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Dole Banana Diet

Dole Banana Diet

Eat bananas and find your way to a smaller weight.

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The Dole Banana Diet is a variation of the original Morning Banana Diet that was created in Japan by an Osaka pharmacist. This diet was used to help the pharmacist and her husband lose weight. She dropped 33 pounds on the simple plan and the word spread from there. People all throughout Japan were flocking to the diet to get the same results.

Now the diet has come to America and people are just as interested. Some of the research behind the Dole Banana Diet includes the effectiveness of eating more fruits and vegetables, especially more bananas, as a way to support a healthy rate of weight loss.

Bananas contain something called resistant starch, which creates byproducts that could boost fat burning by up to 30 percent. The theory is that eating just two bananas in the morning could increase your fat burning throughout the day. Resistant starch also increases the absorption of calcium into the body.

Bananas are also naturally fat free, cholesterol free, and a good source of fiber and potassium. They are also an excellent source of vitamins B6 and C.

The Dole Banana Diet is not just about increasing your banana intake. The diet also recommends that you make adjustments to your overall eating habits and incorporate exercise for the best results.

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  • Diet centers on increasing overall fruit and vegetable consumption
  • Those who have tried the diet have seen results
  • Menus provided to give ideas for other meals
  • Introduces breakfast for those that don’t normally eat it
  • Allows for increased fiber and potassium intake
  • Encourages making changes in overall diet and exercise habits
  • Not going to be successful for those that dislike bananas
  • Eating bananas for breakfast everyday may become monotonous
  • Fad diet

The overall goal of The Dole Banana Diet program is to encourage you to eat more fruits and vegetables. This program is low in calories and rich in high-fiber foods which allow you to feel full for longer.

The Dole Banana Diet provides some meal suggestions beyond the standard two bananas for breakfast each day. The suggested meal plan for this diet is based on having three meals per day with two snacks. Typically each day’s calorie count should not exceed 1,400 calories. One day of eating on this plan may include the following:

  • Breakfast: 2 Dole bananas
  • Snack: 5 slices Dole pineapple
  • Lunch: Warm Thai style scallop and mango salad with chicory
  • Snack: 8 Dole baby carrots
  • Dinner: Honey mustard glazed salmon with fruit salsa, 1 and 1/3 cup Dole snowpeas

Although the Dole Banana Diet does encourage the inclusion of exercise with the program, there is no specific plan given. There are some fitness articles that can be found on the Dole web site, but nothing that gives specific advice as to what exercises to do or how often to do them.

The Dole Banana Diet does stress the importance of incorporating some sort of exercise with the diet plan so that you can have the best results.


The Dole Banana Diet is a healthy and safe approach to losing weight. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet is something that most diets try to do, so the concept isn’t anything new. Eating two bananas everyday for breakfast might get a little bland, but the program has been proven to work.

Bananas carry a lot of important nutrients that the body needs, and are high in fiber which set you up for feeling fuller throughout the day. Give the Dole Banana Diet a chance. You may find that you like bananas a lot more than you thought and are able to lose weight in the process.

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Betty Foltz


I started losing weight almost immediately.
Most diets do not seem to work. I also had some bloodtest done and they were all within normal limits.That has never happened on other diets. The banana diet is the very best.

posted Jun 19th, 2010 3:44 pm


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