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Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution

Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution

Dr. Ian Smith is back with this book on eating for better health and life quality.

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Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution is a new book by Dr. Ian Smith. Dr. Smith has become known as a doctor from the reality weight loss show Celebrity Fit Club. He has also written several books on the subject of weight loss to encourage people to take control of their weight. This book is great for those that don’t want to go on a diet. You will eat naturally and normally while gaining the body and lifestyle you want. You will create a plan that can be followed each day no matter what situation you find yourself in. Smith creates a blue print for you so there is no guess work and you will eat smart rather than choosing foods from a predetermined list.

The extra weight you’ve been carrying around will be lost and there are ten simple rules to follow on the program. Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution can be read in two different ways – you can skip to the end of each chapter for the Eat Plan, or you can read it from start to finish. You don’t have to deny yourself of any specific food group and you can continue eating on this healthy plan for the rest of your life.

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  • Offers a quick blue print for eating and losing weight
  • No nutrient group is banned or neglected
  • Program includes ten simple rules for good eating
  • Written by a well known and trusted medical doctor
  • Will help you drop excess pounds
  • Program can be followed for the rest of your life
  • Program can be revealed through reading the entire book or the summaries at the end of chapters
  • Not a diet but a way of eating healthy
  • Not a diet book; program is more geared towards a better quality of life
  • Eating plan may not be aggressive enough for those wanting to lose large amounts of weight

Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution is all about changing your eating habits to include healthy foods. Dr. Smith breaks things down in each chapter so that you can quickly grasp the program by simply reading the end of each chapter. You are also able to read the entire book if that is your choice. There are ten simple rules that encompass good eating and will help you see results. These ten rules are basically the chapters of the book and following them can make a big difference in your overall health. The rules are listed below:

  • Follow the Rainbow: Eating different color foods gives you vitamins and minerals in the best possible form
  • Carb Heaven: Learn how to beat the sugar monster and be smart about the carbs you eat without having to eliminate them completely
  • The Whole Truth About Whole Grains: Learn the truth about whole grains and what foods have a higher content
  • Feel Full Fiber: See the many benefits of fiber and why you need it
  • Protein Bonanza: Lean the facts about protein, what the best sources are and the benefits
  • Spicetopia: Learn the dangers of too much salt and find out what the five tastiest spices in the world are
  • Size Matters: Portion control is key and being unaware can result in hundreds of unwanted calories
  • You Are What You Drink: Some drinks can be so filled with calories that they sabotage your efforts for healthy eating
  • Unearthing the Organic Truth: Contrary to popular belief, organic foods are not always healthier than non-organic foods
  • The Power of Snacks: Snacking can keep hunger under control and help you lose weight

Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution is not a diet book, it is a book filled with information on eating healthy for weight loss and better health overall. There is no exercise information included.


Dr. Ian Smith is a well known doctor and he has written several bestselling books on dieting and weight loss. Eat: The Effortless Weight Loss Solution takes a different approach and offers valuable nutrition information without the confusing science. This book is straight to the point and offers you all the info you need to start eating properly. The info in this book can also show you how to eat in ways that will improve your health and may naturally lead to weight loss.

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