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Fat Family, Fit Family

Fat Family, Fit Family

Biggest Loser's Ron and Mike Morelli shows how weight loss can benefit the entire family.

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This book releases on March 29, 2011.

Something people wonder about those who have great weight loss stories is if they manage to keep the weight off. This question can be even more magnified if you lose that weight in front of an audience like the contestants on the TV show Biggest Loser. One family decided to take their experience from being on the TV show and help their entire family go from being fat to being fit.

Fat Family/Fit Family is a book that showcases how the Morelli family was able to beat obesity and how you can as well. This book was written by Ron, Becky, Mike and Max Morelli although Ron and Mike were the two selected as contestants on Biggest Loser. While on the show, Ron and Mike lost a total of 399 pounds.

This book tells the struggle each Morelli family member has had with food and discusses their collective journey to lose over 700 pounds among them. Nothing is off limits in Fat Family/Fit Family. The family discuss physical and emotional hurdles that had to be overcome on their journey to changing their lifestyle to a healthy one. The Morelli family takes the approach of getting everyone involved in losing weight together.

The book is divided among chapters, each written by a specific Morelli family member or jointly written by two of them. Examples include, Max: I can't be the only fat one, Becky: How we became a fat family, Mike and Ron: Fighting to the Final Four and Mike: Fighting fat and getting fit in college.

Fat Family/Fit Family offers advice to the millions of other families who struggle with their weight. The book includes Becky Morelli's tips for how to make healthy a family affair, Ron Morelli's motivating tips for never letting another excuse stand in the way of active living and recipes straight from the Morelli kitchen.

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  • Offers inspiration and motivation to others in a similar situation
  • Features a very relatable story to scores of American families
  • Shows the reader how to overcome the obstacles to food issues
  • Includes an endorsement by Bob Harper
  • Gives the reader an inside look into one of the Biggest Loser's most popular stories
  • May only appeal to those who are Biggest Loser fans
  • May only appeal to those who are obese or very overweight
  • Contains only a few recipes

Fat Family/Fit Family is part memoir and part self-help book. Filled with chapters written by each Ron, Becky, Mike and Max Morelli, the book offers an honest and raw look at one family's lifelong struggle with obesity.

Throughout the book, you will hear through the words of each of the Morelli's, the emotional and physical grip that food had on all of them, from the emotional eating to curb the stress of growing up in such a large family to the culinary homemade Italian fare that Becky made every night.

The reader will experience how the transition from unhealthy eating to healthy living took hold and how it still confronts each of the Morelli's, despite their weight loss success.

In the book, you will get a sneak peek into the Morelli's healthy kitchen staples, as well as tips from Becky for how to make healthy eating the norm in your family. Lastly, there are a handful of recipes straight from the Morelli kitchen.

Here is a sample of a few:

  • Egg Wrap made with low-fat cheese, egg whites and a high fiber tortilla
  • Turkey Meatloaf made with lean turkey, whole-grain light bread and mushrooms
  • Roasted Asparagus Parmesan
  • Sweet Potato Wedges
  • Michigan Cherry Salad made with field greens, fat-free feta cheese, dried cherries and lean grilled chicken breast

Other tips include making eating out a treat and not the norm, planning meals in advance and cooking a large amount, never keeping trigger foods, junk food or sweets in the house and never berating a child or teen for eating junk food. Instead, parents are encouraged to lead by example and engage each other in family conversations about eating in order to address issues head-on in an accessible and safe way.


Fat Family/Fit Family doesn't offer an outlined exercise routine, but it does offer the reader a tremendous amount of motivation to begin a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Ron's "No More Excuses" chapter tackles every excuse that gets in the way of exercising and shows you how and why that excuse is invalid. From making time to exercise and to not letting aches and pains stand in the way of being active, the most common excuses are addressed and countered with real-life solutions and motivation.

Fat Family/Fit Family encourages families (and individuals) to engage in a fun activity every day. Suggestions include bike riding, walking, roller skating and dancing, just to name a few.

Ron, Mike and Max have started their own fitness and healthy living camp in their hometown in Michigan. It includes cooking, exercise and nutrition classes.


As part of trainer Bob Harper's team on the Biggest Loser, Ron and Mike Morelli made it to the final four, losing four-hundred pounds combined. At home, Becky watched along with the rest of the America as her family shrank. Inspired by his father and older brother's success, Max Morelli went on to lose almost 150 pounds.

Fat Family/Fit Family is an honest and genuine look at how this famous family struggled with a lifelong addiction to food and overcame it through healthy living. Their journey is eye-opening and it offers motivation and inspiration to any individual or family who has ever or continues to deal with issues around overeating.

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