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An effective heart rate monitor that motivates.

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The FiTrainer is a digitized hands-free device that monitors your heart rate while you workout and informs you of your progress. Coined as "the only trainer you'll ever need," the FiTrainer detects your pulse rate and motivates you to reach your fitness goal via narration, rhythm and music.

Once you program your age and workout setting, the lightweight device attaches to your ears and connects to your MP3 player. The sensory clip, which measures your pulse rate, clips onto one ear while the earphones are inserted into your ears so that you can hear the FiTrainer talk to you, alerting you when whether you are under-training, over-training or working to your maximum heart capacity whle listening to your own music.

The device is strapless as well as hands-free allowing you to focus on your workout and stay motivated. The FiTrainer is not available for sale in retail stores. It can only be purchased online.

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  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight, strapless and hands-free
  • Keeps you motivated
  • Allows you to use your own music
  • Doesn't tell you how many calories you are burning
  • Accuracy is vulnerable to fluctuations if earpiece slips
  • Can only purchase online
  • No warranty included

There are no diet or nutrition guidelines given while using the FiTrainer, but an introductory product offer may include a diet plan as part of your order. The diet plan, which is included as part of the Quick Start and Instruction Booklet, outlines a reduced-calorie, low-fat and balanced eating plan.


The FiTrainer does not include any workout plans for you to follow, but what it does do is monitor how hard (or how not-so hard) you are working out so that you can stay motivated and meet your fitness goals whether it is too enhance performance, lose weight or do both.


If you are someone who likes to know whether or not you are working out to your maximum limit, then the FiTrainer might be just the device for you to help you stay motivated as you sweat and torch calories. The hands-free and lightweight device measures your pulse rate while also talking to you and alerting you whether or not you are working out to your full capacity. But do keep in mind that the FiTrainer does not tell you how many calories you are burning nor does it outline workouts for you to follow.

Common MisspellingsCommon Misspellings

Fit Trainer, Fittrainer, Fitrainor, Fit-trainer

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