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Shuffle through a different workout everyday.

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FitDeck is a series of exercise playing cards that make your workouts more organized, more versatile and more fun. Choose among 24 different FitDeck workout styles for body weight, yoga, pilates, senior, juniors, prenatal, travel, office and many more.

There are countless ways that FitDeck can be used, but the most basic way is to choose an exercise, shuffle the cards, select a card, perform the exercise and repeat.

A workout can last from two minutes to two hours depending upon your fitness goal and enthusiasm. In addition, each card features clear instructions and illustrations. The main titles contain 56 cards while the Booster FitDeck cards are more specialized and are designed to give your usual workout routine an extra boost.

FitDeck can either be used as your sole workout or in conjunction with an established fitness routine. There are several different FitDeck options to choose from. Each of these FitDeck options cater to a specific set of needs and they can be combined for a more extensive workout. The FitDeck options currently available include:

FitDeck Bodyweight: Includes 56 different playing cards that require no fitness equipment. All of the exercises require only your body weight for resistance and they work for men and women. This is the original and most popular deck and includes illustrations of the exercises.

FitDeck Junior: This deck includes 56 different exercise playing cards targeted at girls and boys ages five through 15. This deck is great for teachers, parents, coaches and daycare providers. Illustrations are included along with descriptions of 50 different exercises.

FitDeck Senior: This is another deck that includes 56 cards, but it designed for seniors from age 55 to 80. Although no equipment is needed with these exercises, you do have the option of including hand weights. These cards have a large font and are larger in size to showcase 80 different exercises.

FitDeck Yoga: The yoga FitDeck offers 56 different cards that are designed to improve your breathing, concentration, flexibility and posture. There are 50 different yoga poses included for those from beginner to advanced fitness levels.

FitDeck Pilates: This deck offers to help you improve your core strength, range of motion and muscle control. There are 50 different Pilates moves along with illustrations and instructions on these cards. Like other FitDeck sets, this one is available for men and women while also catering to all fitness levels.

FitDeck Stretch: This set of cards focuses on improving flexibility, circulation, posture and body alignment. The illustrations focus on full body stretching as well as upper, middle and lower body moves. The stretch deck works for all fitness levels.

FitDeck Prenatal: These are great for pregnant moms that want to prepare for childbirth. These cards call for basic body movements like proper stretching and breathing techniques. There are a total of 50 different exercises included and all three trimesters are covered.

FitDeck Postnatal: The postnatal workouts on these cards require no equipment, but the option of hand weights is offered. This deck is targeted at new moms that want to ease back into fitness to regain their strength. There are a total of 50 exercises that work the upper, middle, lower and total body. There are illustrations to show the proper form for each exercise.

FitDeck Travel: This deck includes only 26 cards and is designed for those that frequently travel and spent a lot of time in airports or airplane seats. There are 18 different exercises that can be done to increase circulation, keep your joints moving and help you maintain proper posture while sitting on an airplane. All of these exercises can be done while sitting down.

FitDeck Office: This is the newest FitDeck available and is designed for those that work in an office and sit at a desk for most of the day. The 18 different exercises included with this collection help increase blood circulation, keep muscles limber, de-stress and maintain mobility. All of the exercises can be done in your office attire and the only equipment needed is a desk and a chair.

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  • Easy to use
  • Features versatility and flexibility in workouts
  • Can select from many different workout styles
  • Appropriate for all age levels and abilities
  • Flipping over a card every minute may be disruptive to workout routine
  • Not very cardio-intensive
  • May require additional equipment

No diet or nutrition advice is provided.


Here is how the FitDeck exercise program works. Once you select and purchase a FitDeck workout style, you warm-up and stretch for a few minutes, shuffle the cards, select a card, perform the exercise for one minute, then select another card. It is recommended to start with 15 to 20 cards for your initial workouts.

In order to make the workout more cardiovascular, you can either refrain from resting in between cards or perform the FitDeck exercises before or after aerobic activity. In addition, you can also combine workout styles to give you a complete body workout and versatility. For instance, five cards can be selected from the yoga FitDeck, five from the Navy Seals training deck and five from the Exercise Ball FitDeck.

Fourteen of the 24 FitDeck titles do not require extra fitness equipment. There are 50 additional FitDeck titles that are in production and will be released in the coming months.


FitDeck is a series of exercise playing cards that offers convenience, organization, and versatility. FitDeck has over 20 different titles to select from and targeted to different age groups and ability levels. All you do is shuffle through the cards, select as many as you can depending upon your time restraints and perform the exercises.

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Fitdeck sucks. Think of your usual exercises you did in high school gym class, write them down, and you've got your Fitdeck.

Waste of money.

posted May 31st, 2010 12:29 am



Great to hear that the FitDeck concept is resonating well with you. Just as an update, the same FitDeck card content is now available for iPhone, iTouch, BlackBerry and many other mobile devices. Please visit for a free trial of the Fitdeck Mobile BODYWEIGHT.

Healthy Regards,
FitDeck Mobile Creator

posted Oct 28th, 2009 2:59 pm



I used Fit Deck body weight after my first child was born and it gave me my sides back! I use Fit Deck Jr. with the children I coach and they love it.

posted Sep 17th, 2009 8:23 pm


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