal, Dietcare creates customized diets that are based upon the individual's own metabolic rate, health status and diet goal.

The Dietcare program has been around since 1976 and has been featured in the media as a popular and successful method for losing weight and keeping it off.

The weight loss program is commended for its real-food approach to weight loss, program support and maintenance plan. Typically, the metabolic rate analysis is done with oxygen-measuring breathing device. However, Dietcare does not utilize this method; instead having customers complete a questionnaire that is analyzed by their team of RIPH-qualified diet advisors (Royal Institute of Public Health).

But if you are interested in the Dietcare program, talk to your doctor first before signing up for the program.

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Please advise if Dietcare still has clinics or any web courses. Where are they situated?

posted Nov 2nd, 2017 8:15 am


Is Dietcare still going and if so where is it based?

posted Nov 2nd, 2017 8:12 am



I really enjoyed this diet.

posted Oct 13th, 2009 7:44 am


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