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Eat Guilt Repent Repeat

Eat Guilt Repent Repeat

Brenda Bentley encourages you to love your body, your food and your life.

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“Truth is that diets only work short-term. As you can appreciate, you can change something physically, but until you change the whole person including the emotional, psychological and spiritual, you are only applying a quick-fix for a short-term solution which will fade as soon as you stop doing it.” – Brenda Bentley on her book Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat

Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat is not a diet and exercise program people can follow to lose weight. It is a food and fitness solution that is designed to change the way people think about food so they can learn to love their lives again. Meal planning, recipes and workout routines are not a part of Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat. Instead, the author explains how the mental, physical, emotional and psychological aspects of an individual’s life affect the way he or she lives, specifically through health and wellness topics.

Bentley, a cognitive hypnotherapist and integrative psychotherapist, draws on more than 10 years of experience in the fields of therapy and life-coaching to help people let go of their limitations and fulfill their potential. In Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat, Bentley uses an all-inclusive approach to attack weight gain and lifestyle choices that lead to unhappiness. The book’s goal is to break the cycle of dieting and binge eating and make people realize that diets do not work.

The first chapters of the book explain the mental, emotional and psychological reasons behind why people lose and gain weight on diets and how they can overcome our past experiences and their ingrained beliefs about food and nutrition to lose weight. The last chapters of the book provide guidelines for eating mindfully and getting active.

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  • Book comes with a companion workbook and audio toolkit
  • Extra resources and additional diet and nutrition books are referenced in the text
  • Author includes her own transformative story for background
  • Learning how to manage emotions is the most important part of the book
  • Mental, emotional and psychological aspect of weight loss are covered
  • Meal planning and recipes are not provided; individuals must learn what and how to eat on their own
  • Exercises and workout routines are not provided; individuals have no guidelines for getting started
  • Psychology instead of exercise science is used to decode mental and emotional reasoning behind weight gain and loss
  • Weight loss is a secondary goal to changing the relationship individuals have with food

Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat provides principles, lessons and strategies for individuals to use to change their whole lives, including their physical well-being, mentality and emotions. Bentley advises that individuals must change their relationship with food before seeing any weight loss results. According to the author, food is not the enemy and it is not the friend. It’s just food. However, the diet and nutrition lessons are only lessons. The book does not provide solid, foundational advice on what and how to eat.

The book does provide an introduction to intuitive eating, a diet and nutrition program designed by California dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch who saw repeated failures in attempting to use structured diets for permanent weight loss. In Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat, the author outlines the 10 principles of intuitive eating and describes her experiences with them.


Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat recommends that people should be active to be healthy, but no formal information or planning are provided.


Eat, Guilt, Repent, Repeat provides information about how attitudes and thoughts affect an individual’s relationship with themselves, with food and with fitness. The book explains why diets do not work and how people can transform the way they think about food to be healthier and happier. However, the book does not provide a diet and exercise program for individuals wanting to lose weight to follow. The focus is on changing the person through changing the mindset.

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