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Fruitarian Diet

Fruitarian Diet

A diet consisting of strictly uncooked fruits and raw foods.

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The Fruitarian Diet is a diet that is 75 percent made up of raw fruits, and the remainder of the diet is a vegan or raw diet. There are both some positive and negative aspects of a fruitarian diet. Some of the benefits include a short term cleansing, weight loss and spiritual growth. Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of the fruitarian diet is that there seem to be very few documented cases of success with it.

Steve Jobs was known to be a practicing fruitarian for many years, contributing to his thin and slender phsyique. In 2012, while preparing to play Steve Jobs in the jOBS film, actor Ashton Kutcher used the fruitarian diet to not only go further in to character but help to quickly lose a lot of weight to embody the role more convincingly. Kutcher was hospitalized with pancreas levels and being "doubled over in pain."

The fruitarian diet can be very strict, since so much of your food intake is raw fruit. It can also lead to binge eating. The fruitarian diet can also cause a lot of social anxiety, because it can be so hard to accommodate the needs of someone on the fruitarian diet. There seem to be a lot more warnings against the fruitarian diet than there are positive reasons to try it. The important thing to remember is to look into all effects or potential effects of any diet before jumping in.

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  • Can be cleansing for your body
  • Will enhance weight loss
  • Allows you to get in touch with natural and raw foods
  • Can be very restrictive
  • Not a high success rate
  • May cause excessive urination and thirst
  • May include frequent hunger and intense food cravings
  • Ashton Kutcher hospitalized in 2012 after stint on fruitarian diet

The basic premise of the fruitarian diet includes at least 75 percent of all foods being natural uncooked fruits. The rest of the diet is made up of a vegan diet made completely of raw foods. Some go as far as to have 100 percent of their food intake be uncooked fruits. Some suggest that you must only eat one fruit at once on the fruitarian diet as well.


Exercise does not seem to be a focal point of the fruitarian diet. Basically, the fruitarian diet is going to cleanse your system and purify your body. This would give more energy and enable you to exercise more. On the fruitarian diet, you will lose weight as your body adjusts to having only raw fruits opposed to some of the foods you may be currently eating.


Although the fruitarian diet seems to have more bad effects than good, it may be something you still choose to go with. Just be sure to make an informed decision and listen to your body. Having plenty of fruit in your diet is definitely healthy, but it may not be wise to have that as your sole source of nutrition. It could easily be used as a cleansing for a couple of weeks and allow your body to purge itself of some of the bad elements in your diet. Before starting on the fruitarian diet permanently, get all of the facts so that you can make an informed decision.

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Franklin D.


Very poor synopsis of the fruitarian diet here.

a) The reason people "fail" on this diet is because they don't eat enough calories to maintain their health & energy long-term.

b) The diet is NOT restrictive - there are so many different kinds of fruit to eat & many ways to eat them. You can also eat as much as you want without worry.

c) You will have incredible energy & free from the ailments that are all too common in today's society.

d) There are plenty of successful long-time fruitarians.

****Please do your research in advance of writing an article next time to avoid irresponsible journalism. Thank you.

posted May 14th, 2012 11:13 pm

RIchard W


Sounds like you just grabbed a handful of random claims from the beyond-vegetarian website, which made them up out of thin air, and posted them here.

In my experience, most people who become fruitarians, stay fruitarians.

Restrictive? Aren't all diets restrictive by definition?

Excessive urination and thirst is caused by a high-salt diet. Fruitarians eat far less salt a typical Western diet. 100% incorrect.

Hunger and food cravings? You mean, if you don't eat? There is no limit to the amount of food a fruitarian can eat. Another totally bogus criticism.

Exercise? There are fruitarian body builders. And we're talking 100% fruit, not 75%. Yet another bogus observation.

Why write an article if you know nothing about the subject matter?

posted Feb 21st, 2012 3:30 am



I followed this diet, specifically the 80/10/10 diet 100% with no slip ups and I almost died. My body required way more fat than this diet advocates and the sugar was way to much to handle and left me feeling dazed, irritable, anxious and paranoid.

posted Jan 19th, 2011 7:26 pm


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